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Author Topic: Prince William: No wedding ring  (Read 28892 times)

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Re: Prince William: No wedding ring
« Reply #75 on: May 11, 2011, 02:21:15 PM »
Just as an aside, all these married men working in construction who don't like the feel of a ring aren't making life any easier for us single girls!

First thing I do if I meet or see a guy I like?  Check for a wedding ring.  I wonder how much time I've wasted trying to be understatedly charming to married men...

I don't agree with this post at all.  Many married men will be perfectly polite to a young woman who is trying to make pleasant conversation.  If they are not wearing a wedding ring, should their first reply be "just so you know, I'm married?"

You seem to want to have it both ways, here.  You must be allowed to keep your name (I don't disagree with that at all) but he must  be forced to at least try to wear a ring.

How is that both ways?  To me that seems quite consistent, I want equality within a relationship.

Note I didn't say anything about 'forced', but I would hope that any hypothetical future husband would understand that it was important to me and actually want to at least give it a try!

Wives taking their husband's last name and only wives but not husbands wearing wedding rings both come from sexist traditions.  I love the symbolism and sentiment behind wedding rings, so it matters to me, but it only matters if both partners wear one, otherwise the symbolism is completely changed imo.

(I understand about not being able to wear one in some lines of work, but I think it would be nice to try and find a compromise.  Women aren't allowed to wear rings with stones in my job for safety reasons so a lot of the, have figured out ways to keep their engagement rings on their person without having them on their finger.)

*To your first point, if they were wearing a ring they wouldn't need to tell me they're married, I'd see it and wouldn't approach, saving us both time!  I can't think of any safety reasons why a man couldn't wear a ring to a bar, or party or other social situations!

Maybe I'm just playing devil's advocate, but what about men who just have a girlfriend or fiancee? They are going to be just as unavailable, but have no social expectations of wearing a physical symbol of it.

I actually think the tradition of engaged women wearing a 'taken' symbol but not engaged men is actually pretty sexist, I think the same as with wedding rings, if one's going to wear one then both should!