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The strangest, scariest, most dramatic thing that you've seen in your n'hood

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What a punk!

Just had one last night.  YIKES

Direct next door neighbor (Tom) is a bit off.  Mostly just belilerant to talk to, but keeps mostly to himself.  He does talk occasionally to people, but usually when he has been drinking -which is quite a bit.  Not horrible overall since he rarely comes out, but most of us just avoid him or treat him with cool politeness.  Our house is up the hill from him, so I can look out both bedroom windows and see his backdoor into his kitchen and his garage and drive.

Yesterday morning (Sunday) we get woke up at 6AM to hear Tom yelling at his neighbor on the other side.  Something about garbage cans and not to mess with him.  *Cleaned up language and please note garbage day was Friday and there were no garbage cans in anyone drives or on the street.  *  Annoying, but whatever.

Then early Sunday evening, I took the dog out to the front to do her business.  I could hear Tom talking loudly, but could also see that his kitchen door was open.  I figured he was arguing with someone over the phone. 
Went to bed.  Woke up around 10PM to the dog growling and barking.  And Tom YELLING to "Get away" or something.  As I get up to look out the window, there is a gun shot.  I am able to see him walk back into his kitchen with a rifle.  (Dog was apparently woken up by a first gunshot that I slept through)  I yelled for DH to get on the phone and call the police RIGHT NOW.  Tom had a gun and YES Dog-done-it that was what I heard.   I moved the dog and I into a more interior room of the house.
DH called it in- mostly because he is calmer under stress than I - and within about 10 minutes we had about 6 of the city's finest approach the house on foot.  Told DH that since it was domestic they do not go in with sirens. 
While the officers were getting in place, there is a shot in the house.  Now they are in our mindset of "Well, that ain't right"  within about 15 minutes they had Tom in custody.   While looking for bullets (One sage police officer commented "Because something that goes up, must come down somewhere."), they found that Tom had shot the bumper of our car that is parked in the street.  NICE.

So grateful for the police and the dispatcher.  More grateful that no one was hurt and that for now Tom does not have his gun.  DH will let me know if they release Tom today or not.

ETA - just found out that he got charged with Reckless Use Of A Firearm. 

Ginger G:
Wow gingerzing, I thought my next door neighbor was bad but at least she hasn't shot a gun off yet.  However the drama with her is escalating, and at this point I'm worried where it's all going to end up.

I won't get into all the background with her as that would be a novella in length, but she's an alcoholic who gets extremely beligerent when she's drunk which is apparently every day.  She's had problems with pretty much every neighbor on our end of the street, myself and DH included.  I have tried my best to avoid her as much as possible, but I did end up in a confrontation with her yesterday.  Other recent antics include the neighbor on her other side calling the police on her Friday afternoon because she threatened to kill his son for mowing the lawn in the middle of the afternoon.  Several times recently she has also run out into the street screaming her son was beating her which is completely untrue.

I'm almost at the point of wanting to move just to get away from her.


--- Quote from: otterwoman on March 31, 2014, 07:05:41 AM ---Ah, you live around Tucson, that explains it. I have family there. The first time DH visited with me there, he read the local paper. He was stunned by the idea of no gun permits (we're from NY). He called Arizona the "Don't $^%# with me state. The people are armed, the animals are armed and the plants are armed!"
--- End quote ---

Ahahahaha! I'm going to use that line in the future.  ;D


--- Quote from: bansidhe on March 31, 2014, 12:53:02 AM ---
--- Quote from: bansidhe on March 03, 2014, 02:44:03 PM ---My husband was walking our dogs at about 8:00 pm yesterday. We live in a rural area with dirt roads, cows, no streetlights, etc. where there is rarely any traffic, so he was walking down the middle of the road.

He was a few yards away from our street when he heard the door to the trailer on the corner open. A man shouted from the door, "Identify yourself! I have a gun and I'm not afraid to use it!"

My husband was very ??? for a moment. Like I said, he was walking down the street, not anywhere close to being on this guy's property. He shouted back, "Ummm...I'm just walking my dogs." Nutty Neighbor responded by firing his gun.

The end result of all this was six Sheriff's Department cars and a helicopter. After the officers talked to my husband they headed to Nutty Neighbor's place, from which we heard a whole lot of yelling and cussing but no further gunfire.

Husband is going to try today to find out whether the guy was arrested or what. I'm so thrilled that he lives right down the street from us.  :-\

Update: My husband obtained a copy of the report and discovered that no one was arrested and the officers weren't even able  to go onto the people's property. Why? Because it was very dark when the incident happened and my husband didn't see the gun. Because of that, they didn't have probable cause to go onto the property without the owners' permission - and of course the owners did not give permission.  >:(

--- End quote ---

Today the little punk above bit off more than he could chew. He's the one on the right in this article:

--- End quote ---
I would be tempted to let the reporters know about the previous incident.


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