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Grocery Store Etiquette

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--- Quote from: AnnaJ on May 06, 2013, 09:17:15 PM ---Why not just leave the dog at home?  Seriously, there is no need to bring a non-service dog when you are going grocery shopping.

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DH and I have had to stop at a grocery store once in a while after taking The Beagle for a walk.  One of us goes in the store and the other keeps The Beagle on the leash and walks him around the perimeter.  We never leave him in the car.  Even if it isn't too hot to do so, he barks and bays like no tomorrow so it's just easier to take him and walk him around the parking lot.  One time, DH just stepped outside the car to get a newspaper from one of the boxes and he honked the horn.  ::)

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In some places it is illegal to leave an animal in the car.  In very hot weather they can die in only a few minutes.

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No lie. I was sitting in a car the other week, waiting for someone to come out of a bank, and it was terrible just for me. I had to open the door and get out (didn't have the car key) after a few minutes. Good thing I had a full water bottle on hand :P If it got to me that quickly, I can only imagine what it does to a small child or a pet  :-[

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We never leave him in the car.  The newspaper incident was DH pulls up to curb, jumps out to get newspaper out of the box, Beagle honks horn, DH gets back in car.  It was quite comical.

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Oh, sorry BeagleMommy!  I wasn't trying to imply that you are guilty of leaving your furbaby in the car for any length of time, just replying to the thread.  :-[

Another one; do not call me a liar to my face when I am citing company policy to you  :o
Also, do not imply my job security is less important than your convenience. Honestly...

Had a very nice lady (note sarcasm) who bought something, went out to the car, noticed she forgot something, managed to leave her receipt in the car but not her bag full of groceries (?), and ran back into the store. Started yelling at me because I wanted to see her receipt for the other things. I did not check her out the first time, so I did not recognize her. Eventually called the cashier over who did check her out, and let her through. I was very polite, but apparently I should just blindly trust everyone and think the best of people (her words exactly). After stating that I could lose my job if a secret agent of the company just happened to be watching, she called me a liar. *sigh* Fun times...


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