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It’s Prom Season! Break Out Your Worst Story!

Since it’s now prom season and 17-18 year-olds are not always experts on etiquette, I thought you might consider featuring your readers’ prom horror stories (everyone has one). Here’s mine to start:

When I was a senior in high school, my best friend Loni had a really serious boyfriend, Greg (now her husband of over 30 years). On the other hand, I wasn’t dating anyone and so really had no interest in attending our senior prom. Loni was just appalled by that and insisted that we HAD to double-date , so she fixed me up blindly with the son of her mother’s best friend, a boy who went to another school. The plan was that Greg would drive us all in his parent’s Cadillac. I begrudgingly went along with this because it was so important to my best friend, so Loni and I shopped for dresses, coordinated our dates’ tuxedos (it was 1979 after all) and made dinner plans for the four of us.

On the afternoon of the prom, Greg confided in me that he had planned a special surprise for Loni. Right after the prom we would be driving to a motel outside of the city where he had reserved a room for the two of them for some post-prom lovin’. I asked what he expected me and my date to do, since we were to be passengers in his car. His reply was, “I guess you could get a room too?” Wrong answer! I told him to go ahead and do what he wanted after the prom, but my date and I would not be riding along with them. After a bit of scrambling, my date found a car he could borrow so we could drive on our own. Greg, upset that we were ruining Loni’s double-date plans, decided that he didn’t even want to have dinner with us and changed their reservations to another restaurant.

As glad as I was to not have to deal with the motel situation, I then found myself alone on a dinner date to my senior prom with a boy I didn’t know. I was uncomfortable, Greg was angry, Loni was floating on a cloud of enchanted obliviousness, then when we arrived at the prom, my date announced “Oh, I don’t dance.” 04220-13


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  • The TARDIS April 23, 2013, 2:56 am

    Oh my goodness!

    Many years ago, when I was just a little smaller on the inside than I am now, I attended my prom with a boy I hardly knew; he was desperate to go and I thought I would be nice and offer to go with him. We agreed to go as friends only. However on the day of the prom, my date came down with some kind of stomach virus. Not to worry, he thought he could tough it out. I spent upwards of ninety dollars to sit at a table, listening to the music while my date hugged a restroom toilet. We didn’t dance to a single song. I spent the night fuming. It’s funny now. Besides, the night had to be worse for him than it was for me! (The poor dear did apologize and a week later he paid me back for the tickets!)

  • Carol April 23, 2013, 4:57 am

    Ah, prom. High expectations tinged with vague disappointment.

    Did Lori ever find out the true story? I presume your friendship survived.

    I went to my senior prom with the brother of my best friend’s boyfriend, only because she was going to the prom; I hadn’t wanted to go. Then she broke her foot AND broke up with the boy and I wound up having to go to prom without her, with a guy I didn’t honestly know that well. And he was 24, which sounds cool when you are 17, but a 24 year old willing to go to prom…let’s say there were issues there.

  • Cherry April 23, 2013, 5:56 am

    When I had my prom, a lot of the girls felt like there was some kind of competition to have the best dress – and by best I mean most expensive. One of the girls especially had been talking about this fantastic, so very pricey dress she had found and was going to look great in. And when prom came, she did look lovely – and so did the other girl wearing the exact same dress. Both girls were quite upset to realise they were wearing the same thing.

    Fortunately, after a while, they both got over the embarrassment and focused on what the even was really about – celebrating being about to graduate our school and move on to the next step in our lives.

  • PM April 23, 2013, 6:33 am

    My husband and I were high school sweethearts. Because he was a junior and I was a freshman when we started dating, I ended up attending the prom all four years of my high school experience. In general, we had a pretty good time at each.

    My junior year, DH, then-BF went away to college, which made the logistics a little more difficult. My senior year, because of several major projects and papers due in what were the final weeks of his class schedule, it looked like DH wouldn’t be able to go to my senior prom. I was upset, but I understood his priority had to be school. Since we had planned on going to dinner and the dance with a bunch of friends anyway, I decided I would just go dateless. I wasn’t interested in the drama involved in asking someone else. I just wanted to enjoy my time with my friends. My friends were cool with me joining them solo, except for Mary. This was Mary’s first prom and it had to be PERFECT. And apparently, a girl by herself in Mary’s group of friends would RUIN that perfection.

    She tried for weeks to convince me to ask another guy. I said no. DH wouldn’t have had a problem with me going with a friend, but I didn’t want to go through the motions with another guy. Plus, the potential for confused expectations was really high. And I wasn’t interested in that. Mary refused to believe I didn’t want a date. She asked one of our friends to go with me (without telling me first). Imagine my surprise when poor Jeremy asked me what time to pick me up and I had no clue what he was talking about. I was furious with Mary and she feigned innocence about what she’d done wrong, then tried to do the same thing to another friend of ours, Ethan, who had heard about the Jeremy debacle and knew I didn’t plan on a date.

    Mary managed to ruin her perfect prom all on her own. She was so caught up in everything being PERFECT that she scared her date away. The guy wasn’t her boyfriend- just a friend- and her expectations about flowers and matching tuxes and perfect moments of romantic perfection that he told her he thought she should go with someone else. (She made it pretty clear she expected him to fall deeply in love with her by the end of the night, because it was prom and that’s what happened in the movies.) Her date panicked and broke their date. Mary decided she didn’t want to prom without a date and stayed home. She blamed me for her date’s bolting, because if I’d just cooperated she wouldn’t have had to go to such lengths to make the prom night perfect.

    And as it turned out, about two weeks before the prom, DH pulled several all nighters in order to get his papers and projects done early, so he could come home and take me to the dance. Can you imagine the awkwardness if I’d agreed to go with someone else? Part of me felt a little sorry for Mary, but I also despise people who refuse to listen when I tell them no. Our friendship was pretty much over after her behavior regarding the prom and she spent the rest of the school year “waiting for my apology” for my behavior. She’s still waiting.

  • Lightning April 23, 2013, 6:41 am

    Ahhhh, prom. Senior prom, I went with the first person who asked. Never again.

    It was on a boat, and it was sprinkling/raining all night. We got to the boat, and he immediately went to the top deck, exposed to the elements, for his first smoke of the evening. And stayed there the entire evening. And got mad that I did not join him there. Now, I think it was some sort of a head game test.

    No dancing with my date all evening. Ride to the after party, I was consigned to the back seat with the windows wide open. With his friend in the front seat. I froze, got dripped on, and couldn’t hear their conversation.

    As soon as we got to the after party, I gave him his ticket to the amusement park for the next day- I had purchased both. Good riddance.

  • Jenny April 23, 2013, 6:44 am

    I went to prom with a group of friends that included guys and girls but no real couples. Afterwards my two girl friends and I had a sleepover at my friend’s house and watched Disney movies. It was actually pretty awesome.

