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Baby Showers

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Shower #1

I was in high school, and not very popular because I wasn't into whatever boy band was popular at the time, nor was I all that interested in designer clothes. I still got invited to one of the popular girls' baby showers (we were 15) and she had decided that ALL of the sophomore girls were going to get invited. We were "required" to bring a gift costing no less than $20, plus an additional $15 cash to chip in for a crib. I was broke (I didn't have a job yet) and didn't think that my mom should be required to pay for baby gifts for a girl that hated me and barely knew my name. I politely declined attending the shower.

Shower #2

It was my first (and hopefully my only....I don't think that I need another shower just because I'm having another baby) shower, and it was held after I had my son. My aunt and grandmother threw it for me. It was not a surprise, but they didn't ask if there was anyone that I wanted there (no big deal, my best friend wound up bringing my gift to the hospital anyway). I was breastfeeding (or trying to anyway) my son, and during the time where they were "passing the baby" so everyone could hold him, he got hungry. I wanted to take him to feed him in the ladies' room where I could be discreet about it (I wasn't very good at it yet, and was more worried about getting him to eat than to keep myself covered, so a stall in the ladies' room was perfect for privacy). I was told that he didn't need to be breastfed, he needed a bottle. I told them that I didn't have any bottles or formula because I was breastfeeding (I had brought changes of clothes and tons of diapers though). Someone managed to cough up a bottle and formula and popped the bottle in his mouth. He refused. They got mad at ME because he wouldn't take a bottle. They tried telling me that I shouldn't breastfeed him anyway. ARGH!! (side note: thank you letters, individually written and addressed were sent out a few days later)

Shower #3

I didn't go to this one, but got the play-by-play from my mother...apparently I was the talk of the town.

Background: My cousin's wife got pregnant about 3 months before I did. At our grandmother's 80th birthday party, she found out that I'm expecting baby #2. She came over to me, sat down, and proceeded to berate me. She said, "I know you really aren't pregnant, you are just saying you are to get some attention." Huh??? OK, whatever. My big belly and sonogram pictures should say otherwise by this point (I'm 6 weeks away from my due date). She wasn't happy that I was also pregnant. No big deal. She is the type that has to be at the center of attention anyway.

She had her baby shower on my birthday. My son and husband had "something" planned for me (they wouldn't tell me what it was, they wanted it to be a surprise), so I politely declined (I also declined because of how my cousin's wife reacted at her wedding shower, but that story is to come later). Apparently at the shower, cousin's wife demanded to know from my mother if I was "still claiming to be pregnant." My mom told her that I was *very* pregnant, and cousin's wife responded, "Yeah, right. Whatever." She demanded to know why I wasn't there, and why I hadn't sent a present for her. "It's not like she didn't know where I was registered or anything." I thought it sounded like she was being a spoiled brat. My mom said, "Well, you could have gotten her *something* at least." Well, yeah, I could have, but you should hear about this girl's wedding shower.

Shower #4

A co-worker was having her 3rd baby. She had two boys and baby-to-be was going to be a girl. Not a problem. I could handle this. I went out and bought a pack of infant diapers, wipes, a cute girly snuggly, and some hair bows. No one knew what she really wanted, so I went with the old standbys. At the party, we played all kinds of obnoxious games. We played pin the diaper on the baby, and a few others. The two that really stand out in my mind as being out of place and obnoxious beyond belief were the Chubby Bunnies and the Banana game. If you have never played Chubby Bunnies, you take large marshmallows and put them in your mouth one at a time. After each marshmallow say "Chubby bunny", then put another in your mouth and repeat. After about 5 large marshmallows, it starts to get disgusting. The banana game was a new one on me. Apparently everyone gets a banana and a condom. You are supposed to roll the condom onto the banana with your *mouth*. Whoever gets the condom on completely first, wins. This is entertainment at a *baby* shower???

Baby Showers 0804-03

The Banana game is disgusting.  This is one of those situations where demonstratively NOT participating may be viewed by the hostess as rude but OH WELL!  Being polite doesn't mean sacrificing one's dignity for the sake of some hostess with her mind in the gutter.

My second brother ‘had to’ get married. His older girlfriend had gotten pregnant. She already had teenaged kids. The first thing that bothered me was the ‘happy mother’ knew her family carried serious genetic flaws, but got pregnant anyhow. They went to Nevada to get married.

