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Mind Your Own Monitor

This story taught me a valuable lesson about paying attention in class.  One of my college courses was in a huge lecture hall.  One night I arrived barely on time and had to find a seat further toward the back of the room than usual.  I pulled out my laptop to take notes, and because I can type fairly quickly, between topics I was casually browsing a clothing website.  I was on the site for maybe a minute when the young man sitting in the seat next to me leaned over and loudly whispered that his website offers the same kinds of stuff as the other site but at a much lower price.  I was appalled and felt rather violated since this person was not only looking at what I was doing on my computer, but had the audacity to use the information he gathered to try to sell me something during our lecture.

Somewhat in shock, I typed in the url he gave me and I quickly realized that he was an affiliate for a pyramid scheme that I wanted nothing to do with.  I closed the window, opened my notes and attempted to look extremely focused on the lecture.  Unfortunately, this “man” was somewhat dense and would not stop talking to me about his site!  Finally, feeling terribly terribly guilty and rude for web- browsing and talking in class, and fearing that he would get us both in trouble, I hissed at him that I was trying to pay attention and he stopped.

During our class break he apologized for “distracting me from focusing”.  He told me that he was new to this program and that the only way he could advertise his site was by word of mouth.  I stared at him blankly while he talked at me some more until he announced that he was not staying for the second half of class.  Perhaps, if he had stayed, he would have learned some better selling techniques since the class we were in was an introduction to marketing.  Needless to say, I now refrain from browsing the web during class. 0916-09


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  • MrsAdorkable March 26, 2010, 9:17 pm

    Was he aware that he was involved in a pyramid scheme? Maybe politely telling him he may well be would have been the nice thing to do.. Especially since her was clearly inexperienced in business, marketing, etc. If he was offended, then at least you would have the peace of mind for at least trying to save him from future woes.

  • badkitty August 11, 2010, 10:26 pm

    I’ve tried helpfully pointing out to friends that their “exciting new business venture” was actually a pyramid scheme, and it never resulted in anything positive. Many have become loudly angry and defensive, some become sullen and complain that I’m “negative” or even jealous. One friend actually shouted at me that I was just ignorant, and he knew lots of people who became rich selling these products and it wasn’t a pyramid because they used another “shape” (I’m sure you can guess which company this was… the most infamous of all pyramids) and it was just my sort of “mindless prejudice” which made his job so much more difficult than all the really successful sellers. The only way to deal with these is to look at their products only when forced, for as brief a time as possible, and *never mention it again.*

  • Captain Obvious September 9, 2010, 2:16 am

    ive had the same response in the past so i dont bother telling people now that the whole thing is a scam and its obiously a pyramid scheme.
    people are pretty stupid though. had some friends recently involved in a ‘personal development’ business. i asked what did they actually sell (i dont mind helping a friend by buying products from them from time to time) but she said nothing it was about lifestyle and and invited me to the seminar. Found out recently they nearly went bankrupt this year because of this scheme..perhaps i should have said something..but i know how it would have been received at that time, so whats the point>?
    Seems to me the only way they make money is by introducing more people to the scheme but how can anyway expect to make money without a product. am i just naive or am i missing something with these schemes?