    I don’t for a second regret that I never had a proper “date” to prom, as I’ve seen way too much drama in high school. I attended a few college formals with my now-husband and those were fun too, but when you’re 16 or 17, it’s just way more fun to spend a night dancing with your friends.

  • PM April 23, 2013, 6:58 am

    @Cherry, we didn’t really have the competitive thing at my school. However, the year of my senior prom, there was a very pretty halter dress style with a long tulle skirt available. I got it in teal. I realized about a month before my prom that my best friend got it in yellow. We thought it was a little funny. And then, when we arrived at prom, we saw girls in the same dress, only in blue, red, green, lavender, white, black and orange!! Imagine it, about a dozen girls in a big circle giggling at each other because we were all wearing the same dress. (A few of the girls got a little upset, but were eventually able to see the humor of it.) We ended up having a picture taken together, arranging ourselves in the traditional ROYGBIV prism color scheme. I wish I still had it, but it has been lost to several moves and the whims of time.

  • Joni April 23, 2013, 7:04 am

    None of the proms I went to had the expectation that you would dance with your date and only your date. I went to both my junior and senior proms with a date (just friends, not a boyfriend) and I danced with *everyone.* Then again, I think it helped that I went to a small-ish high school and we were a fairly close-knit group. My husband’s ginormous HS in rural Idaho had completely different prom expectations.

  • Lo April 23, 2013, 7:11 am

    I love these stories!

    I had a thing happen at one of our school dances (not prom but a semiformal) that years later I still shake my head about. I was not a popular or “datable” girl but I loved to go to the dances to hang out with my friends. We were a motley collection of misfits, theater kids, gamers, goths, rivetheads, my gay boyfriend, etc. Myself and the boy the story involves in particular were a bit painfully shy and awkward. He was a quiet studious type. I finally coaxed out of him the name of the girl he wanted to dance with and we decided to find her so he could ask.

    We scoured the dance floor as the last slow songs were playing and he worked his nerve up. The DJ announced the last dance of the night and we picked up the pace. Right as the song began some loud crazy girl came striding up out of nowhere, took my friend in her arms and gleefully hollered, “TOO LATE! He’s mine now!” I stared at her in shock and he kind of shrugged as if to say “better than nothing” and let himself be dragged off to dance.

    I gaver her a look but said nothing because I believed then, as I do now, that hormonal teenage girls are terrifying.

  • Miss-E April 23, 2013, 7:21 am

    My prom was uneventful (save for my date dropping me during a dip, but I wasn’t mad!) but my sister’s prom…

    She and her boyfriend went to the same high school but they had a lot of friends from other schools. They wanted to bring two of them along since they could each bring a date. The two people they wanted to bring along were both guys. When they got to the venue the teachers wouldn’t let her boyfriend and his friend in since they were a same-sex couple…and this was in 2000, not 1953. They never did get to go and were refused refunds.

  • PWH April 23, 2013, 7:22 am

    I guess everyone has prom disaster stories! lol

    I attended prom twice. The second time I had a blast with friends and an incredible date (now husband). The first time was a much different story.

    At the time I was without a boyfriend, but a good friend of mine convinced me that we (her, her boyfriend and two other single friends of her’s) could go together. She said she would arrange a limo rental, which we would split costs on, to the prom and back and that we would have a great time together. I bought a dress, my mom got me a wrist corsage and I got all dolled up. We all met together at her house for pickup. It was all going well, until she ditched us all for her boyfriend who she ended up making out with all night. In the end she decided to hijack the limo to take her and her boyfriend to a hotel after the prom, leaving me and the other girls without a ride home. I ended up having to beg someone at the venue to let me use the phone to call my Dad to come and get me! Other events that night included a rowdy group flipping a table resulting in broken glass on the dance floor, miscellaneous people visiting the strip club across the street from the venue getting drunk and some random person off the street that someone decided to invite to join us for a free meal. Fun all around!

  • sv April 23, 2013, 7:47 am

    Oh, mine’s not so much a faux pas, but rather just an awkward moment that shouldn’t have happened. I went to my prom with my boyfriend. We were quite serious about one another and although we didn’t make a big deal out of prom (we did not want limos, formal dinners or anything like that ) we still were looking forward to dressing up, having a meal with our friends, and having a good time in our fancy clothes. When we entered the hall there was a formal picture booth set up to capture the moment. Of course we wanted our picture taken, so we waited in line for our turn. When we went up together the photographer took one look and then walked up to my boyfriend with a wooden box. Here’s the thing – I am 5 feet 7 inches. So was my boyfriend. In heels, I was taller than him. So the photographer made the incredible assumption that this was a problem and, in front of hundreds of people, made my boyfriend stand on a box to create the illusion that he was taller than me …..as it should be, right? God forbid a woman is taller than a man! Anyway, we were 18 years old and so said nothing. My boyfriend mutely stood on the box, humiliated, and our picture was taken. Whenever I look at that picture now ( 24 years later) all I can think of is how embarrassed he was, despite his good humoured grin. The rest of the night was lovely and we had a great time. But that is what stands out the most….how the night started off with him being so embarrassed just because someone else decided he was too short for me.

  • LadyX April 23, 2013, 8:06 am

    My prom was a bit of a debacle but wound up being incredibly fun! I had a boyfriend at the time who was 21 years old, and really didn’t want to go to a dance with a bunch of high schoolers (yet dating one was okay?). I wanted to go anyways, because I love that sort of thing. I didn’t have a lot of friends at my school and none of my guy friends could make the trip to my town. One weekend I was at a party at the beach, and it was dark, and creepy, people were drunk and on drugs, and I was not having fun. A random guy came up and asked if I was okay, and I said no, so he took me to a house party instead, which was more video games and karaoke, just my style. The next morning I was prom dress shopping, and the random guy came with me. We found an awesome tutu-corset combination that matched my pink and black hair. Then I asked him if he would be my prom date. Keep in mind I knew this guy for all of 12 hours at this point, and we were in a city 2.5 hours from my hometown, 5 days before the prom.

    So the big day came, he grabbed a bus to the nearest city to my house, I picked him up from there in my crappy Corsica. He was wearing a really sharp tux with a tie to match my hair. My friends didn’t want to do a pre-prom dinner, since we were all broke, and instead we got milkshakes. My corset was so tight, I couldn’t even drink my milkshake. We pulled up in my rustbucket, and got the DJ to play a lot of bizarre techno while we danced our hearts out. My friends left early to go drinking, and my date and I returned to my mom’s house and ate pancakes.

    My boyfriend-at-the-time and I broke up soon after, and my Prom Date and I are still good friends!