Comes the baby shower – they are 800 or so miles away. Good for them, I planned it that way. Then I get a card in the mail, an invitation to the baby shower, with a Xeroxed slip of paper ‘we’re registered at’. I am not attending this shower; I am not sending you a gift either. I am not close to my brother either; I do not even talk to him. (His life has included massive recreational drug use, I am zero tolerance.)

A few days later in conversation with my mother, who is INSANE for grandchildren, she asks what I sent to them. "Nothing," I reply. She is mortified; I have to send them SOMETHING. Then she says to send them this $100 baby swing, or better yet, just send the cash. Turns out the baby was supersized, he would not have fit into the baby swing anyway.

I was raised with the expectation of thank you notes, courtesy phone calls, the whole nine yards. As my mother gets further into Babyland, all this seems to peel away from her, and she is the least well-mannered person around.

This is the same brother I caved into buying a pricey Christmas present for, an imported English plum pudding and hard sauce. I never heard if he even received it. Two years later, at my sister’s wedding, I ask him about it. "Oh yeah, I got that," is all he says. Just strikes me as rude. I thought if you were 800 miles away, you basically aren’t attending a shower, especially for a long-estranged brother and the wife you’ve never met, gifts aren’t mandatory, especially when you’re told what to send. If I was attending, of course, I would bring a gift.

I still think I was switched at birth. Nobody in my family is aging very well. Any manners they had are disappearing!

Baby Showers 0807-03

My friend and I gladly made the plans for a baby shower for one of her co-workers, whom I did not know well , but happy to help the poor soul . She did not had the blessing from a marriage nor the support of the father-to-be, so I really wanted to help the new babe's arrival into this world. A tea was planned with no expenses spared: the most expensive treats, flowers, favors, china crystal, champagne etc. Each time I came up with an idea (good ones) without breaking the bank, my co-host would take it to her female relatives and tear it to pieces, plus if the future mom did not like it , out it went. After spending money for invites, decorations, flowers, I became weary and just went along. I was still firm on making the sandwiches and teas. The registry list was 6 pages long!!!

Someone got the fake idea that Jordan almonds were a must, therefore more favors to wrap at the last minute. Someone else urged that a large cake was also needed for "presentation." Well, the presentation cake had a picture drawn or something that looked more like Dracula than a baby's face. Worst of all, no one could eat it.

One relative called the reception the shower from Hell. I will never again put myself in this position. The honored guest is not suppose to dictate how we do the shower nor replace it for the wedding she will never have. She is entitled to a list of people she wants present. Period. Forgot to tell you the vast majority of people here who give showers have it at a restaurant and each guest must pay for the food the host has chosen. That another kind I will never go to.

Baby Showers 0809-03

This is a story about a baby shower I threw for a (former) friend. We'll call her "Nancy" to protect the guilty. I had known Nancy for years, and she was a nice person, if a little clueless when it came to manners. While definitely not on a par with a lot of the stories I read in eHell, it sure annoyed me at the time!

Two years ago, Nancy called me up to tell me that she had fallen pregnant by accident. Her boyfriend wanted nothing to do with the baby, and as Nancy was 24, with a high school education and working at a low-paying retail job, this was not particularly happy news. Nancy decided to carry on with the pregnancy and keep the baby without her boyfriend's support. As her family was fairly poor, and none of her friends were very organized, I thought it would be nice to throw her a baby shower. After asking her if anyone else had one planned (so as not to step on any toes), I got a list of people and sent out invitations and made finger sandwiches, snacks, and punch. My grandmother made a beautiful hand-stitched baby quilt and I presented it to Nancy as a gift from myself, my mom and my grandmother.

The day of the shower dawned, and *5* out of the 12 people who had RSVP'ed appeared. FIVE. I was highly annoyed, but tried to act graciously and carried on as if nothing had happened. During the shower, two of Nancy's aunts carried on a loud commentary about the probable cost of each gift, wondered why there were no gimme-type shower games "like a money tree", and discussed in loud tones one of the aunts' upcoming wedding - to a man she'd known all of two weeks - while pointedly ignoring everyone else. The other women were pleasant, but these two idiots made me want to scream!

Following the shower, I never received so much as a verbal "thank-you" from Nancy. Given that her manners are somewhat lacking, I could ignore the lack of a card, if only she had *said* thank you! The part that burned me the most, though, was that she did not send a thank-you card for the gift my grandmother had spent so much time sewing - even though my mother and I both mentioned that my grandmother would love to hear how much she had liked it. After 2 months, I finally called her up and asked her politely to please call my grandmother and thank her. Nancy was aghast that she was actually expected to send thank you notes for shower gifts, because it was "so much work" (although she did call my grandmother)!!! Nancy has since had the baby, but I no longer maintain contact with her.

