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I love my husband's Grandmother. She is in her late 80s and lives a simple life as she and Grandpa are on a small, fixed pension. She bakes her food from scratch, mends everything, and tracks food sales so they can maintain their independence. My husband and I get birthday and anniversary cards with very lovely personal notes. Sound simple?

Oma had 6 children. All are married and she counts their spouses as her children. (12 birthday, 6 anniversary cards, 18 cards total)

She has 32 biological, foster, adopted, and step-grandchildren. 20 of those grandchildren are married. (64 birthday, 26 anniversary, 90 cards total)

She has 16 great-grand children that are either biological or step - she doesn't differentiate. (106 cards total.)

Besides, she sends cards for new babies, new houses, promotions, graduations, when someone wins a spelling bee or when they are in a school play. The children and grandchildren are scattered over three continents, but she always keeps up with who are doing what. She probably sends between 150-200 cards per year.

Am I the only one who is impressed? Well apparently some of her grand/great-grandchildren aren't. They find her cards silly and disappointing. Remember I said she works hard at her simple life? The cards do not contain any money...


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