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Klein Bottle:
The other day at work, a friend/co-worker said to me, "You should straighten your hair."  I know that sleek, straight hair is "in", and my curls are not really stylish, but I love my hair just as the Good Lord gave me and have no interest in ruining it in the name of fashion.  So, I said this to her, and she backed off really quickly, told me I have very pretty hair, etc. 

It's nice to have a polite phrase at my ready for situations like this, and good to know that it can be so effective.

Outdoor Girl:
I also have curly hair.  The only time I get it straightened is when I get it cut.  You did great!  I think I'd be more likely to say, 'When you come over to straighten it for me, I'm in!'

I can't physically keep my arms up that high for the amount of time it takes to straighten my hair without severe pain so it just isn't happening.

Well done ;D I just usually say "it'd be nice to have the time to be able to straighten it" :-[ Seriously who has the time to spend doing that?

Honestly, I'm not sure why you would want to do that.  I wish I had curly hair....mine is stick straight.  Embrace your curls ladies...they are gorgeous! LOL

Klein Bottle:
To be honest, there have been times in my life I have longed for stick-straight hair, but I guess I either don't care all that much, or I appreciate my curls more, or both.  It was harder in middle school. 


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