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Ceiling Fan:
Identify yourself!

I know this is number one on the list, but it bears repeating.

"Hello, this is X ('calling from Y', if it's biz-related), is A there?" is the formula. Don't make me jump through hoops, trying to figure out who you are and why you're calling.

Let's remember who is paying for this phone service, and who it should serve. (hint: not you).

17.  When leaving a voicemail message (which is often necessary since I'm on the phone more often than not), please listen to my message.  I work for a national company (serving businesses rather than consumers) and yes, I really do need your full phone number, including area code, and the full name of your company.  If you leave a message saying "hi! This is Nick responding to your message.  Number is 555-1234" then don't be perturbed if I don't get back to you right away - it's taking me that long to try to figure out who the heck you are.

To add to #6 above - if you are calling to speak with me, let's talk with one another and then disconnect the call when the talking is done. 

Please don't leave me to listen to you talking to someone else (including yelling at kids/pet/spouse right in my ear).   

Please don't call me just to have someone on the phone with you while you putter around the house only half listening to what I'm saying. 

If you are calling just because you need someone to blow off steam to, please ask me if I have time to lend an ear for a rant.  Otherwise I might misinterpret your call as a two-way conversation and be kind of disappointed when you're done blowing off steam and haven't even asked me how I am doing before saying, "well, gotta go, talk to you later!".


   If you are finished with the call, please say something along the lines of 'Bye', 'Goodbye', 'See you later', or some kind of basic courtesy, instead of simply terminating the call the second whatever business is dealt with. I knew a guy who would do this and it was so irritating!

Don't call me when you are using the toilet.  I can hear what you're doing and that's something that I don't want to listen to.


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