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Lady Snowdon:
I am Irish/English/Scottish/Polish/Norwegian/Swedish.  Thanks to the lovely mashing of genetic types, I do not look like any particular ethnicity.  I'm just your average generic American mutt; brown hair, blue eyes, pale skin.  I don't get any comments on how I look, but I certainly get the "You don't sound like you're from here" comments!  I work in customer service, and I've had people assume I'm in India, I'm in Mexico, plus a random smattering of US states.  I live and work in Minnesota, but nobody seems to think that could possibly be true.  If I tell people where I am, I get comments like "you don't sound Minnesotan!" or "you're lying - you can't possibly be up there".   

My aunt is more of the Black Irish stereotype, with brown eyes, black hair, and very dark olivey skin.  She had a daughter who has blond hair, green eyes and very pale skin.  I know of at least two times where she was accused of not being my cousin's actual mother because "you look too different". 


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