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I was horrified by what I felt was the rudest thing I had ever seen.  My youngest sister "Kate" planned my bridal shower.  It was held at the home of her best friend (whom I hardly know, so I was touched that she had volunteered this).  My other sister "Vera" asked if she could invite her best friend Carla.  Kate asked me and I said it would be fine.  I have only met Carla on one or two occasions, but she seemed nice and well mannered.  This was important to me, as my future in-laws are deeply religious and very conservative.  

The day of the shower arrived, and we were all having a lovely time.  Until Carla arrived.  First of all, she was almost an hour late. Secondly, she brought her two children.  This would not normally have been a problem, as I had invited my two young nieces and I have teenaged cousins who were also in attendance.  Unfortunately, the kindest thing that can be said of Carla's children is that they are mildly creepy.  Next on the list (oh yes, there is more) there was the fact that she did not bring a gift.  Not being a greedy person, I was not offended by this so much as shocked by the bad taste it showed.  Finally, and most shockingly rude, Carla brought along another uninvited guest; her pet iguana.  

At this point, most people believe that I am telling a joke.  I assure you that I am not.  Still, the worst is yet to come.  Carla begins to pass around her iguana.  Unwilling guests, including my husband's 70 year old grandmother soon find themselves holding this poor creature, who is becoming quite irritated.  Soon after this, the lizard escapes the custody of a very unwilling teenaged guest and begins evasive manuevers with sharp claws on expensive furniture.  At this point, things get really bizarre.  The homeowner (Trish) has been the epitome of grace throughout this, and so have her two young bulldogs (she breeds them).  However, it turns out that the temptation of the iguana running wild through their home is more than they can stand, so they begin to chase it.  Now, Carla's creepy children (we'll call them Wednesday and Pugsley) come running.  Instead of trying to catch the lizard, they are trying to hit and kick the dogs that are chasing it.  Carla begins to yell that if the dogs hurt the lizard that Trish would have to pay for it.  Trish ignored this remark, which I thought to be the height of grace under pressure, all things considered.  Finally, the lizard was captured and the party ended.  I spent weeks trying to explain that I hardly knew this offensive woman and that my sister had been just as surprised as the rest of us at the rudeness of her friend (former friend now).  I didn't  have words enough to apologize to Trish, nor did my sisters, but we all tried.  Trish displayed her usual good grace by not holding this horrible incident against us.



My husband's sister, "Debbie", had finally convinced her fiance to stop stalling and agree to a wedding date. As the day approached, my mother-in-law, "Jane", began to organize a shower for Debbie. She said that since Debbie's maid of honor was a friend of only about a year, met through work, that the MOH had wanted to invite only mutual co-workers, the bridesmaids, partners of the groomsmen, and the "outside" friends of Debbie's that the MOH had actually met. Jane felt that this would result in a shower that was "too small".

Jane invited not only relatives, distant and close, but EVERYONE who had ever had a passing contact with Debbie. Nearly every female from their church, friends-- and mothers of friends-- that Debbie had known growing up, many of whom she had not been in contact with since graduation, neighbors, former neighbors, former babysitting clients, members of Jane's various clubs and groups, including the women "above" Jane in her Amway pyramid. She invited me, my mother, my sister, who had only met Debbie once, at my wedding... and then she asked me if I had any cousins or friends who might like to attend also.

Shortly after the invitations had gone out in the mail, Jane began calling the people she had invited. She said it was just to get a rough idea how many people expected to attend-- sort of a "pre-RSVP"-- but her real purpose was to let everyone know: this was a quality shower. I guess she felt the line on the bottom of the invitation: "No kitchen gifts, please: this is not a kitchen shower" was not enough. She needed to be sure of no joke gifts, no "trashy" gifts, no "doo-dads or gadgets".

Jane wanted, frankly, everyone to bring high-ticket items. She encouraged people to get together with several other guests and pool their money to afford the pricier items on Debbie's wish list.

The shower was pleasant enough. The house was prettily decorated, there were games and snacks, and a half-sheet cake from the grocery bakery. Jane had put out her best punch set, borrowed chairs from the church to make sure there was enough seating, and had made cute party favors for each guest. My husband's other sister had arrived from across country as a surprise guest. Debbie seemed happy with the guests' generosity.

