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The strangest, scariest, most dramatic thing that you've seen in your n'hood

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This isn't scary but it's both dramatic and strange.

For some reason, our neighborhood is a magnet for photo shoots.  Fashion spreads, advertisements, TV shows and movies commonly bring in the big trucks and generators.  We're used to this but something interesting is happening now.

The production is 'Brooklyn Taxi'.  We found out today that it's a French sitcom that has already been sold to be shown in Russia, Italy and Japan. 

When did Brooklyn become a world-wide brand name?

It didn't happen where I lived, but where I worked.  My dad owned a laundromat from the early '80s to early '90s.  I was in high school in the mid 80's and worked there part time.

I was working one Saturday afternoon and heard a commotion across the street, where there was a row of townhouses.  The screaming got worse, and the guy next door at the pizza place came over to say he'd called the police.

Next thing we know, the male in the house had chased out the female into the yard, and proceeded to stab her to death as their kids screamed from the windows.

Just then, the police roared up.  They managed to get the guy off of her and into the police car, but it was too late for her.  Horrifying.  She was a customer, too..so I knew her a little. 

I called my dad and told him he had to come relieve me.  He asked why and I told him.  I think he thought I was exaggerating or mistaken until he got there.

This happened in like 1986 or 1987 (I was 16-ish) and I can still visualize it as clearly as as it happened yesterday.

I never did find out what happened to the kids. :(

Diane AKA Traska:
::Hands Peppergirl a trophy::

I'm pretty sure that wins...

Heck of a thing to win a trophy for, but I'll take it.

Pretty sure nowadays they'd have whisked me off to counseling.  Definitely wasn't a societal norm for this kind of thing back then.

Diane AKA Traska:
Well, this just happened.

I'm in my living room, talking via phone with M (we talk on M's breaks, makes the day go faster for us both), and I'm looking through the blinds on my front door.  Why?  Don't know, but I see three guys walking down the street.  Well, turns out one guy isn't with the other two, because I saw one of the two guys push the first guy to the ground, while the second of the two grabs something from him (wallet?  Phone?  Can't tell) and they both take off running.  The first guy gets up and starts shouting about the two guys that just robbed him.

This is the part that sucks: I'm lousy with faces.  There isn't a chance in eHell I could identify two guys I never met who I saw for two seconds, one in profile and one partially from behind.  But yeesh, was that a bizarre thing to witness happening on the sidewalk in front of my house.

And this is the part where I mention, AGAIN, that we need to get the @&$! out of this city.


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