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 This is about my friend "Alice" who very recently got married to her beloved boyfriend, "Gary".

Alice had asked me to be her MOH, which I was very surprised at as I hadn't known her as long as some of her other friends, but she said it was because she trusted me and was closer to me than anyone else. I was extremely honored.

Alice had a lot of difficulty planning the wedding. The MOB was a little bit demanding (I use "a little bit" very liberally). Everything had to be done her way or else. Luckily for Alice, Gary often stepped in between arguments when he saw that Alice was having trouble defending for what she wanted.

The wedding favors were done by hand, and I remember having to insist to try and help with packaging the lollies.

Alice's sister was the BM and we were trying to find dresses. Alice had insisted that she just wanted us to be comfortable, so as long as we had some idea about what we wanted, and the color of the dress was the color that she wanted (a really gorgeous teal), she was happy with it.

Alice's sister lived about 2 hours away, so it made shopping for dresses incredibly difficult. In the end, Alice had two separate shopping days, trying to find dresses that both her sister and I liked. We had seen a REALLY gorgeous dress, but the price tag was $270- far more than what we had wanted to spend. Alice spoke to Gary and in the end, offered to pay half of our dresses- and she wouldn't take no for an answer!

As for the wedding, Gary's family were from a different state and the majority of them had to stay in hotels. Even because of the location of their wedding and reception, most of their friends from Maincity had to drive about 2 to 3 hours to get to venues. Gary and Alice had organized hotel stays for everyone who needed it.

My partner and I didn't have access to a car, and Gary and Alice had organized for my bf to travel with Gary's family so that he didn't need to worry about transportation (I was traveling with the bridal party).

I remember when I saw Alice walking down the aisle that she looked like a princess... I hope her day was as she had hoped- despite all the hiccups! She really was the perfect bride in every way. 

In the late '90s, my husband and I attended the wedding of a cousin of his, whom I hadn't met yet (nor had I met any of his relatives outside his immediate family).  The church ceremony was heartfelt, and there was an afternoon dinner reception which included everyone's children (all of whom were pleasant and well-behaved).  There was no sense of pretentiousness--the bridesmaids wore lovely dresses (well under $100) from a catalog, the MOTB had made her own dress, and the MOTG had made the wedding cake--and everything was beautiful and tasteful.   The bride and groom took time to visit every single table and took the time to chat and get acquainted with me.  A couple of weeks after the wedding, we received a handwritten thank-you note for our gift, and a snapshot of my husband and me dancing at the wedding.   This small-town affair proves that perfect brides exist--they just don't get much press!



This may not suit all tastes, but I do believe my brother and his new wife did a great job with their location wedding.  I've been to a lot of weddings over the years and this is one of the three nicest.

The best part about this wedding was that my SIL had only one attendant...and it WASN'T me.  A rude acquaintance told me it was rude not to have  asked me and they thought I should be  upset.  I told them that I spoke with great sincerity and profound relief that I did not have to go out and find a butt bow dress.

Now, it was a location wedding, but it was a location that was easily accessible for those who didn't want to spend the money to stay over.  (Most folks did and we had a lovely party going the whole weekend.)  The folks who lived the furthest away (about a 2 hour drive) opted to stay over.  The rest had maybe a 45 minute drive to make.  Only two guests couldn't make it--one was on vacation and the other has a medical condition that ultimately kept him home, but he sent best wishes.

The ceremony was performed by a friend of the bride who donated his services as a wedding gift.  The bride cut corners in some spots by finding her beautiful dress on e-bay for less than one hundred dollars.  The groom and best man chose casual suits (in fact, the groom gave the best man his outfit as his groomsman gift). 

On the day of the wedding, the bride called all her female guests in the area and invited them over to her bridal suite to use the shower, the Jacuzzi, her hairdresser and to primp and giggle and have fun.  (I was thrilled with that.  Lots of girly fun.)

A live band played all the songs the bride requested as well as those requests made by the guests. (Very eclectic music, too...the band played everything from blues to boogie-woogie to disco)   Bride and groom provided beer and two kinds of wine, plus champagne. (There may be points off here:  the location had its own pub which was open to any and everyone who walked in.  Brother and SIL tried to get a running tab set up there, but the pub declined because anyone could walk in and identify themselves as members of the wedding party.  So maybe some e-hellions would take points off there, but no one really missed the mixed drinks and the few of us who really wanted to drink something blue with a lot of alcohol in it ponied up.)   

There were no overly drunken guests, no obnoxious games of garters and bouquets.  (The bride kept her specialty bouquet made from sea shells.) 

Bride and Groom danced with each other, with friends, made certain that all sets of friends and family got to meet each other and made toasts to their friends.  When it was all over, we all stood around hugging, not wanting the weekend to end. 

I adore my sister-in-law and cannot do enough for her...I hope this submission qualifies her for a spot in the perfect bride column.


I had been friends with this girl (I'll call her Angel) for about 8 years when she got married.  For a little back story, we'd become friends on the internet and made a pact when we were 16 to go to each other's weddings.  Silly, we know, but when she told me she was getting married I asked her where I needed to be and when.  We'd never met in person, but the moment I landed at the airport she and her fiancĂ© picked me up and drove me to their home two hours away (having never been in the area, I didn't realize how far away the airport was).  From that moment on they made a point to include me in on everything they did.  I became "the unofficial bridesmaid" and was introduced as such to family members on both sides.  Even though it was their wedding and their day, they made sure that I was comfortable and happy until I got on the plane to come home.  (I found out later they postponed their honeymoon for a week later so I wouldn’t feel rushed to leave, even though I left the day after the wedding.)  It was one of the best trips I've ever made, and definitely the best wedding I have ever been to.  Angel and I remain friends to this day, and they'll be attending my wedding in a year.  I only hope I can make them feel as comfortable as they made me!




Do you know a wonderful bride and groom who should be immortalized for their graciousness?  Use the orange box below to send us the story and be sure to put "Perfect Bride" in the email subject line.  

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