Afterwards, my husband & I and his out-of-town sister, "Lisa", were helping Jane clean up when Lisa said, "Well, it was a very nice shower, but can you believe not one person brought a kitchen gift! I guess this means we better have another shower!"

Gee. Imagine that.

By the time she went back home, a second "kitchen" shower was well underway in planning. Lisa was due back a week and a half before the wedding, so she scheduled the shower for the Sunday afternoon before.

Many of the same people were invited again. And, actually, many of the same people did attend the second shower, possibly because Lisa encouraged "fun, inexpensive kitchen gadgets".

That wasn't the end, though. By the time the kitchen shower was underway, Jane and Lisa had guilted the maid of honor into putting together her OWN party for the bride: a lingerie shower.

I managed to have a prior engagement for that particular evening.

As the wedding day drew near, Jane managed to let a goodly portion of the guest list know that Debbie & fiance would prefer cash or gift cards, please.

And about six months after the never-ending festivities wound down, I started receiving invitations to Amway jewelry and soap parties. Apparently, Jane shared the guest lists with her Amway "higher-ups".



My aunt offered to throw a bridal shower for me, which was very kind of her but something I didn¹t particularly want. It was after our destination wedding, the night before the big reception that we were holding for family that couldn't make the trip to the wedding. My aunt thought it would be a nice way for the ladies of the two families to spend some time together, and I had to agree to that as several of my aunts live out of town and I was looking forward to seeing them as much as I could during their visit. So I agreed. I asked only that she make clear on the invitation that I did not want any gifts (we had gotten plenty of gifts and I didn¹t want anyone to feel obligated to bring a gift who hadn¹t been able to enjoy the wedding). Well, not only did she omit that part, she sent out the scariest, tackiest invitations I have ever seen ­ this gold gilt craziness with a big, blood-red rose (I really am not a fan of roses ­ to each her own, the point is that my aunt well knew that roses are not my preference). But that was fine, she and I have very different tastes and it was very kind of her to offer to throw the shower.

Now what worried me was the fact that I couldn't escape inviting both my husband's mother, (with whom I have a wonderful relationship) and my husband's father's new wife (a woman he had married out of the clear blue without informing or inviting any of us). It had been one nasty divorce years earlier, so MIL and new wife had never met, and MIL and ex-husband (FIL) scrupulously avoid one another. In fact, MIL had lost the house that her beloved and deceased father had built by himself, step mom had now moved in and was busy putting flamingos and gnomes all over the beautiful garden (seriously). To add to the tension, my husband's sister (SIL) and her mother (MIL) were in a terrible fight at the time that was headed toward litigation, and could barely stand to look at one another. Well naturally they all accepted the invitation. (I must add that I appreciate their generosity, they knew it would be terribly awkward but they did it out of regard for me, which is wonderful, please don't think I'm a jerk).

Anyway, husband's father decided that his new wife would be uncomfortable at the shower, so he calls my aunt and insists that he be there (to protect her from my mother in law I guess, who is a very kind and classy lady that would never cause a scene). So now he'll be there as well (the only male) and we've got rivaling parties all over the place. In an attempt to ease the stepmother's inevitable discomfort, I swore my mother and aunt to secrecy and told them that the two ladies had never met and there might be some awkward moments. We agreed that my aunt would keep an eye on stepmom and make sure that she had someone to talk to, etc. and would my mom please do the same for my MIL. They agreed and promised to show the utmost discretion about the whole matter. For my mom, that goes without saying. My aunt is another story.

Day of the shower. Sure enough, the minute my mother- in- law walks in (a very proud, rather private woman might I remind you) my aunt hugs her in front of everyone in the kitchen (step mom was not there yet) and tells her that I told her all about how uncomfortable she must be feeling about meeting her ex-husband's new wife, but not to worry, she is going to look out for her and she divulges this whole humiliating scheme. Then goes on, in front of everyone including her children, to bemoan her ex-husband ("the chauvanist a*&") and his tramp of a new wife and what a blankety-blank she was and how mortifying all this is and on and on. My MIL was VERY taken aback and embarrassed. I just shot my aunt a look and tried to get on with it.

