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People commenting on my health

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Is it perfectly acceptable to use "So kind of you to take an interest" and then bean dip or should I use "what an interesting assumption" then bean dip when people comment on my health?

BG:  In 2009 1 week before our four year anniversary the boyfriend I was living with dumped me saying I was not the woman he wanted to marry.  He broke my heart and I had to make plans to move out of his house which was complicated by the fact I had rented out my home while I was living with said boyfriend. All which piled on a huge amount of stress, I began to have anxiety attacks, and massive amounts of insomnia.  After seeing my doctor, she diagnosed me as situationally depressed and prescribed a anti-depression medication.  As a result of the depression, not the medication, I dropped weight which is the norm for me.  In the fall of 2010 I also picked up a food borne illness that caused me to drop 10 pounds in one week.  So over the past two years I have dropped from 135lbs to 107lbs. 

I don't starve myself, nor am I puking up anything I eat.  I take vitamins daily, and eat whenever I am hungry which is often more times than not and on a good day can be 4 times a day.  My stomach has basically shrunk due to the above issues over the past 2 years and I simply cannot eat my previous portions as it actually causes me pain to do so.

I have had a coworker tell me I look like a child from Ethiopia after trying to make a joke that I need to go on a diet, cue me giving her a silent look of shock especially when she continued to insert foot into mouth by misconstruing my shocked look as I didn't know what she was talking about to repeat her comment and then add, you know the ones that have the flies crawling over their faces.   :o  I've had other people tell me I need to eat more, do you take vitamins, and because I currently have a head cold, that I must take poor care of myself. Over and over again a lot by the same people.

So e-hellions I need lots of phrases to answer back with before I say something that will get me cast into the rings of e-hell.

Complete silence paired with a well-arched eyebrow.  Maybe a slow blink of shock in place of the latter.

Don't dignify it with a response.

If it's repeat offender, I would go with the silent treatment. If it's someone who just makes a random assumption I'd use "That's an interesting assumption." In hopes of preventing further comment, I think bean dip might not work well in this particular situation, as they may be tempted to bring it up again. I hope you are fairing better, and the best of luck with these over-reaching people.

"Wow!  You actually said that out loud...!!"


--- Quote from: Minmom3 on March 30, 2011, 07:39:59 PM ---"Wow!  You actually said that out loud...!!"

--- End quote ---

This is my very favorite response to statements like this.

My sympathies, OP.  I haven't been through the wringer like you have, but I used to be very, very skinny (and knock-kneed) even though I ate like a teenage boy.  The comments are so very tiresome when there's not a bad story behind it.  I'm sure it's even worse when there is.


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