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"Etiquette Hell is arguably more helpful to brides than Martha Stewart or Emily Post could ever hope to be; after all, Emily doesn't go into what happens when you invite your co-workers only to your shower because you "can't afford" to invite them to your wedding reception! Arranged in neatly divided categories like "Gimme, Gimme, Gimme," and "Weddings as Fundraisers," this "special cyber place created for the truly etiquette challenged, the purposely greedy, the ungrateful and the uncivil members of society," is one of the top wedding-related sites among the greater online wedding community." Review

Weddings. Funerals. The workplace. Gross breaches of etiquette happen anywhere. And while you can't always get out of those oh-so-tacky situations, you can tell the world about it at this online inferno for the socially ill equipted Etiquette Hell.

USATODAY April 15, 2002 Web Guide Hot Sites

Think your run-in with drunken groomsmen or cheapskate brides take the (wedding) cake for tackiness? Tell the world your wedding stingers at Etiquette Hell (, home to tales of nuptial nuttiness in categories such Guests from Hell, Tacky Toasts, and Bridezillas. One under Faux Pas of the Year a bride who did a bump-and-grind striptease down to her garter.

People Magazine, Online section , July 3, 2000

Still biting your nails? We suggest you relax by visiting This non-commercial Web site run by Jeanne Hamilton has a collection of wedding horror stories, with categories from "bridezillas" to "guests from hell", that is sure to make you feel better about your own coming nuptials.

Wall Street Journal, Watching the Web by Katherine Lange, May 31, 2001

We consulted Jeanne Hamilton, creator of, a web site that navigates the world of good and bad manners. She helped guide us through the many rings of the check splitting purgatory.

Chicago Tribune, "Food and Whine The Great Divide" by Monica Eng, April 30, 2004

Etiquette Hell is a fun web site chock full of amazing etiquette mistakes, tacky wedding stories and funny bridal faux pas. We were mesmerized by this site, which is sort of the cyber equivalent of stopping at the scene of a car accident on the highway. Our favorite story the exotic dancer bride who stripped at her own wedding. Other topics include Bridezilla and Groomonsters, Bridal Showers, Bridesmaids from Hell, even Tacky Wedding Vendors.

CyberBride - The Complete Online Guide to Planning Your Wedding, by Denise and Alan Fields (the authors of the very successful Bridal Bargains book), page 135

Rudeness has become prevalent enough in America to justify a website,, where hundreds of examples of bad behavior are categorized under weddings, baby showers, funerals, etc.

Boston Globe, "The grace period has ended", by Jack Thomas, Globe Staff, 11/10/2003

Then again, if it weren't for these people, we wouldn't have the Web site, where people can vent in cyberspace without risking road rage or a knock on the noggin.

ARIZONA DAILY STAR , "Where did all the manners go?", By Rhonda Bodfield Bloom April 29, 2004


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