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Faux Pas of the Year

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Jan-Jun 2000 Archive

Went to a friend's wedding several years ago. Nice ceremony, started out as a nice reception - until we were told we had to leave, as the 'real' guests were going to sit down to dinner soon.   faux 1230-00

When my Husband and I got married, we nicely put in the invitations no children please. Well one "friend" that was invited hadn't sent her response  card so I called about 2 weeks before the wedding to find out what was up.  She seemed ok over the phone and said she would send it. Now this friend has 4 children between the ages of 6 months and 6 years. She has been a good friend, and when I explained why we did not want children she seemed ok.

A few days later I received a letter from her calling me names and saying that she hoped my guests would freeze to death. I decided to ignore this and focus on the wedding. Well, the day of the wedding we arrived at the chapel to find out that she had called to cancel our wedding. She had the minister and his assistant so convinced that the wedding was off that guests were being told to leave! Thankfully most of the guests stuck around to see if we would show which we did. When I confronted her she said that I deserved it for not inviting her children! The nerve of some people. At least my wedding wasn't too ruined.      faux1223-00

I saw this web site. I hope they're joking.


This is a joke although the caveat is buried in a FAQ located at http//  Within 24 hours of the new update, a reader of Etiquette Hell had sent the owners of the aforementioned web page an "inflammatory comment" which prompted Mike to email me requesting that I update my comments to inform readers that the Thank You Note generator is a joke and always has been.   Mike informs me that, prior to being immortalized in Etiquette Hell,   he receives scathing  emails from people who "condemn us for being horrible, selfish people who don't write our own thank you notes."  This reaction simply underscores people's opinions about mechanical, insincere, boilerplate type Thank You notes.

Now, if only I could find the web site of that calligrapher who will write out your Thank You notes for a fee.

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