Baby Showers 0829-03

My sister was recently honored with a baby shower that was given by her husband's family (yes, I was surprised to hear of this as well). The next sign that it was going to be a bit...unusual...was the guest list. Other than our mother and her neighbor, the only people invited to the shower were members of the husband's family (I live too far away to have attended). Our brother's wife, who recently gave birth and does live nearby, apparently did not make the guest list.

The fun continues with the games. The only people to win any of the door prizes were -- you guessed it --the husband's family members. But best of all was the introduction of a game no one we've spoken to has been able to identify. Somehow one of the husband's nieces was selected to receive the 7th baby gift. That's right. A teen-age girl, with no children, won a gift that was supposedly intended for the baby and/or mother. The fact that this particular gift was brought to the party by the teen's mother, who also has an infant, was lost on no one. Oh, and the woman took all the food and the baby shower cake home with her as well!

Baby Showers 0831-03

I once had a "friend" who, when she was pregnant with her first child, I threw a baby shower for. A little background on this "friend" first. She had been planning for her baby since before she was married, what I mean is actually buying boy baby clothes and collecting toys, wall hangings, etc. She was also very controlling and had an affair and told her husband beforehand that she was going to have the affair. Anyway, this "friend", who I shall deem Peg, actually told me that I was to host her baby shower. My self-esteem was kind of low back then and I didn’t have many friends, so I took her abuse when I really should have told her to ‘stick it’.

Peg not only told me to host the shower, but she told me exactly what kind of food to have, what invitations she wanted, where to get the cake from and what design she wanted on it (it was to match the invitations), what games to play, what decorations to put up and what day to hold it. Well that made the details easy but not inexpensive.

I rented the clubhouse in her community and I ordered food, cake, bought favors, prizes and set up the games. When the day arrived for the shower, it went off beautifully except that the security alarm went off (the leasing company forgot to come out and turn it off) and two neighborhood hoodlums showed up and tried to weasel their way into the food. Luckily the room where we were had big doors and once we closed them, we couldn’t hear the alarm and I kicked the hoodlums out with all the other ladies behind me glaring at them.

Peg later confided in me that one of her other close friends told her that she didn’t think I could ‘pull it off’ and almost didn’t come because she thought it would be a disaster. I found out later that friend accused me of stealing the $25 gift check she gave to Peg at the baby’s christening. Apparently she was jealous that I was closer to Peg than she was. I should have said, "You can have her!"

A month or so later, I was moving back to my native state, so I gathered my friends for a farewell dinner and night out. Peg came to the dinner and my other friends inquired about how her pregnancy was going and did she know what the sex of the baby was. She said, "It is a boy." They asked if she had seen her sonogram. She said no. They asked how she knew it was a boy. She snottily replied, "It’s my body, I just know." Of course this astounded my friends, and they got in an argument and shortly left. Peg then berated me for not standing up for her in the argument.

When Peg later had her sonogram, she found out she was having a girl. Thus she had to go out and buy all new baby clothes because the ones she had were for a boy. She also told me that she would never "do" the pregnancy thing again and that they would adopt a little boy. It’s been 2 years since I have seen or talked to Peg but a friend of mine ran into her at a craft store and reported to me that she was VERY pregnant with her second child. I wonder if she has predicted a boy this time!

Baby Showers 1010-03

I previously submitted a story about a Bridezilla who was a person I considered my surrogate sister. I ended the tale mentioning that she started a petty argument and that I was making no effort to contact her beyond that point.

Five months after "Lucy" and I stopped speaking, I ran into her mother and she asked me if I was to attend the baby shower. I tried not to seem surprised about Lucy’s pregnancy though I knew that her husband "Brian" had made it clear that he wanted no children before their third anniversary so that they could pay off some of the initial debt that had they had acquired over the previous two years. I told Lucy’s mom that I’d forgotten the due date and she "reminded" me of it. And added by saying remember she found out two days after her birthday. Lucy and I had our row on the day after her birthday. It turns out she’d told her parents that I was attending a college out of state and quite often used my "being down for the weekend" as an excuse as to why they couldn’t visit her parents on several occasions. I was beginning to form a theory.

