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The "This Might Be A Stupid Question, But...." Thread

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--- Quote from: Virg on January 28, 2013, 10:27:55 AM ---mmswm has the best answer.  Several thousand dollars in fines will get them to take you off their list, and if that doesn't work then whoever's paying her to call can go sit in a jail cell.


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If only Do Not Call worked!

I reported one company several times, keeping a log. Then I noticed that it was changing the phone number every few days to avoid the fines. I know it was the same because it was always Angela or Michelle with an important message about our credit card debt, which we haven't had for over 20 years, and then it was paid off in 2 months.

Now, I just don't answer any number I don't know, or at least flick the disconnect on my phone.

I've almost completely given up. One call, we mention we are on the Do Not Call and report, after that, we don't answer.

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That actually falls under the Fair Debt Collection laws.  People have successfully sued, and won, even against collectors with legitimate debts for harassing debt collection practices.  It's rarely easy to do, because debt collectors rely on the fact that the debtors are scared, but it can be done.

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I think you are missing my point. These are for a smarmy company that can lower our debt (which we don't have) through partly shady means. Our house is paid off and we have bought our cars with cash for the past 20 years. We owe nothing, to anyone. (And our credit score is only 799 - I know why.)

How Fair Debt Collection apply to us?

It's just a random company that has out phone #.

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You are correct.  I misunderstood.  I thought you were saying they were calling to collect on an imaginary debt.  You'd be surprised how shady debt collectors can be.  I've seen people get caught up in sweeps where collection agencies report a debt on the credit reports of all "Tom Smiths" they find in City X.  My thought was that you'd been caught up in something like that.

How you block a call depends on which carrier you use and which handset you have.  One technique that works on all phones is to put the number in your contacts list and assign it the ring tone "no ring".  That won't stop the calls but it will make them easier to ignore.

For a scammer the Do Not Call List law is one more law to break.  If you want to know more about a call that is harassing you look it up at http://800notes.com.  I post there under the name "not Michael".  I found the site when googled a number that was harassing me looking for Michael.  I discovered that the caller was an automobile finance company.  Michael bought a car he didn't plan to pay for and gave the finance company a false phone number - my cell number.  I used that information to discuss the situation with the caller and order them to stop calling.  It worked. 

Sign Of The Times:
I have a question about wedding etiquette. Does it go on this forum or the Hells Bells one? (Or do I do the thread both places?)


--- Quote from: Sign Of The Times on January 30, 2013, 03:40:09 PM ---I have a question about wedding etiquette. Does it go on this forum or the Hells Bells one? (Or do I do the thread both places?)

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The Hells Bells one.

This forum use to have a Wedding topic, but it was closed and moved to Hells Bells.

(edited to delete a letter.)

New Question:

I'm not sure who to call or what to google (the airlines or the airport?) Is this even allowed any more?

DD#2 is going to France in a couple of months and she wants me to come inside the airport and wait with her until she boards the plane. I'd really like to do that, and I'd like to meet her at the arrival gate when she gets off the plane coming back home.

I am under the impression that you need to have a ticket in order to get past the security check-in. Is this true?

How do I find out what I need to do so that I can wait with her before departure and meet her once she arrives?


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