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any one care to share their Baba Ganoush (sp?) recipes?

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 I'd love to get a handle on making this. I fell in love with it at a "local" place this weekend. :)

yum i love baba ghanoush (have no idea how to spell it either!)

my recipes are pretty much 'little bit of this, little bit of that' so i hope it works for you:

2 med. eggplants, pricked in a few places with a fork, then wrapped in tin foil and either baked in the oven till soft, or grilled on a grill, or just "burnt" on the gas (turn over a few times). when its soft, let it slightly cool, then scoop out the flesh and mash in a bowl. make sure not to get any skin - it's not tasty.

add tahini: 2-3 tablespoons of tahini (sesame paste) mixed with water till creamy. add juice of half a lemon, salt, garlic. can add a pinch of hot paprika.

optional additions:
one chopped tomato
chopped parsely or coriander

another interesting option is to roast a sweet red pepper with the eggplants , peel, chop it togetther with the eggplant.

another option is to add oil and lemon juice instead of the tahini. if you choose this option, the parsley does make a difference.

serve with pita bread.

Thank you very much!

Check the "meatless spreads" thread for my baba ganouj recipe.

btw - there is a dish taht has become quite popular in israel in the last few years, which is kind of trendy baba ghanoush:

anyway, you roast the eggplants as above. when they are roasted, you cut them open into two halves (if they are small) or four quarters (if they are medium). put into a roasting pan, and pour the tahini over it and then return to the oven for another 10-15 minutes. serve hot as first course or part of mezze. you can add some chopped tomatoes to the eggplant, if you want.


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