Step mom and FIL show up. My aunt knows he's coming, so she hands him the remote control and ushers him into the den ALONE and closes the door on him. She won't even let him come out for some punch or cake, she left the poor man trapped in there for three and one half hours, even when I asked if he could please come out and get some cake. Meanwhile stepmom and MIL are sort of eyeing one another, but my mom came to the rescue and eased the tension ­ thank goodness, because things were getting worse.

SIL shows up and makes a grand show of insulting and embarrassing her mother. She was so aggressive about it I thought I'd faint with the humiliation of it all. So everyone is sitting around in a PAINFULLY awkward silence, when my friend's cell phone rings. It is her husband calling to tell her that their beloved dog is dying. Friend bursts out in tears. Husband is on the phone (irrational with grief, he is usually very nice) yelling at her about something that she must have fed him that caused this quick decline in his health, so friend is just devastated. She's already been upset because I assured her that she should not bring a gift. You see, I had asked mom and aunt to spread the "no gift" word too, since it wasn't on the invitation. Well, no one did because everyone except this friend had brought a gift. She was embarrassed, I was mortified.

Then another friend shows up late. The guests had been asked to bring recipes to make a recipe book for me. This friend, not being much of a cook, didn't bring one, which was absolutely fine by me (I just wanted to go hide under a rock somewhere, not gush over recipes all evening). Well not fine by my aunt apparently, who literally (and I wish I was exaggerating here but I'm not) hollered at her for not bringing a recipe and accused her of "messing up the whole party"! (but of course we had that all taken care of with or without recipes)

My MIL kindly brought me a mimosa (orange juice with champagne) and whispered "I'm sure you could use this right about now." I literally gulped it down and looked around for the next one. I could go on about this but I'm afraid it's getting rather long. I suppose the final topper was when my sister in law's dog tried to attack my grandmother, causing her to drop her cane and fall over backward.


I’ve been married for almost 7 months now, and can laugh at the shower that my grandma threw for me, but I am still somewhat embarrassed for the attendees.   Almost a year before my wedding my father’s sister (who lives out of town) offered to throw a shower for me for her side of the family.  Not knowing what to say, I graciously said “okay” and “thank you.”  As the date approached I came to find that my dad’s two sisters and his mother (my grandma) were throwing the shower on me.   

As it approached, we didn’t hear much about it – not who had rsvp-ed, nothing.  Honestly, I don’t even thing they knew who was planning on coming.  For all of the showers on that side of the family that my mother has attended in the past the turnout of family members was rather low.   The food and cake to be had for the shower had been soooo talked up by my grandma (not that it really mattered to us) was some sandwiches she had made and sliced into quarters and a tossed salad and some sort of cake – which to this day I still do not know what make it crunchy.  Now I am thankful that they wanted to have a shower in the first place but to talk it up so much and then make it look as if everything was thrown together at the last minute was embarrassing for us.   

The best part of the whole shower was when it came to play games.  THAT was definitely not thought out – at all.  There were prizes – just not games.  The first prize was awarded to the guest that had a birthday closest to our wedding day.  Which was one of my two youngest sisters.  The next prize was awarded to the guest who’s birthday was close to that day’s date.  All this while my other little sister is DYING to have a prize.  You can’t give one gift to a younger person and knowingly omit the other?!?  The other prizes started being awarded to people randomly guessing numbers.  It was eerily quiet as people were forced to guess random numbers to divvy out prizes.  I finally suggested that we give a prize to the other little girl, who obviously was feeling left out.



My step-daughter, Teresa, has been married once and is about to be married again.  The first bridal shower was hosted by Teresa's mother at Teresa's house.  It was a Pampered Chef bridal shower.  Teresa's mother provided all of the food and drinks and the party was pleasant, if not traditional.  I found out at that time that the wedding invitations were going to be sent out by Teresa's mother with the registry information included.  I asked that my husband's side of the family receive invitations with no registry information.  Although Teresa and her mother thought I was old-fashioned, they honored my request.  The marriage lasted less than a year.   

This time around my husband and I think Teresa's fiancé is wonderful and expect the marriage to last, but the bridal shower was much worse!  The invitation to the shower arrived with a picture of lingerie on the front and the invitation was for the bridal shower followed by a bachelorette party.  The shower was hosted by her friend, Diane, at a restaurant/bar in the city.  I brought my mother-in-law to the restaurant.  She had been invited by Teresa personally.  (Thank goodness she didn't see the invitation!)  When we arrived at the part, we noticed that the place seemed more bar than restaurant, but we had a semi-private room.  

