Author Topic: 1784 father doesn't like his son-in-law  (Read 3169 times)

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Re: 1784 father doesn't like his son-in-law
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The Pharaonic Egyptians loved making lists.  The town of Der el Medina was a village inhabited by skilled workmen who built tombs in the Valley of the Kings. 

The villagers also enjoyed frequent parties and there are many lists telling us who brought what to these ancient potlucks.  One woman I'll call Meryt, shows up frequently.  Always she brings a 'large pot of beans'. 

When I read these lists I always had to wonder what the response of the other villagers were to Meryt's offerings.  Did they line up with happy, greedy smiles for a scoop of these wonderful things flavored with onions and honey?  Did they roll their eyes and think, 'Oh, Osiris!  she brought THAT again!'

One of the joys of these intimate documents is that they bring the past almost close enough to taste.