The remaining four months passed and I had a feeling. I got a call out of the blue one day…


"Dave? This is Lucy. How are you?"

"I’m good, it’s been awhile since I talked to you." At this point I’m curious about the nature of the call and the outcome of the pregnancy.

"Brian’s been trying to get me to call you for almost a year."

"Is that right? How is he?"

"Fine, so um, whatcha’ doin’?"

"Putting up groceries. Why don’t you two come over for dinner?"

"Good deal, plus I have someone I want you to meet."

"Okay 7:00 good?" It was about 2:30.

"Why don’t we come over now?"


They arrive 45 minutes later, baby in tow. Brian tells me of how he’s tried to get Lucy to call me for the past 9 months and the events of her pregnancy. I make a few visits to their house and one evening when Lucy and I were sitting alone I remark that she must have been pregnant when we’d had our row.

"I knew before my birthday but I wasn’t sure until a few days later." She looked sincere.

I asked. "What was it that we fought about?"

The look on her face still makes me shudder. "It doesn’t matter, I just didn’t want you giving Brian the impression that I’d gone off my birth control." While I knew that this had to have been the case I would never have called her on it in front of Brian.

The worst part is that she now wants another baby! I feel sorry for Brian.

Baby Showers 1024-03

My best friend from high school had married and moved out of the country for a number of years while her husband attended school. They had 2 children (we did throw a shower for the first one as they were still living here at that time) and recently moved back to our city. When they moved back, we were told that they were expecting baby #3. A friend and I decided that it would be nice to throw a shower for baby #3 as the family had been out of the country for a few years and were having some trouble adjusting to life back at 'home' - friends have moved on, lost touch, etc. It would be a good chance to get everyone together and to welcome the newest addition.

I discussed this with the mom-to-be and she was excited with our offer. We began planning. We decided to have an informal gathering at my house, with the other kids were invited, snacks, visiting, etc., no silly games this time, just a nice get-together.

We sent out the invitations about 4 weeks prior. Four days prior to the shower, we only had 2 rsvps. So... including the organizing 'committee' (myself, friend and sister), the two rsvp's and mom and kids, we were going to have an intimate gathering of about 6 people. The day before the shower, I called the 'mom' and asked her if her mom was coming as we hadn't heard from her. She said yes and that her sister was coming too. (That's all fine and dandy - do they not know what"R.S.V.P." means???!?). Well, I decided that too much food was better than too little, so I prepared an overabundance - thank goodness!! We ended up with 16 people, and still only 2 had actually RSVP'd. The mom to be's mother, sister, grandmother, mother-in-law, sister-in-law (with 2 kids in tow) and husband showed up along with a couple of stray friends.

We did have a fun time. I had extra coloring books for the kids, so that kept them busy and we all had a nice visit. Everyone brought lovely little baby gifts to welcome the new little one; we carefully kept track of each gift and who it was from for the new mom to make thank-you notes easier to send out. My mom, who was unable to attend had sent three lovely packages, one for the new baby and one each for the other children as she felt that they should not be forgotten in all of the hubbub over the new baby. She spent a lot of time putting together these packages, and the girls were very excited with their gifts. I had also started a scrap-book for the new baby (which took a lot of time while also planning the food, decor, etc.).

All of the guests had left except for the family: mom, dad and kids. I was helping pack everything up, and mom and dad got into a discussion about the gifts and how they had asked their moms for gift certificates so they could buy their oldest child some clothes or restaurant/movie certificates so they could go out, but instead they were given an outfit. They sounded very upset at the gifts that they had received for their baby. How selfish!!! I mean really, it's one thing to feel this way, but if you want to discuss it, save it until you get home! I felt as though all of our hard work was for naught.

Well, it is now almost 5 months since this shower and not a thank-you has been received. I did receive a two - line email the Monday after the shower from the mom saying that they had a nice time, but no thank-you for the actual gifts, etc. My mom, who was like a second mother to my friend while growing up, has not received a phone call or card to thank her for anything (and she wasn't even at the shower for there to be an 'excuse' that the thank-you's were given in person). I do understand that with 3 little ones underfoot there isn't much time for extra things, but this is ridiculous. Last month, I emailed my friend and in it I just mentioned that my mom wanted to know if the girls were enjoying their dolls and if their outfits fit as my mom hadn't heard from her, but I received no response. I'll take this with a grain of salt and move on, but I know that this is the last thing I do for this friend as she obviously didn't appreciate anything that we did for her.

