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The "This Might Be A Stupid Question, But...." Thread

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I did one of these threads years ago, but I think a revival would be helpful.

There are some questions that I'm kinda embarrassed to ask (because "everyone" is supposed to know the answer) in life. But, I want to know.

I thought others might be in the same situation.

So, this thread is a place to safely ask your question. You can get an answer without anyone's thinking it's a stupid question. No one will laugh at you here for asking.

What kinds of things have you wanted to ask someone but were kinda embarrassed to ask before now?

To start things off, could someone explain what "a rolling stone gathers no moss" actually means? I've heard it forever. But, what, exactly, does it mean?

This Might Be A Stupid Answer But... I always interpreted that statement literally, so it's used just to highlight that the person in question is very active.

Moss wouldn't grow on a rock that moved (or to exaggerate this, rolled).

To me it means that you don't grow stagnant by staying in one place.

what a great thread!!!

i've always wondered about body washes.  do you use them instead of soap or as well as soap? 


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