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I am going to a dinner party on Sunday and I just realized that my normal gift (a bottle of wine) won't do for this particular couple. Because, I know so few people that don't drink, I am at a complete loss as to what I should bring. I've heard flowers are bad since it requires the host to find something to do with them at the moment. Any suggestions?

I usually bring a treat for them to enjoy later (a nice box of chocolate) because most of my friends don't drink due to religious reasons.  I also let them know by saying "this is for you two to enjoy later" that they don't have to serve it at the party.

You could also bring sparkling cider, if you think they'd like it, or something non-edible like some nice, neutral-toned dish towels or candles.

Chocolates are usually a safe bet for people you don't know well.  Anyone who doesn't like chocolate usually can't be trusted.  ;)  (okay, just kidding)

if these are people who like to cook, you might want to bring some kind of specialty ingredient - like a good olive oil, flavored vinegar, specialty spice.

chocolates are always nice, or a nice bakery item.

special coffee, and /or assortment of tea

basket with gourmet fruit.

Wow, those are great ideas, I especially love the idea of chocolate and/or vinegars or olive oils. Thanks!

Some ideas:

Smoke salmon with crackers
Different cheeses with Sausages
Island treats (chocolate macadamias, guava jelly, Kona coffee, etc.) 
Tropical fruit baskets
Gift certificates to local shops, restaurants, etc.

One time I went to a friend's place and gave them a pineapple. Fruit Symbol of hospitality.


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