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I went to a teacher's wedding about 11 years ago and never forgot what I saw. It was a very laid- back Christian wedding. The ceremony and reception were held in the church, which at the time, was a hole in the wall. There was no alcohol at the reception, so there was no excuse for this woman's actions. It was time for the bouquet toss, so all of the single gals, from children to the older women all gathered around to tempt their hand at fate. The bride tossed the bouquet and it fell into the hands of the five-year-old flower girl. Upon which, a middle-aged woman, at least in her mid to late forties, came up behind her and literally ripped it from her hands.

Rugrats 0819/03

Since everyone knows no wedding can be complete without at least one mini disaster, I was quite surprised to find mine going so well. We had finished the vows, were lighting the unity candle, and all that was left was to be announced to the church as Mr. and Mrs. --- As we were lighting the candle, it became very quiet in the church. Suddenly my cousin's son (about 3 or 4 years old at the time) asks his mom "Are they married yet?" It wasn't extremely loud, but it was enough to cause a chuckle through several rows of the congregation, and it was crystal clear on the video. It was absolutely adorable, and I wouldn't trade that one sentence for anything.    Rugrats 0924/03