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You've never had....??? (spinoff of EEEWW)

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Have you (or anyone you know) never consumed some sort of food that's considered by most to be common, everyday, layman food? Like, stuff you could buy at even a convenience store/most places on the planet? (not stuff because of allergies/religious beliefs/dietary habits, etc.) What was the person's (or your own) explanation for it?

The EEEWW thread made me think of this. Our old roommate had never had jam/jelly before. We live in the midwest, where it seems like everyone eats it/cans it, and are fresh out of college--where you'd think PB&Js would be pretty standard fare. Her friends gave her a jar of homemade jam and she was so afraid to try it that she made us try it with her (it was strawberry, I think they called it strawberry daquiri or something b/c it had a little touch of mint or something like that.) It was pretty good, sweet, like homemade jams tend to be. She thought it was "too sweet" (odd coming from the person who adds 10 sugar packets to the frozen margaritas at Applebees!) Her justification for never having it before was that "nobody ever gave her jam/jelly before." Not even as a little kid??

My DH didn't know what regular pork tasted like until he was around 10. His dad's a hunter so they mostly had deer meat (ground was mixed with pork but of course the venison overpowers any pork flavor.)

My friend Hilda has this phobia about fish, so her son has never eaten any, even Bumble Bee tuna or fish sticks that kids usually like.

Unfortunately, this is a kid who has been picky about vegetables as well.

I knew someone in college who had never had a bagel.   Wasn't even sure what one was.   And, she was slow to try it.  I mean, its bread, how bad can it be?

I somehow missed a lot of casserole horrors growing up, so the whole midwestern just add cream of mushroom soup to it! mentality still grosses me out.

I was very bad about being a picky eater until college, when over the course of several years, I finally started tasting and and discovering yummy normal everyday things such as deli sandwiches, mayonaisse, mustard, oysters (normal on the coast), broccoli, tomatoes, etc.  I remember being so mad when I "discovered" deli sandwiches, because all through high school I would "lunch" at a deli with my friends regularly, but would refuse to eat anything except dill pickles and sweet tea.  All those yummy sandwiches I could have been eating, argh!!!

Most recent discovery.  I never had cottage cheese.  I grew up with my mother eating it for breakfast on her fruit, and my college roommates ate it all the time.  So it was around me, but I thought it looked disgusting and never even would taste it.

Eventually, DD started eating solids and I tried cottage cheese on her since it was a soft dairy that was approved for babies.  She seemed to enjoy it, so finally out of curiosity, I tentatively tasted it.  Immediately I knew I had wasted way too many years refusing this treat.  Yummy!!!!

I still haven't had a lobster (unless you count lobster bisque.)  It's DH's favorite food and it just blows his mind that I have never had one.  Didn't even get one on those lobster nights on the cruises we've been on.  I don't know why I won't try it, I do enjoy crab legs.

~ Cristen


--- Quote from: Aquigoth on July 11, 2007, 10:58:41 AM ---I trained with a guy who had never eaten a bagel.

Unfortunately it was because he was a racist jerk, and didn't want to sully himself with "Jew food" (his words)

--- End quote ---

Wow, I thought this was going to be a racist bagel joke about Cathy's crazy HOA neighbor....It's disconcerting to realize people really think this sort of stuff in this day and age.  And not only that they THINK it but that they are more than willing to share those viewpoints ???


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