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Boobie Shower

I am part of an organization that helps others improve their lives and work to get the lives they want. Within this organization, there are so many sweet and wonderful people with such wonderful, open hearts! However, there is a small group of women that are the opposite. Unfortunately, this clique is extremely inclusive, snobby, rude and most of all a gossipy group of women. I saw their true colors pretty early on and have kept them at arms length, but always gives hugs and smiles and find an excuse to run in the other direction.

One of the women in this group is particularly rude and snobby. She loves parties and events and has excluded me from all but two. The first one was a “moving party”. At first I thought she had the gall to invite me over to her home, which I had never been to, to move all of her stuff and call it a “party”. Instead, she charged a “cover” to a pool party. The cover paid for the movers. I was insulted that this was the only thing she had ever invited me to and declined.

A few weeks ago she asked for my address. Suspicious, I responded but I had just gotten married and I have had lots of folks ask me for my address recently, so I dismissed it. A week later, I received an invitation to a “Boobie Shower”.

A few weeks earlier, she had announced in great detail her breast augmentation on Facebook. In my opinion, she didn’t need one to begin with and secondly that’s something that I feel is more of a private matter. She felt differently, obviously and would say things like, “I’m going to the Big D – and I don’t mean Dallas!” in the weeks leading up to her surgery on Facebook.

The invitation followed a few weeks after the surgery. The “boobie shower” is exactly as it sounds. She was throwing a shower for herself in which she was asking her friends and acquaintances to bring her new bras to cover her new “Big D’s”, as she put it in the invitation.

Remember, I don’t know this woman very well. I have never hung out with her one on one. I don’t know her phone number. I’m not sure we have ever even had a one to one conversation. Yet, she invites me to a shower she is throwing for herself in which she wants me to buy her lingerie.

I was speechless. I didn’t even bother RSVP’ing. The pictures of her and the attendees trying on her new lingerie were plastered all over facebook the next day. I have never known anyone that has that kind of gall.   0522-14

Yes, we have a first on Ehell.  The first official recognition of someone hosting a “boobie shower” so that her new size Ds are adequately and appropriate outfitted.


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  • Mary May 28, 2014, 8:51 am

    This is hilarious. I love that there are so many kinds of crazy in this big, beautiful world!

  • ladycrim May 30, 2014, 5:44 pm

    There’s a boob involved here, all right …