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A couple from our church was getting married. The groom's family was very fond of our three active young boys and thought of them as taking up where they had left off. They wanted our youngest son, Joel, to be the ring bearer, because he was a special buddy of the groom's. However, Joel was only four, and he could be rather rambunctious, so they decided to have eight-year-old Danny be the ringbearer. 

The big day came, and Danny looked so grown up in his white tux. He and the flower girl walked up the aisle, and the ceremony began. Within a few minutes, boredom set in, and Danny began to shift from foot to foot. Finally he visibly YAWNED several times. I turned several shades of red and sank into the church pew. The guests choked with laughter. After what seemed like an eternity the ceremony was finally over. Fortunately, the bride and groom were very relaxed about the whole thing, but I could've died! 


My friend whom we'll call Jennifer and her 3 year old daughter whom we'll call Evelyn have this story. Mother and daughter have always been very close and the youngster often "helps" mummy get dressed Evelyn particularly enjoys dressing for formal events. Sometimes Evelyn wanted to be just like mommy and would wear undershirts and matching panties.  Jennifer dressed Evelyn  with care the day of the wedding of a distant relative.  Evelyn had chosen a yellow matching undergarments for that day. 

During the ceremony when the officiant got to the part where they ask if anyone present can show just cause why the couple may not be joined of course the usual silence ensued.  Suddenly to my friend's horror her 3 year old suddenly yelled out, "Heelllo!  I'm wearing a lellow bra and panties under my dress today!"  It was a few moments before everyone could compose themselves and continue with the ceremony.



This is a story from my parent's wedding 46 years ago. My dad's brother was best man, my mom's sister was MOH, there were two other adult attendants, and since my uncle had six children, they all (except the youngest, who was only a year old) had a part -- the oldest boy was junior groomsman, the oldest girl was junior bridesmaid, the youngest boy was the ring bearer, and the twin girls were flower girls.

The wedding was lovely (the pictures attest to that) and all went very well, until the reception.

Apparently, the junior groomsman was teasing his little brother and little brother had had Enough! Unfortunately, his timing wasn't the best.

Just as two nice, elderly ladies were commenting on how well behaved the children had been -- "especially that ring bearer. He was so cute, and so well mannered!" -- he hauled off and hit his brother with the pillow.



Miss Jeanne,

I absolutely love your site, and am SO very grateful that my wedding was horror-story free! I do, however, have one very cute story to tell you.

I have three younger sisters, one of whom was 8 at the time I was getting married. I had planned to make her a junior bridesmaid, but after a few tears on her part, I relented and made her one of my flower girls. I had planned for the two flower girls to carry the basket between them and scatter petals on the aisle runner, but there was a slight mix-up and Kim ended up walking down the aisle by herself with the flower basket. (The other girl walked down the aisle with the ringbearer. Different, but they looked cute).

So, the beautiful music is playing, I'm standing at the back of the church with my mother, both of us extremely nervous and very emotional, when all of a sudden, I hear the wedding coordinator gasp and say, "Oh my goodness, she's throwing the petals at the guests!". Now, my darling sister had just recently started playing baseball, and had decided to practice her pitching, I guess! Needless to say, everyone in the church was laughing, including my mom and I. It was actually just what I needed - laughter is a great stress reliever!

After the ceremony, the other flower girl - my MoH's daughter, who had been the flower girl in her parent's wedding, walked my sister down the aisle, showing her how to scatter the petals on the runner. Shame no one had thought to do that *before* the wedding....LOL

Thanks for letting me share this!


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