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I really liked the products of a certain direct sales cosmetic company, and when I moved to a new town and there wasn't a rep, I decided it would be a fun way to meet new people. There was one woman that I got to know quite well. She was in a wheelchair due to severe arthritis. She lived in a large home and her husband was a senior executive with a large computer company. One Christmas, she was housebound due to a setback with her disease. She did much of her Christmas shopping through me for her four kids and husband, with a total over $400. I gave her a hefty discount for such a large order. Then the check bounced. I had already paid for the goods, so the money had to come out of my personal bank account to cover it.

I called the woman's house and there was no answer. I didn't want to leave a message as I was worried one of her kids would hear it. Her house backed onto mine and so I waited until I saw lights on at night and people in the house. I called again. No answer. I left a message asking her to call me. She didn't. I left a message for her OR her husband to call me. No response. I left a message saying the check had bounced and to please call me. No response.

I went to their bank to try to certify the check. There wasn't enough money in their account, but the bank clerk suggested I come back on the 15th, when paychecks go into the bank. I did that and had the check certified. The next day, the husband phoned me screaming that I had caused their mortgage payment to bounce by certifying the check without letting them know first. Customers0830-03

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