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Author Topic: What little things drive you completely up the wall....?  (Read 3053772 times)

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Re: What little things drive you completely up the wall....?
« Reply #24120 on: Yesterday at 06:17:33 PM »
I decided to clean my pc up a bit today.  I ran CCleaner and removed 6,000MB of info.  Then I decided to clean up my chrome a bit and managed to clean up all my passwords  :'(  I haven't had to put in PWs for the last 3 pcs because chrome remembered them for me.  Luckily I have an old copy of almost all of my PWs stashed on my website.  Unfortunately since the last time I actually had to remember PWs they were upgraded to more secure ones that, no, I didn't write down because chrome remembers them for me.

I have a support ticket into my webhost.. if he can get me my c-panel info I can get in and from there get to my email and my website.  And then I will be adding lots of PWs to a PW manager online _in addition_ to chrome, emailing myself a copy and maybe sending a copy to one of my kids so they can stash it for me.

Good thing I could remember my info for here, Facebook and to actually get logged into chrome.  Grrrr! Why it allows you to delete all passwords without a single "are you sure you want to do this?" I don't know.

I highly recommend Lastpass

Also if it's not too late, can you turn off syncing and log into another computer with chrome on it.  If I'm not mistaken, chrome stores locally as well as in the cloud so you might be able to salvage them that way.

Heh, I now have Lastpass (found it while scrounging the web looking for ways to fix this). But! I am back to mostly updated!

First I read every email support had ever sent me (because I recall forgetting it (my cpanel PW) another time).  But nope, not at hotmail.  Hmm, went and started a support ticket and had the brilliant idea of reading my other past tickets and tadah!  From there I went into my website and downloaded the .xml with all my PWs and email addies.  Then I had to go onto Fire-Fox and install Password Exporter (add-on).  From there I could upload to FF and then from FF to Chrome.

Now I just have to remember to never delete PWs from Chrome :D
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Re: What little things drive you completely up the wall....?
« Reply #24121 on: Yesterday at 09:49:52 PM »
My tablet.

Or, more specifically, the proprietary charger for my tablet. My last one died, so I bought a new one. It took a week and a half to get here. And it doesn't charge my specific tablet, because each tablet has a specific architecture that blah blah blah. Upshot is, I'm out ten days and $18 and my tablet still doesn't charge.
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Re: What little things drive you completely up the wall....?
« Reply #24122 on: Today at 03:12:21 PM »
I'm fighting a sinus infection.  So far, the sinus infection is winning.   :P