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My wife and I were discussing celebrity cheat lists today and started talking about who we'd like to have to a dinner party if we could pick anyone from history.

In talking,  we realized we could never have Brooks Moore (the voice of "How It's Made") or Gene Galusha (the voice of "The New Detectives") to a dinner party because we turn either of those programs on as part of our relax for sleep ritual and it's trained us to get sleepy when we hear either of their voices.

So, who could you not invite to a dinner party because of an unintended consequence?


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While I would love to have a chance to talk with Morgan Freeman...he is my choice for winding down at night too.  I often turn on "Through the Worm Hole" and listen as I fall asleep.  His voice is so soothing.


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Ben Stiller and Will Ferrell.  Iím sure that they are lovely men in real life. 
But I cannot stand them in reel life.
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Maynard James Keenan because although I could not love his work more, I get the impression we probably wouldn't hit it off in person, which would be devastating. I'll worship from afar.


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Brooks Moore (the voice of "How It's Made

I cannot agree with you more, however, the fact that she announces it as "How It Is Made", instead of "How it's Made", drives me bonkers!

They may be the earlier shows, but, still...