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Author Topic: The strangest, scariest, most dramatic thing that you've seen in your n'hood  (Read 246106 times)

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One of my parents neighbors was charged with child exploitation after he made arrangements on-line to meet-up with who he thought was a 13 year old girl, but who was actually a policeman.  They checked his computer and found lots of inappropriate pictures of young children.  I'd known this guy for years and it really shocked the whole neighborhood.

When I was 19, I was on an internship and had my first apartment.  Some guy broke in during the day, but he wasn't a very smart crook.  He stuck his head out the window just as my neighbor was walking by.  She knew something was up, so she went on downstairs to another neighbors place and called the cops.  He drove off before the cops arrived, but he had conveniently backed into the parking spot, so they were able to get his license plate before he drove off.  What was funny, was that he really didn't take anything.  He took my jacket out of the closet and went through the pockets, but they were empty.  He took a couple of quarters I was saving for laundry and went through my jewelry box and stole my high school class ring and another cheap ring, but ignored the 2 or 3 actual nice pieces I owned.  Then he emptied out my bank to discover it was only pennies.  Both the bank and jewelry box were small, he easily could have picked them both up and carried the out.  Why he would take the time to actually go through them was beyond me. 

Then my friend had this happen to her just the other day.  She lives in a condo.  Her unit is at the back of the property on a cul-de-sac and faces the woods.  She was home cooking dinner when someone knocked on her front door.  She peaked out and saw there was a man in a pick-up truck stopped on the side of the road and another guy knocking at the door.   Not knowing who they were she decided not to answer, but the guy kept wouldn't stop knocking on the door.  She called her husband on the phone and went upstairs to look out the window.  That's when the guy at the door stopped knocking and motioned for the guy in the truck to start backing into the driveway.  Friend ended up yelling  "What do you want?", which was enough to scare the guys off.


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Not sure if this one qualifies, but given all of the break-in stories, I'm throwing it out there. I was sharing an apartment with a friend while worked summer jobs far from home. I'd gone home to visit my parents and on the drive home, I got a voicemail message from my roommate. "When you get this, don't go home. Come straight to my office and meet me.  We need to talk.  It's a long story."

Later, we had a conversation about unhelpfullly cryptic, unsettling voicemail messages and how to avoid them.

It turns out the reason I couldn't go to the apartment because the locks had been changed. Over the weekend, my friend had come home from work around 7, made dinner,  showered, and watched a movie before going to bed.  Her BF called and she talked to him for about an hour, then went to sleep. The cordless phone was in bed with her. Her closet door was shut when she got home and remained so until she went to bed. (She was 100% sure of this because she couldn't sleep when it was open.  A weird childhood thing she hadn't got over.)

She woke up the next morning to find her closet door open, the clothes inside were all askew.  She went out to the living area to find the front door standing open.  The cordless phone was sitting on the kitchen table.  The only thing she could figure out was that there was someone hiding in the closet from the minute she got home.  That he/she was in there while she showered, while she talked on the phone with her boyfriend five feet away from the closet, while she slept.  That he/she actually took the phone out of bed with her was what creeped her out the most. Like he was planning something and didn't want her to be able to call for help. She said she had this picture of a shadowy intruder standing in the living room, pacing, trying to decide whether to go back and hurt her, before leaving the phone on the table and walking out.

She called the police, but since this person didn't hurt her or take anything, all they could do was take a report. 

We literally had no clue who it could be.  We didn't have any problems with neighbors.  We were both in solid relationships with no troubled ex's.  And we were reasonably sure that we didn't have a ghost.  We were hypervigilant for the rest of the summer, and slept in the same room most nights when we got freaked out. And we checked the closet every night!
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The home intruder stories are scary. I think it's a good thing your friend didn't check the closet before she went to bed, weeblewobble. If he was hiding in there planning to hurt her he might not have had a change of heart if she had seen his face.


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- I grew up in the country and one of the neighbors is whackadoodle.  He will dress up like a Confederate soldier and ride down the road on a horse at night holding a sword. 

- A friend of mine from college had her house blown up by her sister's crazy ex-boyfriend.  She and her family were at church so they were completely unharmed, but they wpuld have all been killed otherwise.

- One of my current neighbors was arrested and spent time in prison for manufacturing machine guns in his basement.  That arrest was on the news for days.
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A few years ago I had just moved into a new apartment a couple of months before this incident.  I had a small plastic table that I had used outside the front door just to sit things on while I unlocked the door.  It disappeared.  All I could think was really?  Someone would steal a $3 table?  A few weeks after that I walked outside to the police trying to get into the door across the breezeway from my apartment.  Apparently the guy that lived there had committed suicide by shooting himself.  The weird part was his wallet was gone and the roommate was never seen again around there.  Now for the really weird part.  They were cleaning out the place and they put a small plastic table outside to throw away.  I told them hey that was my table and they gave it back to me.  I know it was kind of strange but I used it until someone else stole it.  I never found out who took it the second time though.

The second thing that happened was this spring in the same apartment complex.  I heard glass breaking and car tires squealing so I stupidly went outside to look.  Evidently someone had made someone else mad and they were breaking all the glass in a van that was driving by.  We called the police and by the time they got there, everybody had disappeared.  Except the guy with the bat who went back inside and took the bat back inside and then came back out and helped sweep up the glass.  I didn't realize he was one of them until he thanked a couple of us for calling the police.  They found the van a few miles away.  The people in it were very drunk and very stupid and tried to run from the police.  That didn't work for them very well.  They got caught and spent the night in jail sobering up!


