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No Shoes in the House- Possible Solution


Ok, I'm not really in either camp, but love all the discussions.

I really can see both sides. But I found this product that I thought would be a reasonable compromise.

If you really have guests that hate taking off their shoes (and there are many valid reasons for this), maybe you could at least have this product at your house. Not super cheap, but I don't think unreasonably priced in the name of saving your carpet, and providing comfort to your guests.

E-Hellions, what do you think?

Nice for most folks but my friend who HAS to have hard soles on would not be able to maintain her balance in those. 

I would be way more insulted to be asked to wear those than I would be annoyed* to be asked to remove my shoes.  Nothing says "eww you must be a disgusting fool who steps in dog excrement and can't be trusted to be near my stuff" liek a hugely emabrassing, ugly, slippery plastic shoe cover!

*For the record I onlyly get annoyed at "no shoes" if it's executed badly: as in hosts must have an established seating area by the door as I need to sit to remove & put on shoes, and there must be a dedicated & 100% safe for my shoes area to put my shoes (in a pile on the floor or in a bin is NOT ok, my shoes are of value to me and it's not ok to have them thrown in a pile).  Plus I want advance notice so I can wear appriate alternate footwear - like matching socks, sturdy tights (as opposed to thin pantyhose) or a fresh pedicure.


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