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This is unbelievable

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We are good friends with our neighbors Jack and Jill.  They have three children, a girl Lovely and twin boys Conan and Destroyer (they're great kids really, that's just what we like to call them).  Destroyer has VERY severe cerebral palsy and is totally dependent.  The whole family combines to look after him.

Jack is doing an apprenticeship and money is very tight, so Jill and Lovely work at a local coffee shop to supplement the family income.  Their boss owns several very successful coffee shops and is very rich.  And here comes the unbelievable part.

Boss has bought them plane tickets to the other side of the country, accomodation for two weeks and entry tickets to the Australian equivilent of Disneyland.  For the whole family of five.  Because Jill and Lovely are such good workers, because he knows their situation and because he thinks they deserve a nice holiday.

Talk about laying up treasure in Heaven. 

wow - what a boss

Clara Bow:
That is a beautiful story, thank you for sharing it....I cannot imagine how excited Jack and Jill must be!

Oh my!

What a wonderful person.

What a great person the boss must be! That's wonderful.


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