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2003 Archive


My teenaged daughter works at a major hamburger chain in the USA.  There are nights when she comes home, shaking her head at what happened that night.

There was the woman who ordered a cheeseburger meal, paid for it, and then went to her seat to eat - only to come back LIVID with rage that someone had put CHEESE on her cheeseburger when she had wanted a cheeseburger with no
cheese on it!  (Most of us would call that a hamburger....but, bless her heart - I guess she'd never heard of a hamburger!)  They make her a fresh cheeseburger and held the cheese, as requested.
Second customer ordered a hamburger - "her way" not the standard burger sitting in the rack for faster service modifications".  No problem - "have it YOUR way", as they say.
Customer takes her FRESH burger to the table, then comes back screaming at the staff - there is a HAIR in her burger.
Crew chief with long red hair braided and pinned under her hat looks at burger.  Sure enough there is a three inch or longer brown hair in it.  The cook comes up and looks at the burger, takes off his hat and scratches his bald head (only eyebrows on that head - shaven bald) - "yep, that's a hair all right".  The blonde cashier is told to hand the customer her money back.
Customer leaves, complaining about finding the hair in her food.........



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