  • ShellyLynne2611 April 23, 2013, 8:41 am

    At my school, only seniors could buy tickets to Prom so underclassmen could only attend if invited by a senior. I wasn’t seeing anyone at the time and my friend, who was a sophomore, wanted to go. We weren’t particularly close, but we got along we so I said okay and we decided to go as friends and split the costs of the tickets. I was wearing a dress that I’d worn the previous month to my sister’s wedding. Yes, I’m one of the lucky ones that actually got to wear her bridesmaid dress again! Since the dress was handmade for me, I gave my date a swatch of the fabric to help him match his tuxedo to it. I figured that would take all the guess work out of it for him rather than just telling him the color which is always open to interpretation. The color of my dress was deep purple.

    Imagine my surprise when he showed up wearing green! I was a bit annoyed, but laughed it off. When I asked him why he didn’t match the color I gave him, he said “I like green better.” It turned out that it didn’t matter anyway since I really didn’t see him much after we arrived at the dance. He didn’t dance with me once and spent the majority of the evening smoking nefarious things at the pool with another friend of mine. I don’t even have a picture of the two of us, just a funny memory.

  • Cat April 23, 2013, 8:48 am

    After reading some of these stories, I am glad I was not asked to my prom. I did have a good friend who was asked by a boy she did not feel was good enough for her. He was short, somewhat over-weight, and was not her notion of a Prince Charming. She went to the prom with him because she wanted so much to attend prom, but then refused to see him again.
    That was not the worse though. The worse was a fellow-teacher who had raised her daughter to believe that all prejudice was wrong-and then her blonde daughter was asked to prom by an African-American guy who was one of the finest young men in the class. Her parents refused to allow her to attend with him. She had to tell him that she could not go with him.

  • sh April 23, 2013, 8:50 am

    @ sv:

    Not about prom but my undergrad graduation photos- I was sat down with my parents and brother stood around me. The photographer asked my mum (5’8″) to stand on a box (!) so that she was more in line with my dad (6’2″) and my brother (6’3″). Unfortunately, I don’t think photographers see this as a source of potential embarrassment for anyone!

  • Mer April 23, 2013, 9:28 am

    Ooh, this got me thinking a incident I did not even remember until I read this. We don’t have proms but we do have a dancing event for high schoolers, fancy dresses and all. Despite some differences in the event itself, the date finding must be quite the same.

    At that time me and my very good friend had also a new friend we liked to hang around with as well as 2 guy friends we had known for longer time. My friend has asked other of our guy friends so later on I asked the other and he agreed to go with me as my boyfriend was not able to come. What I did not know wast that this guy friend was not so keen on our new friend and had declined her invitation to the dance and told her, that he was not about to go at all. To his defense I do not think he planned to go when he answered to her, and probably was thinking that I would be going with my then boyfriend. So he did not even think that I would ask him and when I did, as we were quite good friends, did not want to refuse. But I did get some very dirty looks from the girl after that. And now as I remember this, I feel quite bad.

  • Enchanted April 23, 2013, 9:29 am

    My Senior Prom was called “An Enchanted Evening” or something like that. Yeah, right.

    My boyfriend at the time, who had already graduated high school but was an alumni of the school, wanted to take me to the prom. Personally, I would have preferred to just go with my girlfriends and have fun. After all, these were precious last weeks I had with my girls. I’ve always had the mentality of “men come and go, but friends are forever”.

    I talked to my girlfriends about it and they all agreed that we would leave our boyfriends (who had all graduated the year before) behind and go together as one big group of girls for a night of fun. As the weeks to prom ticked by, slowly girlfriend after girlfriend announced they were bringing a date after all until I was the only one without a date. Disheartened at the thought of our fun girls night being thwarted, I asked my boyfriend if he still wanted to go and he readily accepted.

    Don’t get me wrong, I loved my high school boyfriend. We had dated for 3 years and he was a great guy. But, I was 18 years old and was about to go to college. I wasn’t thinking of marriage or a future. I knew in my heart that our romance would fizzle out once the Fall came and I went off to college. I thought that maybe prom would be a good idea after all and was glad that he ended up coming.

    Little did I know, he had been scheming with my friends. There was a band that played at the prom and we danced and danced. At one point, I saw my boyfriend talking to the head guy from the band and I thought to myself, “Awww, he’s going to dedicate a song to me! How sweet!”.

    About 30 minutes later, the band guy says “And now we have a special moment for everyone. Could you two come up on stage please?”.

    And there, in front of almost 1,000 people, my boyfriend, who I had never spoken of a future with, got down on one knee and proposed to me with a ring that him and my girlfriends had picked out together.

    To say I was mortified is putting it mildly. I wanted to say “What the heck are you doing? Get up off the ground! No, I won’t marry you!! We are kids!”. Instead, I felt all 1,000 pairs of eyes on me and said what I felt I had to – “Yes”.

    They cleared the dance floor for us to dance by ourselves. Everyone stood around and watched us dancing with lots of “Ooohs and Ahhhs”. I was crying my eyes out. Everyone thought it was because I was so happy. What they didn’t know is that I was crying because I was furious! I hadn’t even wanted him to come and he comes as MY date to MY prom and he embarrasses me and puts me on the spot in front of the entire school and asks me to marry him when we had NEVER discussed marriage!!!

    Needless to say, the relationship didn’t last much longer.

  • a April 23, 2013, 9:51 am

    I think I had a perfect prom (in comparison! Wow!). I asked a guy from another school to my Senior Prom. We got ready extra early, he picked me up at my house, and then took me back to his house. From there, his mother took us up to the nursing home she worked at and we walked around, talked to the residents, and had our pictures taken with them. Everyone involved had fun.
    And then we went to prom. 😉

  • CM92 April 23, 2013, 10:04 am

    My senior prom was the only one I ever went to. My date showed up late and drunk, so I ended up eating panda express in my living room all dressed for prom. Before I got to prom he decided that we needed to stop at his friends house so he could drink more. I ended up missing over half of my actual prom. And then when we got to the afterprom, he made me leave after about 15 minutes because he was so tired (“drunk”)

  • Mlerin April 23, 2013, 10:12 am

    Unfortunately I don’t have a worst prom story, but I do have a funny one from a teacher of mine.

    Here in Canada, high schools don’t really have prom (or at least that I’m aware of). Our prom is celebrated on the same day as graduation- ceremony in the morning, dinner and dance during the evening.
    For her high school graduation, my teacher went to school with a bunch of wealthy kids- wealthy enough to buy a Chanel/ other high end, one-of-a-kind designer dresses, which many of them did. One of her friends had put of buying a dress until the last minute- literally, the limousine picked them up (large group of friends) and they stopped at a discount store so she could get a dress. She found one in minutes, so they got to the dinner and dance on time.
    Towards the end, there were prizes given out for “Best [Whatever]”. When it was time for Best Dress, my teachers friend won. So she went on stage, grabbed the microphone, and said “Yeah! I got this from [discount store] for $30!”
    Needless to say, a lot of the girls were rather displeased as theirs were “better”.