Baby Showers 1027-03

 My husband and I met and married while at college. After 5 years of marriage, I had visited and been visited by his immediate family quite a few times. The only other times I had met anyone else besides his parents and sisters was at one of his sisters' wedding, and at a "meet the bride" party his parents threw for us on our first visit to them as a married couple.

I received a baby shower invitation in the mail. Well, I assume it was for me. My name was horribly, horribly mangled. I'm not using my real name here, but assume it is like "Caloda." The invitation was addressed to "Cerlind." And I use the term "invitation" loosely: "We know you can't make it to the shower (The party was about a 15 hour drive from where we lived). The mother-to-be is registered at such-and-such store." And this was printed, which means they sent it to others!

To top it all off, I had no clue as to who either the mother-to-be was, or the person giving the party (turns out the mother was throwing a shower for her daughter). I showed the names to my husband, and it took him a few minutes to figure out that they were distant, distant relatives of his. I asked him, were they at the party his parents had for us? No. Were they at his sister's wedding? No. So I have never, ever met them, or even *seen* them? Yes. I threw that all too obvious gift grab in the garbage.

Baby Showers 1031-03

I recently received an invitation to a close relative's baby shower. This was her second child, however, she was recently remarried and her son from her first marriage was 12 years old. I was surprised to learn that the shower, hosted by her co-workers, was to be at a popular ethnic restaurant at 4 pm on a Friday evening. The restaurant did not have a private room.

Upon arriving at the shower, for which I traveled 2 hours one way, I found that the hosts had arranged for one big long table right through the restaurant. As we gathered the patrons of the restaurant also crowded in, and it was rather noisy and uncoordinated. The invitation had made no mention that it was "pay for your own meal", and as such I assumed that at least appetizers and sodas would be provided. NADA. I had to pay for my own soda, and, as it was dinnertime and I was hungry, my own meal, with tip and tax.

I would have gladly traveled anyway to see my relative, and I was not upset that they did not pay for my meal; however, I think it was extremely rude not to let us know that they were not providing any food or drinks ahead of time. I will hopefully never attend a 'party' that her co-workers 'host' ever again!

Baby Showers 1117-03

One branch of our family has taken trashiness to new lows, particularly in the coupling and new babies department. Our boy cousin became enamored of a young woman whose chief goal in life seems to be stealing pharmaceutical narcotics; into this unwed nirvana they had already brought one new baby (joining another child from a previous fling of the woman's). The night before the young lady was to go to jail after having been arrested for her drug transgressions and jumping bail she and our cousin had a last fling and yes, of course, another child has been born. (Fortunately the jail sentence was merely 6 months.)

Their celebration over bringing another child into this drug-laden dysfunctional home is in itself nauseating. Worse yet are the incessant email photographs and birth announcements we on their cast-of-thousands mailing list receive. One of these announcements is presented by a company that runs a circuit through maternity wards, snapping the first "official" portrait of the new baby (first set of prints free) and publishing it on a web site for all our benefits. Naturally enough, the website makes gift-giving easy with thoughtful links to several baby boutiques which already have the recipients' shipping information on file. All we deliriously happy people have to do is whip out that credit card and go gifting.

They are the type of people that, had they bothered to get married, would no doubt have included all of their bridal registry information in their invitational telephone calls and emails. (Needless to say, the family pickup truck has a confederate flag rear window shade.) Might Planned Parenthood be looking for poster children?

Baby Showers 1121-03

My best-friend, "Sue" got pregnant right out high school by a man I will call "Bob." Because Bob was basically a lazy, good-for-nothing human being, their on-again off-again relationship ended as she was nearing the 3 month mark of her pregnancy. Then, quite unexpectedly, Sue decided to start dating again and she met a nice man named "Mark." I thought it was sort of weird for a pregnant woman to start dating, but it didn't surprise me in the least bit.

Six months into her pregnancy with Bob's baby, Sue and Mark decided to get married on the spur of the moment. Okay, fine. What wasn't fine was that Sue told Bob that she was refusing him the right to see his child and she was putting Mark as the father of the baby on the birth certificate. Yes, he made mistakes, but it was still his child too. Bob continuingly tried to call Sue, but she wouldn't answer his calls or requests to talk though their differences logically.

Fast forward to Sue's baby shower, and dozens of people were invited. However, I couldn't attend because I had to work and was only given one week's notice of the shower! Yep, they actually planned it in one week. Sue's other friend "Mary" decided to throw the shower, and only twelve people showed up, mostly because of the circumstances surrounding the event!

