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My sister and her husband had a huge announcement to make once.  I was going to "become an aunt."  I had to repress the smartass in me from asking how it happened, as she was kind of irritable all evening.  The year before my husband and I had gotten custody of his son from his first marriage, and I had spent that year adjusting to becoming an "instant full-time mom."  My stepson in turn also had to adjust to our household as well during that year (he is 21 years old now, and a nice young man despite my screw-ups in raising him), so it wasn't easy for him either.  

My brother-in-law that night was acting like he was the first person in the world to get somebody pregnant; he had the cajones to ask me "when I planned to start a family!!!!!!"  This was after the hellish year of familial adjustment!  I wanted to ask him if he thought my stepson was some damn hamster!!!!!!!  I have raised my stepson as I would a biological kid of mine; throughout that time I have had all the responsibilities and the blame, but none of the rights or credits in raising a kid!  Not only was this an incredibly RUDE question to ask of anyone, but I wonder if he would ask this question of a person who DESPERATELY WANTED children but was unable to have them! 



Let's all, folks!  You all got to send in those stories if you want to read them here.  


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