Author Topic: Millennials in the Workplace  (Read 2699 times)

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Re: Millennials in the Workplace
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I have a rather funny story about taking one's cue about appropriate behavior from the more experienced employees.  When I was 22, I got my first "real" job as a data entry clerk.  I was about to leave for work one morning when my mother stopped me (I still lived at home at that point), took one look at my outfit, and spluttered "You can't wear that to work!  What were you thinking?". 

Now, my outfit was definitely a bit on the risqué side (low-necked sweater with a lacy camisole underneath - the goods were, shall we say, somewhat on display).   I answered with complete honesty "But Mum, almost all the ladies at work dress this way!"  It was absolutely true - even the older ladies, who really should have known better, wore plunging necklines that revealed more than they concealed.

I cringe to think of it now.  There's no way in heck I'd even dream of wearing an outfit like that today!