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The strangest, scariest, most dramatic thing that you've seen in your n'hood

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Another thread reminded me of this (the trash truck thread in Life in General forum).

The most dramatic thing to have happened in my former neighborhood was when a neighbor took his family hostage in their home. A big unmarked truck careened into our street, the police blocked off the road, and SWAT members poured out of the truck. They surrounded the home with the hostages inside and informed all the neighbors to stay inside. The stand-off lasted for a couple of hours.

Happily, no one was injured and the man surrendered and was taken into custody. His wife had been seeking a divorce and he had a mental breakdown. For awhile we were nervous that he might come back but in the end nothing more happened. Still, it was surreal to see that - it was like watching a movie.  :o

FTR, this was a boring, sleepy, middle-class suburban neighborhood. This wasn't something you ever thought you'd see there.

Anyone else?

One evening I heard a woman screaming and I stepped out to see what was going on. I saw a woman running away from a car and a man chasing her. He caught up to her and punched her and knocked her down to the pavement. I immediately called the police but the couple was gone before they got there. As far as I know they did not live on this street, they had just driven down here for whatever reason. (It's a dead end street so I have no idea why they'd be here.)

And there was this, less horrifying but still scary: Fire alarm started going off in my neighbor's condo and there was screaming, and noises of running around or banging things. I went to look and the front door was open, and my other neighbor (a nurse) was inside, smoke filling the place. It turned out there had been a grease fire and the girl threw water on it. She was OK in the end though. (After a trip to the ER.)

Outdoor Girl:
Not nearly as exciting...

About 10:30 one Saturday night, someone pounded on my door.  It was hot; I had to put on pants and then I answered the door.  It was a cop.

Someone had broken into the house two doors up and they were asking if neighbours had heard anything (I hadn't).

Then, earlier this summer, the neighbour one more up from that house ran out of the house in his boxers and nothing else because someone was trying to steal his boat.  He scared them off and the cops made extra patrols for the night.

When I was growing up, so the early '80s, the kid across the street from us flipped out and took his family hostage. The cops woke us up and had our parents move everyone to the back of the house. Fortunately, it resolved peacefully.

Over here, maybe a year ago, around three on a Sunday morning, the Financier woke me up going for the gun, so of course I had to come down and see what was going on. Some dude out in the parking lot was hollering for Jessica to come out and talk to him. More yelling transpired, and it turns out he was so messed up he had no idea where he was. Cops showed up, loud guy was cuffed and removed. Someone (who may or may not have been Jessica) came out, rummaged around the back of a car parked out front, and removed what was visibly a baggie.

In my neighborhood where I live - nothing comes to mind.  In the neighborhood where I teach - several things.  Most recently the bullet hole that was in a window of the school and a corresponding bullet hole across the hall where the slug entered the wall - an inch or two away from the homecoming poster.  It happened after students and staff were gone for the day but it makes a significant visual impact.


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