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Bee-autiful Baby Shower

My friend is having a baby and her due date is the first week of February. I gladly said I would host a baby shower for her and was planning a first week of January shower. I had a theme I was going to use… “What will it bee” and/or “Mother-To-Bee” using a cute bumblebee theme with black and yellow colors. Last night, her sister texts me and said she was hoping we could do the shower in my backyard because she loved my backyard and that she was thinking November since the baby is due first week of February. Then she said,

“I was looking up non gender themes. I know (her sister) doesn’t want animal themes so it’s pretty much down to kids story books. What do you think of either the giving tree or where the wild things are? It’s still a work in progress.”

I was rather taken aback by such forthright planning on her part… since I am hosting the shower. I, of course, want it to be nice and something my friend would approve, however, I thought I was planning the shower?  I replied,

“I was thinking about a bumble bee theme… ‘What’s it going to bee? Or Mother to Bee?'”

She said,

“Oh, that’s cute, too! Okay, I’ll look it up and get back to you.”

I’m stunned… should I be stunned or should I just go along with whatever she decides? I suggested we run it by her sister/my friend but she replied that she just wants to be surprised and that they really have no nursery theme other than painting the room light yellow with blue and having a tree painted on the wall….

Please HELP! I have a small home, too, and nowhere to really sit 15-20 people (I’m wondering if this is why she may have wanted it in my backyard). The weather is usually pretty nice in November in South Texas, however, you never know what Mother Nature is going to do…. I guess I could rent table and chairs for the backyard but was going to try to keep the shower within a budget since my husband is retired and I’m nearing retirement. And, it would be much easier to decorate a room than it would to get the backyard in tip-top shape and rent tables/chairs?

What would you do if you were presented with this set of circumstances? Time is of an essence and if there’s any possible way to received guidance soon, I would really appreciate the help!!!  0914-13

I’m completely confused.  Your house is not big enough to host 15-20 people? What does this number have to do with the differences of opinion on themes?  And why would guests need tables and chairs in the backyard but not in your house?    You’ve tossed in some details of this shower that make no sense in relation to the chosen theme of bees.

If this is merely a thematic difference of opinion, one must determine what standing the mother-to-be’s sister has in the hosting of the shower.   Just because she is related to the M2B does not give her carte blanche to hijack your party.   But don’t overlook the possibility that she is trying to help you, not usurp your choices.


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  • VA Lady September 23, 2013, 12:11 pm

    i agree on the timing of the shower. my daughter’s baby is due 2/8. we are having her shower 12/7. there needs to be time to get things settled in. January is way too close to the due date.