I was invited to the birth of the child, and it was a moment I will never forget. The baby was so beautiful. Sue put her new husband, Mark, as the father on the baby's birth certificate, and did keep her promise of not letting Bob see (or even know) about the baby's birth. I sent two gifts to house, a wedding gift and a baby gift. I really didn't have the money for either, because I was in college, mainly because she was my best-friend and I was happy to do it. I also drove two hours to see the new couple in their apartment, but still no thank you card or even spoken gratitude for my efforts.

After several phone calls and unanswered messages went unacknowledged for many months, I assumed that Sue no longer wanted to be friends and left it at that. Heartbroken, I went on as usual. One year later, I received an invitation in the mail for the baby's first birthday party asking to bring a covered dish. You can bet I threw it in the garbage.

Baby Showers 1223-03

I love this site! My SIL could have her own category all to herself! Her antics keep us alternately in stitches and tears. I knew I was in for a treat when she came to a get-together and met my mom for the first time.

Here is some background. "O" is very pregnant at the time of this story. Now keep in mind that she has already given birth to one child not long before and has had the requisite shower and such. After "O" found out that she was pregnant again, she promptly threw out all of the booty from the first shower. My mom "A" is a well-to-do, professional, very classy lady. "O" is introduced to "A" and then "O" pulls me off to the side to say that she is throwing herself a shower in anticipation of baby number two and then says that I am required to be there and I should bring my mom. I think "a bit on the tacky side; but I'm new to her family so I can go along with this and mention it to mom." The kicker is that she then adds that she thinks from the looks of my mom, she will score something big off of her registry. HUH? My mom goes along with me on the appointed day bearing two (quite nice) things selected from aforementioned registry. It has been six years and she is still waiting for the thank-you card! YIPES!

Baby Showers 1226-03

This past weekend I attended a baby shower for my 18-year-old niece, a lovely girl (although a bit flighty) who got pregnant unexpectedly by a young boy she had known for only a short time. It was understood by pretty much all that she was one of those people that was in dire NEED of a shower, as she had literally no means to secure anything for herself. However, my dear niece, being the flighty soul she is, could not decide if she wanted a shower (she threw a few tantrums on the subject) so everyone dropped the subject and went about their merry ways. Until three weeks ago. Suddenly my niece shows up and decides she wants a shower and is highly upset that she doesn't have one already planned for her. There was no rationalizing with her about her previous behavior so we all sat back for the ride.

First, she wants her best friend (SusieQ) to host it (the friend is agreeable). However the friend is 17 and has no job or means of income. So my niece and her friend "panhandle" for money from different family members and apparently did quite well. So the preparations begin (favors, games, prizes) and then in a passing conversation I ask SusieQ if she got out the invitations yet (I knew this was of the utmost importance since the shower was on short notice anyhow--not quite three weeks). SusieQ is floored. Invitations had never occurred to her, I mean wouldn't people just show up if they know we are having a shower (word of mouth and all). I knew it was useless to broach the subject any further so I immediately went out, purchased invites and furiously filled them out and sent them off, at my expense of course. My niece and her friend are oblivious as to why I am miffed at them both.

Thankfully, all of the hard work put in pretty much non-stop by myself, my SIL's , my niece and SusieQ turn out a nice looking shower. Pretty decorations, nice food, fun games, good prizes etc... However, the day does not go off smoothly. My niece arrives for her shower in a pair of pants that won't zip because she refused to buy any maternity clothes they are just so dorky don't ya know) and a shirt that isn't even long enough to hide the fact that her pants are unzipped. And my personal heartstopper was the three HUMONGOUS hickeys all over her neck. I convince my niece that we have time to run to her house where she can at least don some sweatpants or something that would be more tasteful. She mercifully agrees.

So now that is taken care of and the shower begins. My niece makes a lovely speech thanking SusieQ for all of her hard work. Not bothering to mention the hard work put in by anyone else or the fact that we had paid for the entire thing (of course, that would have been an etiquette faux pas in itself) The shower proceeds wonderfully, and my niece receives a lot of wonderful items. The shower ends and my niece and SusieQ leave immediately while my SIL's and myself clean up.

As a note I know it is a faux pas for family to throw showers. However, this was a bootstrap operation from the get go and I feel it can be excused just this once!!!!!!!

Baby Showers 1108-03

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