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Author Topic: And once again, good people make it possible for grandpa to get to go out.  (Read 2632 times)

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I posted this past weekend that my back is out.  It is *very* out.  I'm at a point where I"m avoiding pouring myself a glass of something to drink right now because I don't think I can get a glass from the cupboard or lift a gallon jug out of the fridge.

So....through a lovely comedy of errors, today is my grandfather's birthday and I am the *only* family member within a 300 mile radius to spend the day with him (his only son, my dad, is on a place somewhere in Eastern Europe right now...that wasn't well planned).
I drove to see him this morning, expecting to spend a 1/2 hour or so visiting.  But I'm a big softie when it comes to grandpa, so when he asked if I could *please* take him out to lunch, I gave in.

The lovely, wonderful, splendid ladies at the nursing home got him into my car for me.  (grandpa has Parkinsons and Post-Polio syndrome, he isn't real mobile and was having ab "bad legs day"--this means that he basically has to be lifted into standing positoins and he leans on me very heavily...normally not a problem, given my back, today it's a problem).

I got to the restaurnat with the rocking-chairs on the front porch and managed to lift him out of the car...and the 4 or 5 cars driving in the parking lot not only waited patiently as we made our way across the lot (it took us quite a while...we stopped to rest every 5 steps or so...), at least one driver thought the people coming in behind her might not wait patiently so she made her car into a blocade utill we were across.

When I got to the front door, a couple going in waited quite some time (like I said, we move VERY slowly together) to help us in the first door, and a couple going out waited quite some time to help us through the second.

The hostess managed to find us a seat less than 5 steps from the hostess stand--and a nearby waitress, not sure if we'd have to wait, was already rushing up with a chair so grandpa could sit if we had to wait.

The waitress was very understanding about me repeating everything (loudly) and it taking a while to order (apparenlty grandpa's hearing aids are in Eastern Europe with dad.... ::) we're not very good at this out-of-the country hand-off stuff.)

And a couple noticed my struggle to lift grandpa back into standing, rushed over to help, and took a good 20 minutes out of their day to help us back out of the restaurant, they waited with grandpa while I pulled around the car, and lifted him in for me.

(and the staff noticed me pull up and came out to lift him back out for me too)

(although, don't tell grandpa, he gave me his wallet and told me to go pay at the register, and I did...but I kinda "forgot" and used my credit card instead of the cash in his wallet  :P)

It could have been much, MUCH harder than normal for me to take him out today than it was.


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Aww. <sniff> That's so sweet!

I'm glad you had such a good day. :)
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I love hearing stories like this!


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I was fortunate in that I got to spend many years knowing all 4 of my grandparents before they died.  Some people never get to know theirs at all.

The last one to die was 96 years old.  Towards the end, he was very slow in moving.  But, I would have done anything for him.

Your story reminded me of him.  And, I teared up, because I remember how very much we wanted to do for him but there were times when it was hard, too.

I'm so glad there were so many wonderful people in your path to help you make some incredible memories for him and for you.  And, for bringing some incredible memories back of my own Grandpa for me.

Ok, now I'm seriously tearing up here!


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Hooray for the good people!  I'm so happy for you that this day worked out so beautifully despite the hardships in life.


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So sweet (sniff) excuse me.....

OK...  I am so glad that your day turned out so well.


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You and the kind people who helped you will all get a star in your crown today.  That's such a heart warming story after what seems like years of being inundated by the media with stories of selfish actions. 

Thanks for sharing it and happy birthday to your grandfather.


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Such a sweet story...

I'm sure it made their day too. 8)