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Next door home owner is just goofy.

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You need to know that the house is a rental.  She was there last night finishing up getting the house ready to rent - last tenants moved into their new house a couple of weeks ago. 

Her latest demand is that I get rid of my dog.  Why?  Because my 10 year old Bluetick Coonhound "stares".   She doesn't jump the fence, dig holes, bark or bay  (well, she doesn't bay too much and we make her come inside when she starts up) , jump on people.  In fact, she a major couch potato unless a walk or ride is offered.  She "stares".  She got very upset when I laughed and told her no way.

Prior incident to this, we lost power at work and they told us to go home.  Pulled into my driveway to find a crew putting in forms to widen her driveway - on my property (we have a double lot with the empty lot between her house and ours).   Stopped them and spoke to the company's owner on the phone.  He actually came out and looked at my title survey.  And agreed that she had no right to what she had contracted for them to do.   Her reasoning was that we weren't using that part of our property and couldn't understand when we wouldn't let her widen the driveway.   Laughed at her that time too. 

These are the two latest incidents.  Good thing I find her demands amusing or I'd be on blood pressure meds.  Some people.

I think you're being very polite in calling her just goofy.  >:D

It's just so much easier to laugh at her.   Of course, part the the issue with laughing at her is she gets so upset by it.  I think I'm regressing to my teen years. 

If she were smart, she'd get a dog - and you could arrange a staring contest!
Winner gets to keep the 'unused' strip of property!

What an odd woman.

Umm, does she have a lot of dressers? If so, it might answer a burning question here at eHell.


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