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Cat hair all over the food!

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We know some fun people that have two cats.  They are also sort of cluttery people who like to cook.  Well, they love to invite people over and when they do... there is cat hair ON the FOOD.  A LOT of CAT HAIR on the food!  Like maybe hundreds.  One time they had frosted brownies and the cat hair actually was covering the frosting all over the cake... almost like sprinkles.  I am NOT making this up.

I love these people.  They love us.  What on earth can we do?  She is the type who would be very, very hurt if I gently pointed it out.  Yet, I simply cannot choke down something with visible cat hairs all over it!


Okay, I'm a cluttery person who likes to cook, and has two cats, but honestly?

I can't imagine how cat hair gets on the food, and how they don't notice it.   I mean, even without cats, I'd keep everything covered that I was going to serve to someone else.  And while I've been known to leave a pan of brownies on the counter uncovered that were just for me, they never sprouted cat hair.   Just, ew.

I'd just say I wasn't hungry.

Harriet Jones:
That's just gross.  I am a total cluttery slob with a cat and there's *never* cat hair on food I prepare!

While we joke that there should be a federal RDA for cat hair, it's pretty rare to find it in the food here. And that's coming from someone owned by multiple cats who stinks at cleaning partly because clearing the clutter leaves me no energy to actually clean--and who likes to cook.

Yeah, ick.

Well if you don't want to eat cat hair, you'll have to tell her. As long as you're polite about it, if she gets offended or hurt, that's her problem. I have 2 cats, both like to shed, and while I'll confess to the occassional cat hair, I've never had cat hair *covering* any of my food. That's just plain gross!! Uggg.  :P


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