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Well played, Shawna.

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A middle aged guy got on the bus today.  He was carrying a teddy bear, that was wearing a cape.  It's name was Rocket.  He sat it down on the seat while he was paying his fare.  He said "Wait a second, Rocket."

Other than that, he didn't seem nutty at all.  He was clean and dressed appropriately, for the heat.

He sat on one of the side facing seats and noticed a 20 something girl sitting across the aisle.   He introduced her to Rocket. He was going to give Rocket to a friend's child.  So we all admired Rocket.  Admittedly, Rocket had a cool black and orange checked cape.

He asked the 20 something girl her name.  She was Shawna.   He was Charles. (He was 51, by his own admission)   She was a fitness trainer (she looked it, she was gorgeous).  He was a former Golden Gloves champ.   

At one point, he took out an hourglass egg timer and put it on Rocket's head and said it was a time machine.

This went on the entire trip, but at no time did Shawna lose control of the conversation.  She firmly but kindly kept her boundaries up.  Actually, he was fascinating to listen to, he talked about his job and the people he worked for.

And he kept offering her that teddy bear.  She said she didn't want to deprive his friend's child.

Finally, he asked if he could see her again.  She kindly, but firmly declined.

Mercifully the bus reached his stop and he disembarked.

After which, Shawna looked at me and we both had a "wow!" moment.   I told her she played that pretty well.

Smart girl, that Shawna. 8)

Curly Wurly Doggie Breath:
Shawna sounds like she is a true lady. Kind, firm in her boundaries, gentle to the welfare of others, all without being a doormat.

Well Done  8)

Agreed, Shawna is 100% class, but Charles  sounds like he'd liven up a dull bus ride!


--- Quote from: lollylegs on July 23, 2011, 12:18:26 AM ---Agreed, Shawna is 100% class, but Charles  sounds like he'd liven up a dull bus ride!

--- End quote ---

He'd make a great entertainer. He certainly had charisma is a strange sort of way.

Miss March:
I cynically think this man routinely rides the bus with Rocket and uses him as a great excuse to chat up the ladies!


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