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The strangest, scariest, most dramatic thing that you've seen in your n'hood

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The meth addict down the road running naked into our yard, sobbing that she was being chased and that "he's" gonna kill her. We tried to talk to her but she was hysterical. her meth addict husband showed up a bit later and took her back to the house, her still screaming that "he" was gonna kill her.

She's still alive a year later so i guess she was wrong, but I gotta admit, I wish the police had done something.

On Friday, just a couple of days ago, my husband and I left the house in the early afternoon. As we got to the end of our street, we saw a sheriff's car parked on the cross street to the left--unusual, but okay. As we turned right, we realized there are 5 more sheriff's cars parked in the next half-block. ???  We make the next right right in time to come nose to nose with the big bomb squad truck  :o We went off to our errands hoping the neighborhood would be there when we got back...

Police arrested two our neighbors for guns and drugs.  It was the couple of hand grenades that brought the bomb squad. 

I live in a tough city, but I'd have said before that my neighborhood was pretty quiet...

Witnessing a drive-by shooting was interesting.

Coming home & seeing a zillion cop cars at the same house & having an officer tell me that they were doing a drug bust and took one look at the contents of a car trunk and called the bomb squad to deal with the illegal fireworks.

Senior year so 84 - 85 - A lower classman was failing math. So he built a pipe bomb. With the help of a senior he broke into the math wing and planted the bomb planning for it to go off during his class. Fortunatly his math skills were subpar - he didn't realize 1 something happens twice a day. They planted the bomb before midnight. It went off  during the night destroying the room and damaging the one below and to either side.

The Teacher had to take a leave of absence.

That isn't the weird part - the weird part was the Parents were outraged outraged I tell you that the district dare ruin those fine boys' futures by pressing charges. No I don't mean the boys' parents. I mean the parents in general after all boys will be boys (I HATE that phrase). Some parents brought a petition around for my parents to sign to get the district to drop the charges. My parents being sensible people were outraged. Had there been kids in the room - as was intended - people would have been seriously injured and probably killed. (Honestly the kids in my neighborhood built pipe bombs like they were model kits or something)

Current house
The boy 2 houses down to my left stood up to some want to be gang bangers at his HS. They showed up and shot up his house. Charges were filed, a restraining order was put in place. So he had to change schools - because the district couldn't force the gang bangers to switch school under the law at the time. The Texas legislature fixed the law last session (Might be the only sane thing they did). Now the bullies/criminals have to take a transfer and I think they lose UIL eligibility.

The neighbors I had for a little while, who would yell various drug dealing and violent comments to each other, while leaning on the front door of my apartment.  A co-worker of mine moved into this same apartment complex when I moved out, as it was safer than the one he was living in, where someone was shot (gang related violence).

Evacuating high school on 2 separate occasions for bomb threats.


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