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Get On Your Ehell Soapbox

I apologize for the dearth of posts lately.   I got slammed with two large and time sensitive projects and as regular readers know, Ehell.com can take a back seat to my real life events.

I’ve been thinking for some time about opening access to the “soapbox” to regular contributors who would like the opportunity to express their own thoughts on particular topics of manners and etiquette.   So, here is your chance.    Submit your final version of a blog post you would like to see published on etiquettehell.com to either the comments section of this post or to the Submissions link HERE.   Be sure to label your submission as being for blog publication and give it a title.   This is not an opportunity to rant or whine about some rude behavior you experienced at the hands of boors but should be a thoughtful, cogent, well written treatise regarding cultural trends, civility, business professionalism, etc.   Please note that Ehell does not and will not deal with the rather complicated issues of sex etiquette so don’t even bother wasting yours and my time writing about the subject.


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  • Vermin8 March 30, 2015, 2:06 pm

    Here is something that continually irritates me.
    That is presuming to know what someone should do with their time, money, etc.
    In fact, I see it on this page frequently: “I know they have the money to afford to give a better gift/time to be where I want them to be….” etc.
    Admin is constantly trying to ingrain the phrase “I’m sorry, I can’t” to all of us regular readers.
    Sadly, it’s a difficult stance because of the above.

    When I was single people would always talk about how much time and money I had. I had a friend who would invite me out somewhere and if I couldn’t make it, ask, quite seriously, “why? you have nothing to do.”
    We judge people on gifts given because we don’t think they spent as much as they could afford. And if they didn’t, so what? Unless they are breaching a verifiable contract, they don’t need to spend as much as they can afford.

    So if I had a wish it would be people would be grateful for what they receive (time, gifts, etc) and not worry about what they could have gotten.

    As I once told someone “this offer is not negotiable. You have 2 options: my offer and zero. Which is it?”

  • NostalgicGal March 31, 2015, 2:28 am

    Jeanne, I figured you had real life munching you, and was hoping it wasn’t health or a loss of a loved one. We can all understand life getting in the way. Glad it was jut work. I’m sure a lot of others would join me in that sentiment!

  • lnelson1218 March 31, 2015, 7:56 am

    Glad to see you. Was concerned that something bad might have happened to prevent future posts.

  • Anonymous March 31, 2015, 1:36 pm

    I can’t post this in the Soapbox, because I didn’t make it, but I found this video on Facebook a few days ago. It’s about how cell phones have made people flaky, and I found it to be funny, true, topical, and relevant to etiquette: