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I recently received an invitation to go to a "Pasta Party."  The invitation stated: "I just bought a house and need to fix up. So I am having a pasta party and charging $10 a plate."


I thought you would like to read this 'lovely' invitation I received from a coworker A a few years back. Two e-mails were sent out, first the invitation, then the reminder e-mail which also contained the original invitation (which I am including below).




A's having her first party in her first place!!!!

Date: XXXXday, Date, 20YY Time: 7pm till bedtime for you Address:             Tel:

Pizza, sushi, desserts will be served...

Bring yourself and your other 1/2.... or just yourself

P.S. A loves gifts, g.c.'s or B.Y.O.Booze are welcomed. Williams-Sonoma, Expensive China Store and Expensive Department Store g.c.'s are welcomed. and yes I can be shameless.



After that shameless PS, I did not feel obligated to RSVP, nor to attend. 



My cousin's wife, who I'll call Brandy, is one of the rudest people I know. This is a girl who has always acted like she is too good for my family and when engaged to my cousin, always played up to my uncle and his second wife since they had a lot more money than my aunt. This is a woman who has never actually invited me to any events. I receive verbal invites that come from her through my aunt, through my mom, then to me.

A couple of instances (I'll give them in chronological order):

1. No one in my family has a lot of money (some have almost none), but we are not ones to spend more than we can afford just for a wedding. When she was marrying my cousin, she registered for a lot of very expensive dinnerware at a top of the line store, but got almost nothing because she didn't take into consideration what her guests would be able to afford. Since we couldn't afford any of the gifts individually, my mom and sister went together on some of her wine glasses and I spent months making a very detailed needlework project that was personalized with their names and wedding date. (I don't do this for everyone since most people don't appreciate all the time and effort it takes, but since the bride was crafty herself, I thought she of all people would.) None of us ever received thank you cards for our gifts.

2. When expecting her first child, she registered at an expensive baby store (which was fine), but less than 2 years later she registered AGAIN at the same store for her second daughter. She still had all the stuff from her first daughter as well as several friends with children the same age that she received baskets of hand me downs from. Needless to say, she didn't receive much from that registry either.

3. When I was getting married, I sent reply cards with my invitations (stamped, of course!). When I received hers back with a note written on it that said: "This is a waste of a stamp. You could've just called me." I'm sorry, but to me this was very rude. It's bad enough to be rude, but to expect other people to? Come on! I had invited 85 people to this wedding. Who calls to invite that many people to a wedding? Who calls to invite people to a wedding anyway?

4. The thing that worries me the most about her is that her girls are following in her footsteps. Her children are now 11 and 9, have been given countless birthday and Christmas gifts from my family and have never once sent a thank you card for anything. I have vowed that my children will be sending thank you cards as soon as they are old enough to write. That is how I was raised and I don't understand why people don't teach these manners to their children anymore.

I guess none of these things are that big of a deal, it has just built up over the years and I've gotten to the point where I don't want to be around their family at all. Incidentally, both my sister and I registered at reasonably priced stores for reasonably priced items and received almost everything on our registries.



I recently saw an invitation for a child's birthday party.  He was turning six this year.  The invitation was quite normal, except that his parents included a card for his registry at Toys R Us.  When I looked on the Toys R Us website at his registry, he registered for several (about 50 or so) different items, ranging in price from $30 to $120.  (Well, not exactly, a whopping three of them cost $15).  I checked his registry an hour before the party was to start and no one had bought him any of the gifts.  I feel bad for the kid because he's too young to understand why he didn't get any of the gifts that he picked out at the store. 



My husband's brother recently married a woman I'll call "J".  She was never really friendly to me until I won trip for 4 to a weekend get-away at The Brickyard 400 from a raffle ticket I'd purchased.  Not a fan of racing, I had decided that we would sell the tickets on ebay for some much needed cash.        
I had been working a lot of long hours, so my new sister-in-law offered to pick the tickets up for me one afternoon.  I agreed and sent the information with her so that the tickets could be released to her.  She picked them up, then placed them on ebay to sell for HERSELF!!        

When her daughter accidentally spilled the beans about racing tickets that her mom had placed on ebay, I asked "J" about  it.  First she said someone had taken them from her.  Then she said that her brother and purchased them.  Finally, she said, "I just thought you gave them to me. "  She actually had the audacity to be angry with me for asking her for the money she made off them.  I never gave her the tickets or even hinted that I was going to.  She knew our financial situation wasn't good and still felt compelled to steal our tickets for her own gain.  To this day, she can only offer glares at me, like I'm the bad person.


Page Last Updated September 18, 2008