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Hubby wants to leave guest at home?!?!?

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Hi, I'm new here.  I just got off the phone w/ DH after a ridiculous argument.  I still can't believe it and wanted to make sure I'm not going crazy or blowing this out of proportion.

DH and I have tentatively agreed to join a newly forming book club with another couple (and maybe a few others but it doesn't seem like anyone else is interested).  The date the club will get together to discuss the book is at the end of this month- the day after my mom arrives for a week's visit.  DH thinks it's completely appropriate to leave her home while we go to a book club.  I'm astounded.  I think this is completely and totally rude.  In my mind, you can't leave guests at your house alone to go to a social event! 

I told him that he could still go but that I had to stay behind.  He didn't like that idea so I told him to ask the other couple if they could push the date ahead by 2 days before my mom arrives- he didn't like that either.

Am I right or am I overblowing this? 

Which event was confirmed first?  I'd go with that one.

How long will this book club thing take?  if it's 3 hours or less, of course you can leave your mom!  My gosh I'm sure she realizes you have established lives already in place and not everythign can be rearranged.  You are just starting up this club and a reasonable amount of commitment is required by participants.
Your mom can watch a movie, take a bath, peruse the local paper to figure out some stuff to do while she visits.  it's only a short amount of time.

Now if the meeting will be 4 or 5 hours, a whole evening, then of course at least one of you should bow out early so as to not leave your alone for several hours.

Really?  Proper etiquette doesn't dictate that you stay home with your guests?  I have to say, I find that a little shocking.

If she was just in town for that day it would be weird but if she is staying all week I'm sure she understands that there are going to be a few occasions where she is left alone. 


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