  • Mojo April 23, 2013, 10:32 am

    What do they say about the first impression counts?

    I attended my first ball at 17. My date was arranged through our mothers, who attended the same church. My mother made it clear in advance that this would be an advantageous match, he was a lovely young man, just a year older than me, and came from a wealthy and well respected church-going family. Yes, she read too much Jane Austen, but this sort of match-making really wasn’t unusual for the time and place.

    My partner was wonderful; smartly dressed, friendly and not bad looking. I was nervous, but we chatted politley in the car on the way there. When we arrived he opened the car door for me, took my coat to the cloakroom, escorted me to a table, asked me what I’d like to drink. Unthinking I said I’d have a vodka and orange. It’s what I usually drank at the weekends in my local pub. However, strong spirits were obviously not the sort of drink I was supposed to ask for on a first date, aged seventeen.

    His face sort of froze, and I realised I’d dropped a clanger. Like the gentleman he was, he went ahead and bought me the drink. We got over that hitch and carried on to have a lovely evening, but though I ordered Diet Coke after that, the damage was done. I didn’t get a second date, and needless to say, my mother was more than a little disappointed.

  • AthenaC April 23, 2013, 10:36 am

    I have two prom stories –

    For the first I was a sophomore and my then-bf was a senior. My mother insisted on paying for the dress so she could make sure it was adequately modest (i.e. no spaghetti straps, high-neck, and high enough in the back to cover a bra). She was very nervous about me being out at our high school’s post-prom party at a local bowling alley (chaperoned by students’ parents), so rather than outright forbid me from going, she told me she would forbid me if she got any “sass.” Well, she spent a few days leading up to the event verbally poking me until I actually responded, which was all the excuse she needed. (As the devout Catholic girl I was, obedience to parental decree is practically instinctual, so it didn’t occur to me to rebel.) She also pronounced that I “didn’t need” to go out to dinner beforehand. So my then-bf went to dinner with his friends, picked me up, we went to prom (I admit the dress I ended up with did look rather elegant), he dropped me off, then went to the bowling alley with his friends. As much as I enjoyed the actual prom itself, it really sucked to be left out of the usual trappings that go with the ritual (i.e. dinner, staying out all night bowling and then going to breakfast at a 24-hour diner).

    As a senior, again my mother insisted on paying for the dress, and almost had a fit when we couldn’t find anything as high-necked or high-backed as the last time. I ended up with a flattering, simple A-line dress that showed just a shadow of cleavage if you looked at just the right angle in just the right light. And that was only after a full day of shopping and a very exasperated mother who did agree that I couldn’t simply show up naked. So – now I had a dress! Next step – find a date. I couldn’t very well let that dress go to waste! Unfortunately, that proved to be a bit difficult. I didn’t have a boyfriend at the time, and I couldn’t get an actual date to save my life, but I did know a sophomore from another school through my weekly teen prayer group that wouldn’t turn me down. He was arrogant, self-important, and all-around just not the greatest guy. Not a jerk, really, but not the greatest. I didn’t really like him (and I am sure the feeling was mostly mutual), but beggars can’t be choosers, right? Sure enough, he said, “I don’t know, let me check my schedule ..(pause)…. yeah I’m free. I can go.”

    The evening of prom, after I put on my dress, I practiced in front of the full-length mirror to get the best possible angle for pictures. I settled on my hips at a 90-degree angle to the camera with my torso twisted around just so to show off the slenderness of my 17-year-old waist. After dinner, when we arrived for pictures before the dance, they tried to position us in some affectionate, arms-around-each-other pose. Just one problem – I didn’t like the guy, so I didn’t want his hands on me. At ALL. The feeling appeared to be mutual. I suggested a back-to-back pose with me at the angle I had practiced. I looked fantastic.

    For the actual dance and the bowling alley after-party, the kid (thankfully) left me alone and let me hang out with my friends. I don’t mean I ignored him until he went away – I mean that as soon as we arrived, he darted away from me and I didn’t see him for hours. I had a blast while he went around and (apparently) annoyed everyone else. At one point someone came over and asked me, “Is he really here with you? Are you serious? You couldn’t get anyone else to go with you?” My response: “Who do you know that would have gone with me?” Awkward silence. Me: “That’s what I thought.”

    Afterward, a bunch of us went to a much-needed breakfast and one of my friends had finally had enough of my date’s behavior toward everyone, so she went off on him. It was rather fun to watch. After that night, he and I still had our mostly cordial, arm’s-length relationship, so no ill effects were suffered.

    So while it wasn’t everything the movies say it should me, it was still fun overall. Plus I have at least one picture from my youth where I look absolutely smashing!

  • Wendy B. April 23, 2013, 10:39 am

    My friends and I all went to our junior/senior prom in a big group…there was one couple who were going as friends. After tickets and dresses and tuxedos, none of us had much money left, so for dinner we went to….Pizza Hut! It was fantastic! The looks on the faces of the other diners was priceless and the staff couldn’t stop giggling…neither could we. I have pictures of us standing outside the restaurant and also inside, having the time of our lives in our fancy clothes and pizza. We learned later that many of the people who had paid for the fancy meal at the country club were disappointed and a few people were overheard to have said they wished they had gone to Pizza Hut too. 🙂

    I don’t remember much about the dance, except that the year before it had been a live band and that had been more fun than the DJ for my senior year. I also ended up backing out of the post prom party because I got sick (I realize now that exhaustion does that to me), which was fine. I just went home and slept for a long, long time. 🙂

  • N April 23, 2013, 10:43 am

    My junior year, prom could have been a disaster! I wasn’t planning on going because I didn’t have a date, but didn’t really mind. About 2 weeks before prom, I was on a choir trip. We were on a bus traveling, so a group of us were talking to pass the time. The subject of prom came up and everyone was talking about dresses and plans for dinner before (our prom was just a dance, no dinner beforehand). I was enjoying listening to everyone’s plans. Then someone asked Jon, a guy I didn’t know very well, who he was going to the prom with. He said he didn’t have a date, so my friend Courtney blurted out, “N” doesn’t have a date, why don’t you two go together. He turned eagerly to me and said, “Yeah! Do you want to go with me?” I was caught COMPLETELY off guard and had everyone staring at me (and was barely 17), so I just mumbled something about needing to check with my parents first. I ended up getting permission and after figuring out the dress situation last minute (my grandmother and mom ended up making my dress…it was beautiful!), I was set to go!

    I was really nervous, b/c I didn’t know Jon very well, but it all turned out perfectly! Jon was a complete gentleman, with no expectations! He bought me a beautiful corsage. We went to dinner with some other couples and then had a great time at the dance. After the dance, we went to a friend’s house and just hung out and played games. He was a lot of fun to have as a date! Very funny and polite. My curview was at around 1:00 or 2:00, so he took me home on time, gave me a quick hug, and then went on his way. My senior year, I ended up going with my best guy friend who lived in another town. I had fun with him as well. Going as friends worked out quite well for me both years!