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The scariest thing actually happened to me and two of my neighbors:  Our segment of our garden apartment house was burglarized on January 30, 2009.  I don't know about my neighbors, but my apartment was broken into and my computer and some jewelry were stolen (nothing has been recovered, no arrests have been made).  My bedroom had been trashed.  I still feel nervous being away from home for any prolonged period of time.
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I just thought of one from the news...  How would you like to be the neighbour of the guy in Sweden who was trying to build a mini nuclear reactor in his kitchen!   :o
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Gosh, the most dramatic thing that ever happened in our street was a runaway tortoise!

I live in a very small village, almost entirely populated with young families and retired old people. My family is one of the weird exceptions - a middle-aged couple and their 2 young-adult children still living at home. Nothing ever happens here, save for a small fireworks display on New Year's Eve, and a very dull village fete on the August bank holiday.


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2)  Burglar began rifling through trunk, but then started....looking around.  And noticing things.  Like the very lifelike stuffed raven on the chandelier, the portrait of the Greek goddess Eris on the wall, the shelves stuffed with books on advanced magickal practice, and the general large amount of very, very pagan stuff and weird weapons all over the living room.  At which point it became obvious that this wasn't a typical suburban house, it was a Witch House, and the Burglar freaked out, laid everything ransacked out to show he hadn't taken anything so please, please don't curse him to death, and RAN.
I like #2! ;D

Me, too! :D  Amusingly, I think it's actually the more likely of the two scenarios.  It's like Batman says, criminals are a cowardly, superstitious lot.

Oh I LOVE that!
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Warning: Murder, Suicide and Drunk Driving

When I was a child, long before Columbine, a teenager shot up the local highschool, killing 2 and wounding 13,  before turning the gun on himself.

A neighbour and friend of my mom's hanged herself in the basement of her family home. She wasn't found for 2 days, in spite of the family watching television in the next room.

My parents' house is on a corner that is a popular target for drunk drivers. One night, a supremely drunk father and son duo hit the front door of our house so hard it cracked our house at the back down to the foundation. Prior to this, they had gone across several lawns, taking out a lot of landscaping, including a twelve year old crabapple tree. They reported this incident to their insurance company as "curb damage".
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Years ago, I lived in an apartment complex that was set out as a large circle.  The outer apartments faced out to the large circular driveway.  Well, anyway, one night the police chased someone into our complex.  The first I know was hearing my next door neighbors yelling and laughing, "Here they come again!"  I looked out to see a car being chased by 2 police cars.  My neighbors told me that this was the 3rd time around.  Then someone yelled, "One more time!" And here they came again, only now there were 3 police cars.

I saw them pass by a total of 5 times, and accumulate a total of 4 police cars before one of the police units realized that they would do better to get out of the parade and block the driveway which was little more than a driveway.  Barney Fife lives.
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Holy cow Corbin! I wanna be your mom when I grow up.
Me too! I try. She says I am better than she was, but I am not sure she realizes the level of awesomeness that she has achieved!

I agree, I want to be that brave and that calm/capable in an emergency.  She is awesome.

Corbin, was it your mom or MIL that broke her arm and then drove herself through a snowstorm to a hospital?  (Or am I remembering someone else's mom/MIL?)
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Holy cow Corbin! I wanna be your mom when I grow up.
Me too! I try. She says I am better than she was, but I am not sure she realizes the level of awesomeness that she has achieved!

I agree, I want to be that brave and that calm/capable in an emergency.  She is awesome.

Corbin, was it your mom or MIL that broke her arm and then drove herself through a snowstorm to a hospital?  (Or am I remembering someone else's mom/MIL?)
In what was possibly the weirdest coincidence in the world, my MIL fell, broke her arm, and drove herself to the hospital, and, three days later, my mother did the same thing. So, yeah, we got awesome coming and going!
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My husband worked night shift for a couple of years, so he slept during the day.  Our bedroom is in the back corner of the house, as far from the front door as you can get.  One day someone was knocking on the door long enough to wake him up, and he finally got up to go see what they wanted, but there was nobody there.  He then walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water, and watched as some young adult male came walking up the stairs on our deck towards him, clearly casing the windows for entry.  The guy finally noticed my husband standing there watching him, and quickly backpedaled with a "Dude, we lost our ball...sorry...leaving now..." as he walked off the deck and back around the house.

Yeah.  Right.   ::)

Later that summer our neighbors' house was broken into while they were on their annual month-long sailing vacation.  :(
Last winter we were playing D&D at our house, when the doorbell rang.  I answered the door and it was a couple of policemen, asking for my husband.  I went and got him (to the total dead silence of the gaming group, and to my thankfulness that the dogs were blocked off in the hall), and he went to the door.  They checked his license and asked if the truck in the driveway was ours (it is), and then asked if we had been at the Fred Meyer a few suburbs away about three hours previous.  Apparently there was a hit and run and the license plate and truck description matched ours, so they had come out to see if our truck had damage.  Needless to say it did not (I don't even remember the last time I was out near the mentioned Fred Meyer, and I've never even been in the parking lot!) and they went on their way.


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i lived on a quiet street, in a quiet area.  The biggest issues were if your grass got too long and the neighbors talked about you. I had a day off at work, and my DS21 was at home.  About 1 pm he called me into the living room to see the action!

Surrounding the house across the street from me was the DEA, in full tactical assault gear.  We watched, and since the windows were open heard, the agents getting their weapons out of the SUVs, and putting on the Kevlar vests. At one point the entire street was closed as the DEA emptied the house. We never did find out what was inside the house, but it was exciting/scary.
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