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Emaily Post is a go! update in OP

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sugar pie:
BG: eHell Flat Stanley

I'd like you all to meet Emaily Post:

Isn't she lovely? Well guess what! She's coming soon to a mailbox near you. Aren't you totally excited to show her a good time in your hometown and awe her with your gracious hosting?

If participating by snail mail, here are the rules:

1. When you receive Emaily Post in the mail, snap a few pictures. They could be in front of local landmarks, faux pas on the street, or something that is merely silly. Post your pics in this thread.

2. Put Emaily Post and a small souvenir (ex: bumper stickers, key chains, etc.) in an envelope and PM me. I'll give you the address of the next person on the mailing list.

Notes: Once you receive Emaily Post in the mail, please try to send it off to the next person in about 1 weeks time. Also, if anyone wants to get in on the snail mail version at any time, just PM me your address.

If you just want to play online, print your own and post pictures in this thread.

Are you excited? I'm excited. ;D

Update: An unforeseen glitch has arisen with the blog; it did not occur to me that blogspot might track ISPS for security purposes. Someone just tried logging in and was prompted with all sorts of security questions, so I think it's best just to scrap the blog and post all exploits here in this thread. It'll be easier in the long run. Sorry for the inconvenience.  :(

Anyway, I split the mailing list in two so things would speed up a bit (we've gotten off to a bit of a rough start. My apologies!). And remember, you can print off your own from this thread and post pictures whenever you want.

Rock on, fellow eHellions. Rock on. 

I'm excited! and thank you Madhatter, and whoever else is doing all the work, for your involvment!

Yay!  And what a great name!


Woohoo! Thanks madhatter, I can't wait til its my turn  ;D


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