  • RalphieTheBuffalo April 23, 2013, 10:49 am

    Here’s one from a guy’s perspective…

    I was the prototypical shy nerd in high school, and had changed schools in my junior year due to a family move. I didn’t date much and had bad skin to boot – an “A” student, but not exactly a poster boy the girls swooned over. Still, I thought it would be fun to go to my senior prom, so I tried asking a girl in my math class, that I knew as a part of a larger group.

    Bad idea. I made the mistake of asking after class, and got nothing more than a confused look, the word “YOU?”, and a gale of laughter, which spread rapidly. Ears burning, I tried asking another girl the next day that I had dated a couple of times. I got the “Oh, I already promised to go with “, but he doesn’t know if he can afford it, stand by”. I had to chase her down the week before the prom to find out she was going with her first choice. No apologies, just “I don’t need you tomorrow”.

    I didn’t want to go stag (my little group of nerdy friends wasn’t much for hanging out with our tormentors), so my folks and I decided to go out to dinner the night of the prom. Imagine my shock when they chose a restaurant that half the school seemed to have chosen as their dinner venue! My protests fell on deaf ears; fortunately no one from my class stopped by the table to say anything. I got razzed about that one by both friends and non-friends alike until the end of school.

    Yes, my skin cleared up and I quit wearing plaid polyester slacks. College was a far better experience, as was graduate school. I would have loved to dance to “Knights in White Satin”, but it wasn’t in the cards all those years ago.

  • Swerve April 23, 2013, 10:53 am

    To say that I was socially awkward in high school would be putting it mildly. At the best of times, I could almost pass for “normal” among people that I knew very well–interactions with acquaintances and strangers, though, were difficult, and formal occasions often meant disaster. (I would eventually be diagnosed with social anxiety disorder, which I’m glad to say I’m managing pretty well now, thirteen years after these events.) My odd behavior meant that I never had a high school boy- or girlfriend, never even casually dated, and rarely attended school events that were not compulsory.

    Nevertheless, I was determined to go to my senior prom. I think that I had some idea that, just like in the movies, this was going to be a magical event that would transform me from a frumpy and abrasive little weirdo into the belle of the ball. I didn’t have a date, but my best friend and I decided to go together. Mom and I found a lovely and reasonably priced dress and strappy silver platform heels, which were actually fashionable at the time. Mom’s hairdresser concocted a beautiful up-do and I did my own make-up. With jewelry borrowed from my cousin and a corsage that my grandmother bought me, I looked great. But I felt terrified.

    The first thing that went wrong was that one of the buses taking us to the venue broke down, stranding us 3/4 of the way there. The other busload of kids passed us by, waving and yelling obnoxiously, and half the girls burst into tears of frustration. Eventually another bus came and we all piled onto that one for the remainder of the trip. We arrived almost an hour late. Somehow I felt that this reflected poorly on me, and I kept apologetically telling people what had happened with the bus even though they already knew.

    Everyone who knew me was shocked that I’d come to prom at all, let alone that I’d made an effort with my appearance. I received a lot of compliments, which I’m ashamed to say I did not take gracefully–not out of vanity or anything; I simply had no idea how to accept positive feedback. For all the nice things they said, however, no one wanted to get particularly close to me all night. It didn’t occur to me until much later that this was probably because I’d all but bathed in my favorite body splash before the event.

    My “date” immediately wanted to join the crowd in dancing to the pop songs the DJ was playing. At that moment, it occurred to me that I had no idea how to dance! Rather than just going out there and doing my best, or finding some way to decline graciously while encouraging my friend to go ahead without me, I resorted to insulting the music and people who enjoyed it, although some of it was stuff that I liked quite a bit myself. She eventually gave up on me and went out on to the floor alone. I hid in the ladies’ room during the first few slow songs, until it became clear that my bad behavior had guaranteed that no one was going to ask me to dance again.

    No one except for a friend’s date, that is–a brave (and adorable, and TALL) freshman from Texas. When a song came on and I commented that it was my favorite, he immediately asked me to dance, and I didn’t know what to do! I felt like I couldn’t say “no”, but I was petrified. I made some lame excuse about having to set my drink down at my table first and took an inordinate amount of time about it. He found me again before the end of the song, though, and I had no choice but to dance awkwardly with him for the last minute or so.

    Luckily, that proved to be the icebreaker that I needed. When I danced with the gallant freshman and the ground didn’t open and swallow me up, I suddenly felt able to relax. I found my “date” and was able to explain to her, with a certain amount of stammering, why I had been so rude earlier. She was gracious about it and pointed out that no one there really knew how to dance; they were just making it up as they went. I still felt like a fish out of water, though, so we decided that we would make a game of deliberately dancing badly all night. It was a lot of fun!

    I’m still sorry that I behaved the way I did at the beginning, but I feel very fortunate to have had an understanding friend who was able to look past that and turn a potential debacle into an enjoyable evening for both of us.

  • Ashley April 23, 2013, 10:59 am

    The first prom I attended was rather uneventful, except for people asking for pictures of me and my friend all night. We had found these rather gothic ren-faire looking dresses, and she got it in black and I got it in white and we coordinated our hair so it looked similar. It was fun.

    Junior year the power got knocked out for a half hour due to an epic thunderstorm that started some time after we had all gotten there. Thank goodness there were candles on the table or we would have been in pitch darkness. Other than that, it was a good night. I didn’t have a date so I just danced with whoever wanted to. Then all my friends and I wound up at some 24 hour diner in our prom dresses at like, 1 am.

    Senior year was okay except my date only danced for a few of the slow dances. At least I looked good though!

  • Janice Griffith April 23, 2013, 11:14 am

    A close friend’s boyfriend asked if I would go to the prom with a friend of his, a very shy guy who really wanted to go. I was casually dating a guy from another high school and our prom was for students of our school only so I agreed. We planned to double date with another friend and her date. Prom night arrived, he picked me up and drove the same car as my sort of boyfriend. My dad thought it was him and was ready to head out and tell him off for spying at me. After we got that straightened out, we picked up the other couple and had a flat tire in their driveway, guys in tuxes. Her father changed it and we got to the prom. When we arrived, 2 of the girls at our table had the same exact dress, only the sashes were different. Prom was fun, it was a dinner dance. After prom we went to the school sponsored party and it started raining like mad. As we were leaving to go to the after after party at my friend’s house, we had yet another flat tire. In the rain. Fortunately, everyone had changed clothes so there were no tuxes involved this time. The rest of the night passed with no problems but I think he was happy to get rid of me at my house at the end of the night. He probably thought I cursed him with 2 flat tires. I never saw him again which was fine with me, he hardly had anything to say all evening.

