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RSVP if invite by email. Would you?

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My parents are having a party next weekend.  I am helping.  My parents insisted on sending most of the invites out by email.  Not e-vite.  Just a pretty thing they did in word, then put into the body of an email.  Don't tell what a bad idea it was.  I know, I know, I tried to convince them.  I also tried to explain my theory that the more work you put into the invite, the more serious people are about RSVP'ing.  But, dad had that "End of discussion" thing going. 

So, my question.  If you received an invite by e-mail.  Assuming you actually received it.  What is the probability that you would RSVP? I figure if this polite group doesn't RSVP then probably no one will.  They have received very few RSVP's.  As in, mom has avoided the question.  Now we have no idea how much food to put out.  It will be embarrassing to put food out for 40, if 5 show up. 

p.s.  I did make sure that the there was an address, email and phone numbers to RSVP.  Except for the e-mail thing, the invite was etiquettely correct. 

When my friends and myself host something we often send out invites through email and most people RSVP.

Personally I'd be MORE likely to RSVP to an email because hitting "reply" is super easy.

And I do everything in my power to avoid the phone.  But I'm an odd case.

Harriet Jones:
I'd probably RSVP, *if* I got it, but I never open attachments and I probably wouldn't open this one, unless it was absolutely crystal clear what it was. 

I would prefer to recieve invites by email as it is so much easier to RSVP (except for wedding where the paper invites are so pretty).


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