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Update On Blog Status…Really An Update On Jeanne

While the original post indicated the blog would be on hiatus until June 19th, it was later extended to June 25th.

The reason for the hiatus is that I was diagnosed with breast cancer in late May after a core biopsy, had a lumpectomy and lymph node biopsy on June 12th and have been recovering since.    Mine was caught very,very early.   It was Ductal Carcinoma In Situ with a microinvasion of invasive cancer less than 1 mm.  The lymph nodes were negative so no chemo!   YEA!  Two margins were not clear of pure DCIS so I need more surgery in a few weeks to get those clear margins followed by radiation as the summer progresses.

Those who are familiar with radiation know it is a 5-day a week/4-6 weeks commitment of time so for a season my job is to radiate my boob and not keep up with this blog.

Long-time readers are aware that this is my third major cancer in 8 years, all of which were caught early and treated minimally (I consider surgery minimal considering the options) .   I’m beginning to think I am the poster child for early detection of cancer.  My prognosis is “excellent” according to my onc doc.   So get those annual mammograms, ladies!   Technical advances in mammography using 3-D digital machines means catching cancer at the earliest possible stage when it’s teeny, very treatable and 100% survivable.

I know some will ask how I’m doing. If one does not have a faith in God, going through trials by cancer will certain provoke you to faith.   With each new trial my faith grows and I can say honestly that it is well with my soul.   There are moments of anxiety spikes but largely my thoughts are captive and focused.  I typically have a theme song for each cancer and this one is MercyMe’s “Even If”.

The irony of this is that just weeks prior to finding out I had breast cancer, I published “The Etiquette of Cancer” here and now I get a new fresh version of etiquette blunders people say to me.   My favorite is,  “DNA loads the cancer gun but you pulled the trigger.”   But overall, people have been very supportive.

So, at least through August the blog will be on hiatus.   I’m considering posting occasionally with a focus on “how to be the best patient EVER” series but we’ll see.    There is a side of me readers know little to nothing about and that is, I love to entertain the doctors and nurses anyway I can and I’m often in many funny, amusing situations laughing like hyenas with the staff.   Everything from Sharpie notes on my body to bastardizing popular song lyrics to fit the occasion.  Even the reading of directions on how to use a teeny Fleet enema bottle had me and four nurses in hysterics of laughter.

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  • Dawn November 26, 2017, 9:11 pm

    Here is my potential “cancer blunder” – Attitude is everything. Sounds to me like your attitude is awesome.

    Hang in there. We need you!