  • MGirl April 23, 2013, 11:27 am

    My story is about my junior prom, so I hope it counts:

    I went with two of my friends, and that night I borrowed my mom’s car to drive all three of us there. We had assigned table seating for the meal that was served, and my friends and I ended up seated between two tables filled with drunk kids. The two tables decided to have a food fight with each other – yes, at a venue nice enough to have a sit-down meal – and we were caught in the crossfire. Before any chaperones could intervene, I got hit square in the eye with a dinner roll. It hurt, and my vision immediately got blurry, so I ran off to the bathroom. One of my friends followed me, and when she realized after a few minutes that I still couldn’t see well, she went to go find a chaperone.

    Well, the chaperone freaked out and called an ambulance. She also called my parents, who were out to dinner that night, to come meet me there. So on my junior prom night I had to sit in the back of an ambulance, my parents had to leave in the middle of dinner, and since I could no longer drive myself home my two friends got stranded at the venue and had to hitch a ride home from someone else. I cried the entire way home.

    It turned out that I had a scratched cornea, and I had to wear an eye patch for a few days. Even worse, my parents were taking me to my cousin’s college graduation the next day, and refused to cancel the trip even though I told them I didn’t want to go anywhere. I ended up traveling over 500 miles roundtrip and attending an event with thousands of people, all while looking like a pirate. I was miserable the whole weekend.

  • ERHR April 23, 2013, 12:05 pm

    A junior prom became a scheme to steal my boyfriend!

    At my high school we only had a senior prom. I started dating my BF in the summer before our junior year and we were a pretty serious, stable couple. In the spring of our junior year one of my BF’s childhood friends who went to another HS asked him(/us?) if he would take her to her prom just as friends. I didn’t want to be that stereotypical jealous GF so when he asked me if it was okay I said yes – a lot of his other childhood friends went to that HS too so it was a group thing. I’d been to dances with “just friends” dates in the past so I didn’t think it was a big deal.

    They went to that dance together and had a nice time. Afterwards, when my BF was dropping her off at her house, she told him she liked him and that she wanted him to break up with me and date her. To my BF’s credit he told me about it later, after he reflected and decided that he wanted to stay in our relationship. I was a bit troubled that it was a question for him but happy that he was honest with me and wanted to continue dating me even (so aggressively) given other options.

    In any case, we dated until right before we left for college and had a very good relationship and an amicable breakup. We also attended our senior prom together and because I kept my expectations suuuuuuper low I ended up having a pretty nice time. But that BF did end up hooking up with that girl about a year after we broke up, so the attraction was apparently mutual!

  • LovleAnjel April 23, 2013, 12:09 pm

    My story is really not that bad, but it was awkward and annoying!

    The first HS dance I went to was an autumn formal freshman year. I was asked by someone from my band class. I had never been asked out before, so I immediately said yes. Turns out he was into scifi and gaming like I was, so I thought it would be easy to talk to each other.

    When we got to the restaurant for dinner, we started chatting about our favorite movies. I told him I really liked the Star Wars trilogy. I had memorized the movies, I knew the names of background characters, knew how they did all the special effects, which lines were ad-libbed, ect. (this was before the prequels or any of the TV shows/cartoons, even before the re-release where Lucas redid the effects). I asked him to quiz me – we could have fun asking each other trivia questions. I thought we would start out with softballs and work up to more obscure info – maybe I could learn something new about the movies. His first question made no sense to me. I tried to get him to clarify, and after hemming and hawing he said it’s from one of the fictional books written years after the trilogy came out (as opposed to the books about how the movies were made). I told my date that I hadn’t read any of those books so he should ask me about something from the movies.

    He asks me a question about a different book. I tell him again that I have never read any of the fictional books, but if there was a “making of” book he had read could ask me about that instead. He asks me a third question about one of the fictional books.

    At this point I just don’t know what to do. I picked up the menu and starting asking about what he thought looked good for dessert. The rest of the night was similarly awkward, and I didn’t hang out with him again after that.

  • KA April 23, 2013, 12:24 pm

    This didn’t happen at the prom, but prior to. My sophomore year of high school I was in a heady romance with a guy who was a senior at another school. I was all about him but typically unsure of how “serious” he was about me, and then oh the thrill… he asked me to his prom!!! I was wildly excited. My mom and I picked out an awesome dress and with my color chosen, I went with my then-boyfriend to help pick out his tux rental (complete with matching cummerbund and bowtie, ah, 1996). The shop he was renting from (still existing in my hometown) was a combination bridal store/tux rental/prom dresses/lingerie and adult items shop. I didn’t realize about the adult items going in, so while I was waiting for BF to try on the tux we chose, the shop owner approached me.

    She had a pair of edible undergarments in her hands! She practically chased me around the store, shouting, “It’s just for fun! It’s just for fun!” I was only FIFTEEN YEARS OLD. I was absolutely mortified and couldn’t even bring myself to tell BF about what she had done. I did tell my mother, who called the store and yelled a few very un-ehell-approved things about the store owner’s suggestions to her underage daughter. Crazily enough, eight years later, this was the only store in town where we could find the exact veil I wanted for my wedding. And no, even at 23, I was not interested in the edibles.

  • Sansa April 23, 2013, 1:06 pm

    My prom story really isn’t so much a horror story as it was embarassing and left me kind of depressed.

    Several friends and I were all going to the prom with our boyfriends and/or dates. We purchased the tickets and planned to meet in the lobby of the hotel it was being held at and sit together for dinner. Well, my BF and I waited in the lobby right up until they started to serve dinner, then gave up and went in to eat. Since everyone else has already sat down, we ended up at a table by ourselves, near where the servers were coming in and out. One server even commented, wow, you must have had reserved seating. Still not sure if he was serious or making fun of us. After dinner, we decided to go get our pictures taken and see if anyone had showed up. We still did not see anyone and decided after we had our picture taken, we would start home. I was so upset that my friends had not even bothered to show up!

    I found out the next day that the limo they had hired never showed up and one friend ended up getting into a fight and breaking up with her BF after the limo fiasco! Everyone else felt so bad that they decided to stay with her. They called the hotel and left a message that I never got! This was a little before cell phones. My BF and I drove to prom in his red 350 Z because it was awesome. And I was 17 and thought it was cool to have an older BF with a nice car.

  • Bibianne April 23, 2013, 1:24 pm

    The high school graduation ball. I had no date but loads of friends and we decided to all go as a group and just have fun. A friend of mine asked me out for the ball. I said yes…I was a bit taken aback so I even asked him: are you serious? or just having a laugh? (a)he was one of the “jocks”, I was part of the “geek club”, (b) he had just broken up with his girlfriend. “No jokes” was his reply.
    He picked me, and we did have a photo of us together. But during the ball, he keep hounding his ex , and begging to get back together. My feelings were not hurt: I STILL had a blast with great friends. I just wished he had not tried to use me as a prop to “get her jealous”. Also, since he picked me up…I was kind of stuck for a ride home. 😉 I still laugh at this.