Once the guests had arrived, the server asked if anyone wanted anything to drink.  Before she took anyone's order, she asked Diane and Teresa how they wanted the bill.  Would the drinks be on one bill, or everyone have their own?  Diane told the server to put it on separate checks as everyone would pay for their own!  I was flabbergasted and my MIL was distressed because she hadn't even brought a purse.  I quickly offered to pay for my MIL.  I went over to Teresa and Diane and quietly asked if there would be food during the shower.  Oh yes, they said, plenty of food!  I quickly found out that, yes, there was plenty of food available if I was willing to purchase it for myself!!  My MIL and I were so appalled that someone would invite you to a shower, expect you to bring a present, and not provide anything to eat or drink.  Diane did bring a cake, but it was cut after my MIL and I left.  I haven't said anything to Teresa or Diane, whom I barely know.  I wish I could say that my step-daughter didn't know of the plans beforehand and that she was embarrassed by the situation, but she obviously did know and approve.  I understand that during the following bachelorette party, which we obviously didn't stay for, it would be expected for the guests to pay for their own drinks in addition to the bride's, but I have never been to a bridal shower where I was expected to pay my own way.  By the way, the wedding invitations were sent out, again with the registry information included, to both sides of the family.        



This is about a Bridal Shower for a relative.  The shower was held in a gun club, first of all, complete with dead animal heads on the wall and stuffed birds flying from the ceiling.  Lovely.  We were smashed in like sardines at the tables and they ran out of food.  Lovelier.  About 2 weeks after this shower, the bride and groom called off the wedding (for a reason I can't remember).

The shower gifts WERE NOT RETURNED!   The Mother of the Bride said that she (the ex-bride) may be getting an apartment someday and she would need these gifts to help in her new place!  (BTW, the ex-bride ended up living with her parents).

The couple ended up eloping.  After being married for about two years, they decided to "renew" their vows and have a traditional wedding, along with a reception; no doubt to cash in on what they missed the first time around.

Some people . . .



Although I live only an hour away from my cousin "Sue", her wedding was going to take place in another state (since she and the groom have family there), and was only 1 month away. Although we are close, I knew I wouldn't be able to attend the wedding due to work and school, and neither would several other members of my extended family.  A good friend of Sue's told her she would throw her a shower so we could all have a chance to see Sue before the wedding, visit, give gifts, etc.  Well the wedding date got closer, and still no news about a shower.  Finally, 2 weeks before the wedding, we received an invitation in the mail informing us that the wedding shower would be on April 3rd.  It was now April 5th.  I though for certain the letter must have been delayed at the post office..maybe gotten lost and was now just reaching us.  However the postmark date was April 2nd!  Needless to say my mom and I were quite confused and dissappointed at Sue's friend for her lack of common sense, and we were limited to sending a card and gift with Sue's mother to give to her, since Sue had left for the wedding destination only the day before.  Although it was a dissappointment,  mostly I felt for Sue, who was apparently not aware of her friend's mistake at the time. She had sat and waited at the shower with the host for 1 1/2 hrs. wondering why no one had showed up, before she left in tears.  



Earlier this year my stepson "C" and his fiancé "L" announced their wedding date. Everything was going smoothly; my husband and I were asked to participate minimally in the wedding preparations. Two months prior to the wedding date we received an odd invitation to the wedding shower. The invitation was for me to join the bride's family and friends for a sit down lunch at a country club and for my husband to join the groom and friends for a round of golf.

The day of the outing, my husband and I pick up my other stepson and drive an hour and a half to get to the country club. There we are met by the bride's mother, her husband and the groom. I'm shown inside to where the luncheon is to be held and my husband and his sons join the other guys in the golf outing.

As I look around the dining room, I notice that not one of my husband's relatives is there. Thinking that they are late, I sit at a table off to the side by myself. The only people I recognize are the bride, my stepdaughter and my husband's ex-wife. As the table I'm sitting at becomes more filled with people it becomes obvious that none of my husband's family was invited at all. I'm slightly irritated at that since this is the only shower that was planned. There are plenty of the ex's family and friends there so I'm sure she had a hand in part of the planning, or at least the guest list.

Dinner consists of a shell fish dish that I am allergic to, so I nibble on my salad and my dinner roll. Not a very filling meal.

As soon as dinner is cleared the bride is placed in a chair and gifts are opened. I'm sitting with several of the bride's aunts, and they are making rude comments on every gift that is not from their side of the family. As I watch I begin to notice that almost every gift has been taken straight from the wedding registry. Where I was raised, the wedding registry is for wedding gifts. The bridal shower is for the bride and the gifts should be focused on her. I never even looked at the registry for her gift. Boy were the aunts snotty when she opened my gift (a crystal picture frame) loudly commenting that "She never registered for that", like it was something out of a second hand store.

After the gift opening, the MOB and the MOH stand up, thank everyone for coming and start to pack up. No games, no favors, no cake, just eat, gifts and leave.

Since my husband was still out on the golf course I hung around to help clean up. My stepdaughter approaches me and asks if I was going to the "after party". I hadn't been invited anywhere "after" and told her so. All the ladies pack up their cars and leave. I'm stranded at a country club a long distance from home. Not one of the ladies offered me a ride. I have no idea how much longer my husband will be on the golf course. So I sit there and wait. And wait. And wait. Three hours later the guys finish their golf game and head for their cars. My stepson (the groom) is furious that I was left there and proceeds to call the MOH and ask why. She explains that it would have been awkward to have me and his mother at her house, so she didn't invite me. My husband and I have been married for 10 years; I think we can get along.

As my husband and I head home, he tells me that other then the FOB and his sons, no-one golfing with their group even talked to him. There had been no food or drink on the course. Five hours on a golf course and nothing was even offered.

This had to be the rudest gimme party I've ever been to.



My husband and I were married in September of 2000. His mother (who I will call Brenda -- name changed) and my MOH (who I will call Gloria) decided to corroborate on a bridal shower. It didn't start out with the two of them working together; Gloria was working full-time and Brenda offered to help out as much as possible. Gloria was grateful for the extra set of hands, only she told me later that she would have declined had she known the outcome.

Two months before, Gloria had asked me for a list of girls I wanted to attend. Gloria made it no secret that she wanted to throw something for me, only I didn't know the date of this shower because she wanted it to be a surprise. I gave her a list of about 15 women I've known through the years, including several family members as a courtesy (they lived out of town and probably wouldn't be able to attend, yet I felt an obligatory invitation was prudent).

Two weeks later my husband's cousin asked me very coyly what I was doing on the "last Saturday of August," so I knew something was planned. I pleasantly told her I had nothing planned that day, and she told me to be ready by 1:00 in the afternoon as someone would arrive at my house to take me to the "secret place." I thought this was very cute and was flattered at the amount of planning that went into this.

Fast forward to the day of the shower. At 1:00 in the afternoon I was prepared and ready for my mystery driver. Right on time, a taxi pulled into the driveway. I chuckled to myself and got into the taxi, and was a little perplexed when the driver brusquely asked, "So, where do you have to go?" Confused, I said, "Um... I was hoping you could tell me. I was told that someone would be picking me up to take me somewhere, only I wasn't told where. I'm assuming it's for my bridal shower." The driver got really angry at that point and completely lost it, saying, "I was told to come to THIS address and pick up someone, but I wasn't given a destination. And now you're telling me you don't know, either? You're going to have to pay me for wasting my time!" I calmly explained to him again that I had no idea what was going on and that I was as confused as he was, and that I would call the cab company. Mortified and in tears, I exited the vehicle and went back in the house, apologizing to the driver in vain before he floored it out of the driveway with a screech of his tires.

I sat down for a little while, very upset at the driver's harsh treatment. About an hour and a half later the phone rang, and it was my friend Lorna. She sounded very surprised when I answered the phone and asked, "Um... what are you doing home?" Equally surprised, I told her what had just happened with the taxi. She hesitantly told me that, while she didn't know of any of the details concerning the taxi, she was merely calling -- intending to leave a message since she assumed I wasn't going to be home -- to apologize she couldn't make it to my shower and that she received a telephoned notification the evening before at around 10 o'clock. She told me that the shower was being held at my future MIL's house and that I should call her to let her know what had happened with the taxi so she wouldn't worry. I told her there was no need to apologize, being gracious not to show my disappointment that she had been notified so late, and silently resigned to the fact that the surprise had been blown.

I called my future MIL and told her what happened, offering to drive myself there. Brenda insisted that I shouldn't have to transport myself to my own shower, and she arranged for another taxi. Well, whatever made her happy, right? A taxi arrived half an hour later and I arrived at Brenda's house shortly thereafter.

Imagine my surprise when I entered the living room to find my MOH, my FH's two cousins, one of my FH's aunts and a large number of Brenda's elderly relatives. Aside from my MOH, not a single one of my girlfriends was present. I tried to hide my disappointment, all the while Brenda saying over and over again, "Where is Susan? Where is Shannon? Tsk. And what about Melissa?" Despite the fact that the shower was very nice and Brenda's relatives were very generous in giving me very lovely gifts, I was heartbroken that none of my dearest friends were there. After all, I didn't care about the gifts, I just wanted my friends and family there, not a room full of people I barely knew or didn't know.

After a couple of hours filled with silly games and refreshments, my FH and his father thankfully showed up (I'm very close to my FIL), all the while looking uncomfortable with being in a room full of elderly ladies, but also looking very sympathetic. The shower broke up about an hour after that, and while I was heading outside my MOH and one of my FH's cousins walked me to my FH's car. They each gave me a huge hug and tearfully told me that it wasn't supposed to happen that way and were apologizing over and over again about how the shower turned out. It turns out that Brenda insisted that Gloria was too busy to plan the shower, let alone throw it, and took over the entire thing, nixing every idea Gloria had. FH and future FIL weren't even supposed to be there, but Gloria had begged the two of them to come to offer support, and they wholeheartedly agreed after she explained what Brenda had done. I assured Gloria and FH's cousin that no apologies were necessary and that I was happy they were able to come, regardless of the outcome.

FH drove us home and I was extremely upset and crying the entire way back. FH was sympathetic and explained his mother can be a little scatterbrained and flighty and to go lightly on her. That is, until we got home and listened to the phone messages. No less than 12 messages were on the machine, all from different girls and ALL of them said the same thing: That they were sorry they couldn't make the shower because they were telephoned the day before and gave them no notice at all. [note: Most of the girls didn't know each other and therefore couldn't/wouldn't conspire to not attend.] FH was absolutely livid. The fact that none of my friends were notified until the day before the shower was bad enough, but seeing his elderly relatives there -- all living at least two hours away, two living in another province altogether -- made it very obvious that Brenda had gone out of her way to let them know well in advance.

Aside from our wedding two weeks later, my husband made no effort to contact his mother over the whole shower fiasco. I did send thank-you notes to everyone and a lovely gift to my MIL for throwing the shower, but it was a very empty feeling.



  A friend of mine that I worked with met a great guy and they're getting married. We're all thrilled for her and I was very happy to take part in the shower that was given.   I picked out a couple of kitchen items from her registry since you really can't go wrong there. I noticed some folks gave her candles, lingerie, and somewhat personal items. I didn't care since there wasn't a theme.   The games were fun, food was very good. I think a good time was had by all. I did notice a few people at the shower were not invited to the wedding! Ouch! I know the bride felt bad about this, but I wouldn't have invited people to the shower who were not going to be invited to the wedding. I know the wedding was small. I was there. But I still couldn't believe she allowed this to happen. 

I noticed that since we didn't work together anymore, she had invited "new co-workers" to the wedding, and kind of blew-off the "old co-workers." Lucky for me I still managed an invite.   I was surprised to get an email from her thanking me for my gift. I didn't think much of it since it was basically an email of friendly exchange.   My friend was married in March, 2005. It's now October, 2005, and still, no thank you note. In fact, a mutual friend mentioned she hadn't received one either. Okay, I know she's busy, but this doesn't excuse what has happened. I know this person has manners. I just don't get why she would pull something like this! The wedding wasn't large, nor was the shower. It's a pain to write thank you notes, but it's a joy to let people know how happy you've made them. She is a very sweet person.   I also just found out she and her husband are now expecting a baby! That's great for them. But I don't think I'm going to attend the shower. I hate to be this way, but I have to admit my feelings are hurt. So are the feelings of mutual friend who came to the shower, but wasn't invited to the wedding.


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