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The "This Might Be A Stupid Question, But...." Thread

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Outdoor Girl:
I agree; check the information on the litter packaging.  If it doesn't clump, it is likely suitable for municipal sewers but I'm not sure about septic systems.  If it is a clumping style, I've been told you shouldn't put it down the toilet.

I have a litter locker.  It is like an old style diaper genie.  It has a bag inside.  You scoop the litter box contents into the top of the container and pull the slide to drop it into the bottom.  When it's full, you just lift the whole top of the genie, cut off the plastic, tie it shut and toss.  You could do this every garbage day, although with two cats, mine seems to last for more than a week before I have to empty it.

The simple answer for cat litter is not to put it in a septic system.  Cat litter is mostly undigestible (and for your particular choice of sawdust pellets, it's completely so) for a septic system and it's got a lot of volume, so it'll fill the tank in a hurry and that's bad news.  To keep it from reeking, one way I've seen is to get a sealing plastic can to hold it.  It won't help when you need to open it to put more in, but it'll keep it from smelling badly once you do.  You'll have to train yourself to draw a deep breath and hold it while you deposit new bags (and while you reclose it and walk away from it) but that's not too hard to do.


Putting some baking soda in the bottom of the can is a start, but really the best way to make it not stink is to take it out to the outside trash can frequently.

Crystal cat litter is also another option. It drastically cuts down on the smell. I discovered it when I had my first cat in a tiny studio apartment, and I've never looked back!

What do firefighters do? I mean, obviously they fight fires. But stuff isn't always on fire! And you can't train 24/7, can you?

We had an in-flight emergency the other day, and firefighters are required to respond. While we were waiting for the all clear, all of us in the end of runway group realized that we don't know what firefighters do when not responding to ground emergencies/fires.


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