  • CuckoosChild April 23, 2013, 1:33 pm

    I went to a HS in the Midwest, a smaller town not too far from a larger college town. This HS was predominantly white, predominantly farm kids, and really xenophobic. I was bullied all of middle school and HS but I wanted to have a fun time at prom, especially since it was to be held in a nice building in said larger college town. I brought my boyfriend, who was from one town over and Hispanic, and who had begged his older brother’s car to serve as our ride, promising the car would be returned in perfect condition, etc etc (his brother really worked hard on that car and kept it pristine).

    We show up at prom, and while the usual insults were hurled at me (dyke, nerd, freak, the usual insults hurled by the small-of-mind), I was unpleasantly surprised by the racist comments hurled at my boyfriend. However, we shrugged it off and had a pretty good time at the dance regardless, only to come out once prom was over to find someone had let the air out of all the tires on my date’s brother’s car (and taken the caps with them) So I finished prom night with a call to the police and getting towed to the local all-night auto parts store. I was so glad to graduate and leave that town.

  • momofeveryone April 23, 2013, 2:37 pm

    ahh prom! oh boy!
    so all junior and senior year i dated the same boy. by middle of senior i didnt like him or the way he treated me and tried several times to break it off. he didnt get the point. a group of 5 couples had all been talking about renting a cabin after prom for the weekend. i told the girl in charge of planning it not to include me. bc i was breaking up w/this boy. she went running to him and told him i dumped him. he asked a diffrent girl out that afternoon.
    mean while, my older sister had been seeing a good guy friend of mine. he asked her to prom. she borrowed an old dress of mine, road in the limo with my group, and had a hotel room next to ours. it was odd…
    i ended up going with a long time crush i had worked up the nerve to ask. we dated and got engaged before going seperate ways. all in all not a bad story but very bizzar….

  • anon April 23, 2013, 2:44 pm

    I lived in a small town in the middle of the United States. I spent almost $100 on fabric and sewed my dress because I thought surely someone would ask me to my senior prom. Well, no one did so I went alone. Most of my classmates treated me the same way they treated me at school — ignored me or turned away to whisper to their friends when I tried to talk with them. After about an hour of trying to be sociable, which eventually devolved into the usual “what’s wrong with me” blues, I ran home in my high heels, crying with the misery of rejection. It was the last time I even tried to fit in with that town. A few years later I found out my mother sold my dress in a garage sale for $2.

  • Kimberly S April 23, 2013, 3:20 pm

    Being something of a wallflower, I was having trouble finding a date to Senior Prom. A friend of mine, Carolyn, ended up setting me up with a friend of hers who went to another school. Brandon was nice, interesting (in a band – how cool!), and we ended up having a good time. He did give it the ‘ole high school try – a yawn, an arm casually placed around me – but I wasn’t interested in romance. No big deal, he backed off and that should have been the end of it.

    As it turns out, though, this guy had a girlfriend that neither Carolyn nor I knew about. His treachery would have gone undetected, were it not for an unlucky coincidence. A few weeks after prom, my best friend (Miriam) hosted a graduation party. Miriam’s cousin was in from out of town and asked if it would be okay to invite a few friends of hers, which Miriam agreed would be fine. Who should the cousin’s friends turn out to be? Yep, Brandon and his mysterious girlfriend. The look on his face when he walked in the door & saw us was priceless. He probably never thought he would see us again (rut roh!). Things were very awkward, but the party proceeded as planned and we delicately avoided talking about prom.

    Brandon eventually spilled the beans to his girl after the party and she, in turn, called me and screamed until she lost her breath. I seriously hope that she saved some of the rant for Brandon. I had no idea that she existed – he made no mention of a girlfriend. Ahhhh, the drama! Unbelievable.

  • Treeang April 23, 2013, 4:17 pm

    Mine wasn’t nearly so bad as some others. I reluctantly went to prom with a boy I didn’t know very well because 1) he asked and 2)I had nothing better to do (I was never all about a romantic prom evening…I didn’t have a boyfriend in high school, so it was never really on the horizon).

    He took me out to dinner at Red Lobster (very classy) but then told them it was my birthday. They put a large foam lobster on my head and sang happy birthday to me. (My birthday wasn’t for another four weeks). He then proceeded to take lots of pictures which he later showed around to our mutual group of friends to show them what a good time we had that night…and wasn’t he just the funniest guy? I was so embarrassed to have me in this perfect peach dress, hair all done and with a foam lobster propped on my head…

  • Yarnspinner April 23, 2013, 4:31 pm

    Junior Prom: The boy I was crushing on appeared to be being extra nice to me and seemed (to my naive little brain) to be flirting with me shortly before prom. So I was heart broken when I discovered he had asked one of my best friends. She was upset because she knew I had a crush on him and didn’t want to go out of loyalty to me. I told her she HAD to go and she did.

    I cried copious tears and my parents told me that I could do anything I wanted the day of the prom. My idea of heaven: I spent the day at the library reading and reading. Then we went out to a favorite restaurant and finally to the movies to see the film I was dying to see that year: Ryan’s Daughter. Which, honestly, was horrifically boring but the scenery was gorgeous.

    My friend had a good time, but she and my crush didn’t repeat the experience.

    Senior Prom: I decided to be pro active and asked my brother’s best friend who told me had to think about it. By the time he decided he wanted to go, I had less than a week to find a dress. Meanwhile, one of my teachers was trying to play matchmaker for all the girls who didn’t have dates by ante-ing up the money for tickets for the boys. He matched up one of my best friends with the school nerd (think Sheldon Cooper but with even fewer social skills).

    It became clear at the prom that MY date was going with me because the girl he was in love with was going to be there with her fiancee and she spent a lot of time trying to dance with her. My friend had begged us to double date because she knew that the Nerd had the driving skills of a monkey smoking something really powerful. We did double and I wound up chatting with my friend most of the evening since the Nerd’s only comment to her all night was “I am working on my plan to take over the world.”

    My parents put together an after party for us since none of us wanted to go to the after party planned by the prom committee. Therre were four couples at my house and we were all giddy but sober and all us girls got a good night kiss (whether we wanted one or not in the case of The Nerd). It was not the prom of my dreams, but I got to dress up, get my hair done and wear make up, so there was that.

