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Thrift Score!

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General Jinjur:
I just returned from a trip to my neighborhood Salvation Army (I will really miss having it right across the street when we move!). Picked up some $.50 books, some art supplies, the usual. But on my second sweep (first trip round is quick, second is slow so I can consider carefully) I spotted a Lladro figurine. Yes. Real Lladro. For $.80. I don't know a thing about Lladro, but I know it's worth a little more than a dollar, so I snatched it up and then googled the second I got home. And found this!  :o Now, mine isn't new in the box, but it's in perfect condition, and heck, even if I sell it for $10 I've made a profit. That is my Thrift Score for the month.

What awesome things have you snagged?

I've mentioned it before, but a few years ago I got a complete set (8 place settings plus serving set) of beautiful vintage fine china in pristine condition for $25--and I got a student discount that made it only $20.


I was looking for books to cut up and use the pages to decorate the nursery this year...
I grabbed books w/ cool pictures.
Got home and decided this one:  The Pink & Gold-Spotted Elephant was to cool to cut up, even if it only cost me 25c and, on a whim, googled it...ebayed it for about $30
(it's 'worth' more...but the bottom is out of parts of the book market too)

Dr Momz:
I went with my  DGD yesterday who is setting up her first apartment.
Found a vinyl wall "saying" : "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" for 95 cents.
2 weeks ago I bought one for a friend's bitrhday that said "I am a material girl...want to see my fabric?" for $17  , on sale from  $27 FULL PRICE!

I found two full length leather coats! One was $20 and the other was $6!!


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