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The Family Photograph That Excludes, Part 2

I had to think long and hard about whether to post the second half of this story.   Frankly, MIL sounds like an internet troll and DIL “Tami” her willing accomplice to play an interesting spoof on Ehell readers. So many opinions touch on inflammatory themes trolls love to exploit, i.e. anti-Catholicism, homophobia, anti-breastfeeding, etc.   Can someone really be that obnoxious?  Yes, I’ve met a few over the  years.   Second, assuming this story is true, I realized that the pages of Ehell had become a battleground between these women who apparently have no ability to constructively resolve their issues face to face.   Some serious family counseling is needed.  Therefore, I’ve decided that I have let both women say their peace (Tami’s statements can be read in the comment section of the first part) and I will not be approving any further messages from these two embattled women.

I’m the woman who posted the story about my daughter in law crashing my family photo.

Some background on her.
She and my son got together when they were teenagers. They ‘fell in love’ and now they’ve been ‘married’ for 3 years.  When my son was 13 he decided he wanted to own his own contracting firm. He helped my husband on some of his jobs and realized her liked the work. However he was a bit more ambitious. However now he’s 29 and still works for someone else. He does make good money but she is the one who told him to stay in his current position.  After they got together she was over here or he was over at her house. I’d come home and there they were, on my couch, hogging the TV, and eating junk food constantly. I had to turn Sunday into family days just to spend some time without her there. She of course decided to retaliate with having my son over to spend time with HER family once a week.  Then they wanted to get an apartment together while they were in college. However I put a stop to that since my husband and I footed the bill for my son’s schooling. He did a trade school in two areas-contracting and landscape. Then he also took some economics and business courses at a community college. She got an art degree and is now a high school art teacher. She doesn’t make much yet she just bought a new car. My son must have paid for it.

Then their sham of a wedding took place. Completely tacky and on a beach. They had no bar whatsoever because she has relatives who would have taken advantage and gotten drunk. But they had a non-denominational service on a beach instead of a Catholic ceremony in a Catholic church so their marriage doesn’t even count. Now she’s pregnant and refuses to baptize the babies when they get here. Some nonsense about letting them choose their own faith when their older. I’m going to have to find a way to convince my son or take them myself. I’m not letting MY grandbabies go to hell because their mother is a heathen. It’s bad enough that they will be bastards in the eyes of god since their parents aren’t really married. 0905-13

Another thing! She won’t let me in the delivery room to see MY grandbabies come into the world. Her mother is upset too, she’s not allowed in either. In fact, she’s said she won’t even let us know when she’s in labor, they’ll tell us when the babies are born. THEN we have to wait at least TWO WEEKS to meet them. Too bad. She might be able to keep me out of her hospital room but i’m camping out in front of their house and will see those babies the second they get home. She’s also being completely selfish and breastfeeding just so I can’t feed them. She won’t name either baby after me. Not even a middle name. Some nonsense about giving the babies their own identity. That doesn’t even make sense. She refused a baby shower because she thinks they are ‘greedy’. She is having a party a few weeks after the babies get here instead with immediate family only. As in parents, grandparents, and siblings. I already invited my sister and her family as well as a few of my friends. If she has a problem with that then she can leave. To top it all off my granddaughters will have a green nursery. I warned my daughter in law that she was going to turn my grandbabies into tomboys or maybe even lesbians but she just laughed and said, ‘Well, what’s wrong with that?”
She’s practically forcing my grandbabies to be huge sinners on top of being unbaptized bastards. 0905-13


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  • S Abby September 15, 2013, 6:06 pm

    As much as I want to say “troll”, if you remove the twin aspect, this could be my MIL. I have had these exact conversations with her. Luckily, my husband always supports me in every encounter.

  • Jess September 19, 2013, 4:32 am

    As much as I would like to say Toll, this is my mother in law (soon to be ex thank god) to a T. She is absolutely insane.

  • Paige September 23, 2013, 5:18 pm

    This woman is a complete troll and I am completely mortified at how unbelievably ignorant and selfish she is. If she was my MIL, I’d move to the opposite side of the country.

  • Fung October 7, 2013, 3:15 pm

    Big competition issue here, it sounds to me that she feels her son was stolen from her, while she still wants to hold him tight and keep him little. Truely a woman is sad when she won’t count her blessings and instead count her ‘misfortunes’.