  • kingsrings April 23, 2013, 4:39 pm

    I never went to either of my proms, but I can relate some prom-nightmarish stories from friends and family members. A friend of mine went with a group of friends, and they were to gather at the family home of one of the friends first for dinner served by the parents and friend. Because it was prom, most were led to believe it would be a nice dinner. It turned out to be lasagna and salad on paper plates with plastic utensils, and the students were sitting on the couches/chairs. Not exactly the kind of dinner most would envision for prom, eh? Other bad stuff happened as well that I can’t recall, and my friend ended up getting into an argument with his date (I think it was her house the casual dinner was hosted at?) and their night ended early.

    Another story – a long time ago, my aunt worked at a Lyon’s-type restaurant. I can’t remember all the details, but one night she ended up accidentally dumping dinner platters onto a couple who were on their way to a formal dance! Don’t know if it was the prom or not. I don’t know what happened after that debacle.

  • Lo April 23, 2013, 5:50 pm


    I wish I could smack your then-boyfriend and all of your friends upside the head for you for staging such a humiliating stunt. Proposing to a high school senior at prom without the slightest prompting or talk of a shared future?? In front of the entire dance??

    I would have fled. Good riddance to that guy!

  • Marozia April 23, 2013, 6:45 pm

    I never was fond of dances as a teenager. Mum and dad despaired of me. I’m not an outgoing person and didn’t like to be in crowds. My 3 older sisters made their debuts and when my parents tried to get me to, I threw a monumental fit. My parents were conscious of their social status so this quite upset them.
    Proms can be fun but I didn’t like them.

  • Treeang April 23, 2013, 8:12 pm

    I was amused to read some of the stories about clothing for the prom…here’s an odd one.

    My cousin and I live across the state from each other (about 500 miles and MAYBE see each other once a year). She is a year younger than I am but we look amazingly similar (when I visited friends at her college I would be mistaken for her and vice versa). Imagine our surprise to find out, when comparing prom pictures, to find out we were wearing the exact same dress, bought in two different stores about 800 miles apart.

    I guess it really did look good on us!

  • Just call me J April 23, 2013, 8:13 pm

    My prom had expensive tickets, lukewarm dinners, dim lighting, and mediocre music. It would have been completely forgettable if not for one thing:

    As soon as I stepped out on the dance-floor my dress ripped right up the back. The dress was second-hand, and I guess the seams weren’t as strong as I’d thought… whoops!

    I did what I could with the single safety-pin one of my friends was able to find, and I was thankful for the long lacy “streamers” that were on the back of my dress. Because of the darkness of the room, nobody really noticed (as far as I know) and I didn’t really care.

    If I had it to do all over again, I’d have skipped the whole prom thing entirely and gone bowling or something. It was a waste of the time and money I spent on it.

  • NostalgicGal April 23, 2013, 8:33 pm

    I grew up in a small town… and the entire area was small fairly closely spaced towns… and. There was a quirk and a bubble of about 10 years, which I was in the middle of, where the ratio of gals to guys was about 2:1. In the whole region. Guys had it great, even the normally left out types were ‘in demand’. I wasn’t popular and wasn’t too hep on the intrigue, outtrigue, and catfights, so was mostly biding my time to college and escaping there.

    Towns had to space their proms out because of the shortage of guys to go around. Also you didn’t have to ‘buy tickets’ as the junior class footed the bill and decorated and threw the prom for the seniors… and the seniors and juniors could go IF THEY HAD A DATE and the headcount had to be turned in a few weeks ahead.

    Junior year didn’t matter much to me, I went to the banquet that early evening that was for all the J&S members, that you didn’t need a date; then the prom was later that night. Then there would be a late movie and an early breakfast, only for prom-goers. We also had the first year of using the ‘new gym’ which was much bigger than the old one and cost a lot more in materials and time to decorate.

    Next year, senior year, I wanted to go to prom. Another school booked our night AFTER we had picked and it had gone around the area on what night we’d set (a weeknight) and the band was paid for… so. There were no male dates to be had for love, money, bribery, blackmail or kidnapping. The powers that be actually stepped in and said nobody below junior high could attend (boys were that short in supply!). I couldn’t even get a grown cousin armwrestled, nothing. My only choice was the one fellow that was in late 20s and nobody would touch with a 50 foot pole… so. (trust me he had such a rap sheet) The night was a lovely late spring, it had warmed and melted early and there was about 6″ of grass in the backyard, a lovely full moon, me and my telescope, and a full crop of mosquitos. My dad came out to look through my scope and see if I was upset. (Not, actually, and told him later look at how cheap he got by with as I hadn’t needed a dress and all that both years. Also I got to dance a lot, the mosquitos were so persistant and hung in the tube of the scope so all I could see was a brown haze, so that finished that). I did dutifully show up on the day after on all free periods to come shovel up after and clean up the party.

    College thank the above, was guys everywhere (especially my major). And I did ‘catch up’ and met my future DH there (we’ve been married 31 years the night I submitted this).

    • NostalgicGal October 10, 2017, 3:31 am

      A side note, the night of that prom was 23 April, and I married two years later on the same day. I just realized it with the anniversary that passed this year…

  • MonkeysMommy April 23, 2013, 9:00 pm

    I have a couple of horror stories. The first was when I was a freshman- I went to prom with a guy I barely knew who was a senior because my best friend was going with his friend. We arranged to double date at a restaurant beforehand. My mom insisted on driving me to the restaurant since I was a freshman, and she and my aunt had dinner at a table near by. Thank goodness she did, my date had car trouble and showed up after the check came. Then his darn car died again on the way. It was a total disaster. Pretty sure my mom picked me up afterwards.

    My senior prom was also a fiasco. My mom rented us a limo, and my date proceeds to get totally hammered and spent the whole time sitting by himself outside. After the prom, which he pretty much missed, we went to an after prom brunch where he pretty much passed out face down on his plate. I drove his drunk butt home later to his parents. Good times.

  • Jenny April 23, 2013, 9:01 pm

    Just a funny story. Way back in 8th grade, a friend and I were too nervous to dance with boys, so we did danced together, with stiff arms on each other’s shoulders. It was awkward, but weirdly fun.

    At every dance situation since then, including at both of our weddings, we’ve yelled “Awkward 8th grade dance!” and repeated that same awkward dance.

  • Anderlie April 23, 2013, 10:06 pm

    In the land down under we have formals rather than proms but I rememer bits of mine. In year 10 our school had a tradition of hosting the first formal but the year I arrived the school cut it. In a fit of pique the students arranged their own and paid for it themselves, it was a great night and there were no teachers! My brother worked at a car yard and very kindly arranged to borrow one of the nicest cars to drive me there which was awesome as well. (FYI I went solo; dates for dances weren’t that important)

    In year 12 (final year) the school hosted again. I’d turned 18 only the Friday before and had spent a massive weekend celebrating being of legal drinking age . I had literally not slept in 3 nights. By Monday afternoon I still remember getting my formal makeup done and the artist delicately saying ‘I’ll just get some extra concealer for those bags shall I?’ Ahhh good times.